Watermelon Nutrition Facts and Its Health Benefits

by Adarsh Patel
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Healthcoachjp has furnished nutrition facts of watermelon. We will discuss risks, health benefits, nutritional content, and much more information related to the watermelon nutrition facts.

Most of the nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, carbs, and antioxidants are present in the watermelon. So if you want to read complete information about the nutrition facts of watermelon, then read this article thoroughly.

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What is Watermelon?

Watermelon is the most amazing and iconic summer fruit, containing low calories and is rich in water. It is a sweet fruit that is the best source of vitamin c and vitamin A. Additionally, watermelon is a very delicious fruit with lot of health benefits for human beings.

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Nutrition Facts of Watermelon

Nutrition Facts of Watermelon
Nutrition Facts of Watermelon

Let’s discuss all the nutritional components that are present in one cup of diced watermelon. And we have listed in the table for the appropriate content of the nutritional components and their quantity.

Nutritional componentsQuantity
Lycopene6890 mcg
Sodium1.5 mg
Fiber0.6 gram
Protein0.9 gram
Vitamin A42.6 mcg
Vitamin C12.3 mg
Sugar9.4 gram
Carbs11.5 gram
Fat0.2 gram


Watermelon does not contain much fat. It is a very nutritious fruit for our health. The fat that is mainly present in the watermelon is a small amount of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fatty acids.

Watermelon is one of the best fat-free foods you can add to your diet plan. But watermelon seeds are one of the sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.


The carbs are mainly present in the form of sugar with an adequate amount of fiber. Sugar is present in the watermelon in different forms.

Half of that sugar is known as fructose, one-quarter of sugar is known as glucose, and less than one-quarter of sugar is known as sucrose. Carbs are the main nutrients that are present in the watermelon.

Vitamins and Minerals

The fully ripe and red watermelon is available in the market. So a very high amount of nutrients are present in the fully ripped watermelon. Watermelon is a very rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C. It will fulfill the daily requirement of vitamins in the human body. 

Vitamin C is beneficial in healing your wounds quickly. It will also be helpful for your immune system and anti-aging properties.

Vitamin A is the best source for your eye health, and you have to consume vitamin A as much as you want.

Apart from that, various minerals, like pantothenic acid, biotin, and copper, are present in the watermelon.


Protein is rarely present in the watermelon; if you have one cup of watermelon, then it contains only 1 gram of protein. But some companies are available that produce watermelon seed protein by shelling the seeds and sprouting method.

But naturally, we cannot get that sufficient amount of protein from the watermelon. 


If you have one cup of diced watermelon, then it contains 46 calories. So consume the watermelon accordingly. If you consume a double cup of watermelon, that means you consume 86 calories.

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Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon
Health Benefits of Watermelon

There are various health benefits if you add watermelon to your diet plan. So we are listing out some crucial health benefits of watermelon.

Improves Digestion

Watermelon contains an adequate amount of water and fiber, which are responsible for healthy digestion. Fiber is the source that will help you in your bowels regularly.

And water is responsible for removing the wastes with the help of the digestive tract, which is more efficient. According to a survey, if you consume less fiber, you have a chance of constipation.

Improves Skin Health

Vitamins are responsible for maintaining your skin health. And watermelon contains vitamin A and C. When you intake vitamin c in a sufficient amount, then it will reduce wrinkles and dry skin.

Vitamin A is very essential for the skin because it reduces the spots and repairs our skin cells.

Lower Blood Pressure

Higher blood pressure is a major threat to heart diseases and chronic diseases. Watermelon should be beneficial in reducing the pressure of blood because watermelon contains citrulline, which is converted into arginine in the human body.

It produces nitric oxide, responsible for making tiny muscles around the vessels. These muscles can help to reduce blood pressure.

Keeps You Hydrated

Staying hydrated is the essential mechanism in our body. If our body should be hydrated, it will function properly. Watermelon consists of a high amount of water which is very beneficial for our body; watermelon approx 92% water content.

It means the consumption of watermelon can keep you hydrated and fulfill your daily water intake requirement.


In this article, we are giving proper information related to watermelon nutrition facts. Watermelon is an exceptionally phenomenal fruit. It is loaded with two potent plant compounds which are lycopene and citrulline. Watermelon boosts our metabolic rate also. Watermelon is the sweetest, most delicious, and water-rich fruit. If you want to keep yourself healthy, then add these fruits to your diet plan. We are trying to make people aware of their health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the benefits of eating the watermelon?

Ans. There are various health benefits of eating the watermelon, as it keeps you hydrated, improves skin health, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, and many more prestigious health benefits of eating watermelon.

Q. Why is watermelon not good for you?

Ans. Consumption of a high amount of watermelon can cause a high water level in your body. It may increase blood volume, cause swelling in the legs, weak kidneys, and many more diseases.

Q. Is it okay to eat watermelon every day?

Ans. No, eating watermelon daily causes complications like excess lycopene, water, and potassium in your body. But you can eat watermelon every day in a limited quantity.

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