Vyvanse Weight Loss in Adults and Can You Workout On It?

by Tanmay Joshi
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Vyvanse weight loss, should you try it?

Hello folks, so the internet is a weird place. That is a fact we all are aware of, and as always, I was going through articles under the health and fitness section, and I saw something eye-catchy. A quick way to lose weight? 

All these questions were in my head, so I did my research, and I thought to myself, you know people should know this stuff, the ground reality, and the practical things.

So that’s the story behind this article, now go ahead and read it. 

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The origin of Vyvanse

What is Vyvanse
What is Vyvanse

Vyvanse is a drug with a name very hard to pronounce. This is a medical drug approved by the US food and drug administration. Vyvanse is used to cure binge eating disorders.

Honestly, I was shocked that something like this exists; binge eating is a disorder?

I know you have similar questions, so read ahead, and you shall find the answers. 

The US. made the first approval for this drug in 2015.

Say, what does Vyvanse do to the body? What miraculous properties does it possess which can cure something like binge eating disorder and ADHD?!!!

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Why Vyvanse only?

So, the actual name for this drug is lisdexamfetamine dimesylate. 

And as per medical experts, this is a prodrug, and what does prodrug mean?

According to Wikipedia, “A prodrug is a medication or compound that, after administration, is metabolized (i.e., converted within the body) into a pharmacologically active drug.”

Well. Here is highly rated news, Vyvanse is a drug that is always under the eye of the federal department of the US government. The prime reason is that research proves this drug can lead to addiction and drug abuse.

Imagine, cure became another deadly disease. This is why Vyvanse is given in controlled amounts.

Vyvanse is only used and given in adults, which means people who are above 18years old can use this highly addictive drug to cure their ADHD and binge eating disorder.

Vyvanse affects the central nervous system. It alters the balance of some chemicals and naturally produced hormones in the brain, such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Dopamine is the hormone that makes one happy, the happy hormone, which gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Norepinephrine is a stimulant that does similar work. 

People who have ADHD when start to use this can notice sudden happiness, and the person starts doing work which makes them feel accomplished.

Effects of Vyvanse on the body

As previously mentioned, this drug can and will alter the balance of hormones; because of this property of Vyvanse, it is used to control hyperactivity concentration. And yes, you guessed it right, this can also be used to cure depression. 

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Vyvanse and Weight Loss Relation

Relation Between Weight Loss and Vyvanse
Relation Between Weight Loss and Vyvanse

Binge eating disorder feels like a Netflix show’s title, right? A documentary, maybe. 

But, let us not laugh at the conditions of the poor people encaged in depression.

What actually happens is that the patient knows while eating that alright I have eaten enough, I am overeating now. But here is the catch, they can’t more like does not stop. Because this disorder is directly connected with happiness, patients have confessed that eating makes them happy(well, it makes all of us happy, eh?), so what does Vyvanse do, as you already read it? It just alters crucial hormones.

It makes the mind more altered, and you feel lively, more accomplished, more confident.

All this has a lot of impacts.

When taking the drug in the advised amount, the body will take its time to adjust, and as soon as it does, you will start to feel happy. More confident, will be able to maintain discipline.

So by that way, as doctors have suggested, these tiny changes result in less eating. Also,

 Vyvanse decreases appetite, making one eat less because one always feels full.

Now, all that logic will, in turn, become weight loss.

Side Effects of Vyvanse

Pros and Cons, a part of everything that exists, the magical drug Vyvanse also gives the body some side effects.

Let’s explore what it is, and what can you do if you face these?

  • You must let your physician know if you have any pre-existing medical condition prior to your health; this will allow you to stay on a safer side.
  • Might face some trouble while sleeping due to the always jumping hormones, and you may face jitters of the sudden changes in your body.
  • You may face some rare symptoms like fatigue, hallucinations, and extreme anxiety. Whatever side effects you are facing? Let your doctor know.
  • You may also face some digestive side effects, such as dry mouth, upset stomach, and other stuff.

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That is all. Now, what does the heading ask? 

Should you try it? Nah, man, it isn’t worth it, and it is not meant for it, right?

Until and unless situations go to extreme levels where you have no control and need medical help? Do NOT! Do anything with your intellect; contact your doctor. If the doc suggests Vyvanse, then do go for it, with advised doses.

If you want to lose weight? Maintain a diet instead of taking Vyvanse for weight loss; if you don’t know, I have written many articles on this topic of weight loss. Go ahead, check it out, get started today.

Now for my last trick, let me answer the highly searched questions related to this topic.

FAQs on Vyvanse Weight Loss

Q.1. Can Vyvanse make you lose weight?

Ans. Yes, it reduces appetite, which makes you eat less than you do, this will result in sudden weight loss, and this can cause its own medical issues.

Q.2. Is Vyvanse used for obesity?

Ans. Yes, obesity is usually a cause of a binge eating disorder, and this is the only cause of obesity. 

Q.3. Does Vyvanse make you age faster?

Ans. Well, it may make you look aged? A sudden weight drop may cause loss of mass and may make you look thin. So yeah, it may.

Q.4. Does Vyvanse change your personality?

Ans. Yes, to some extent. You may feel happier, and you may feel livelier, you may feel so better. But you must carry this on.

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