Poor lifestyle and junk food together cause concern for body health as people are sliding toward obesity

Due to a fast lifestyle, many corporate individuals didn't get enough time to do workouts and stay fit with exercise

Here are 5 magical detox drinks especially for those who don't workout and can drink this on empty stomach to reduce weight

Coriander Water enhances the digestive system by stimulating digestive juices & enzymes and drinking this on empty stomach will reduce your weight

Cumin-Lemon boiled water is another best detox drink for reducing weight and makes immunity strong

Cinnamon Water With Honey not only treats colds, and allergies but also helps in weight loss when drank on an empty stomach

Fenugreek water improves digestion and eliminates constipation and a good stomach helps in healthy weight loss

Vetiver Water has natural cooling properties and its roots boiled in water is very beneficial for weight loss

However, if you experience allergies or medical issues after drinking any of these remedies then contact a doctor immediately