Tyra Banks Weight Gain Reasons You Must Know

by Adarsh Patel
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Sometimes weight gain is not a problem. Weight loss is also a problem. Many celebrities gain weight to overcome their leanness. One of them is the superstar Tyra Banks whose weight gain story is published here.

Tyra Banks is in the news for her weight gain. Tyra Banks is an inspiration for those troubled by thinness & who want to gain weight. If you are also thinking of making weight gain, then Tyra Banks Weight Gain Journey will prove to be helpful for you. Let’s know who Tyra Banks is.

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Who is Tyra Banks?

Tyra Banks full name is Tyra Lynne Banks. She was born on 4 December 1973. Tyra is also popularly known as BanX. She is a renowned American writer, director, TV personality, model, businesswoman, and actor.

Tyra Banks became the first African American woman to be featured on the cover of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was featured on that cover about 3 times. She started her career as a model at the age of 15.

Banks was in the top models list in the year 2000. Tyra Banks during that decade was the high paying actress.

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How much is Tyra Banks’ weight?

Tyra Banks weighs in at 64 kg.

In Pounds- 141.

How much is Tyra Banks Weight
How much is Tyra Banks Weight

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Where does Tyra Banks live now?

She lives now in Inglewood.

Tyra Banks modelling

Tyra Banks started her modelling career when she was 15 years old. She was the highest-paying model in the 2001 decade.

How much do Tyra Banks weigh?

More recently, Tyra Banks weighed 161 pounds.

Tyra Banks Before and After Weight Gain

Tyra banks before and after the weight gain.

Tyra Banks Before and After

How much is Tyra Banks’ height and weight?

Weight: 121 pounds or 55 kg

Height: 5 feet 10 inches.

Have Tyra Banks gained weight?

Tyra Banks looks great in all sizes. She said in an interview that after she got featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Banks gained about 25-30 pounds. She has no problem with gaining weight.

About Tyra Banks weight gain journey

Tyra Banks is a famous American Modeling Writer, Director, and Actress. During an interview, Tyra said, “I used to feel like my body is not mine. I feel very weak and thin. Tyra keeps food journals to gain weight. Her nutritionist says that What you eat has a huge impact on you.

Now Tyra Banks is hosting Dancing With the Stars. She is starting a new venture in ice cream. Her new ice cream brand is called Smize.

Tyra Banks told Harper’s Bazaar during a video. I’ve been back on the cover of Swimsuit magazine for a few years now and am 25 pounds heavier. We will tell you further what Tyra used to eat to gain weight.

Tyra Banks weight gain diet plan


Tyra used to drink black coffee for breakfast. She used to enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. 

Tyra used to add vanilla and caramel beans to coffee. She takes the bagel and cuts it in half. After that, she takes white cream cheese, keeping it on the side. After this, she microwaves it by putting things in the middle of the bagel And eats it for breakfast.


As we mentioned, Tyra does many things. Due to this, it is a bit difficult for her to find time for lunch. That’s why she eats after ordering something during work. She usually eats anything by ordering Burger, Pizza etc.

Evening snacks

Tyra used to take healthy flower snacks. She has a full healthy snack box. 

This includes Bean Chips, Corn Chips, and Colliefaller Puffs. She also used to consume cashew nuts sometimes. Apart from this, Tyra also used to eat bacon during the evening.

She used to make bacon by coating it in maple syrup and adding black pepper powder. She used to put that in the oven and eat it after it was caramelized.


She often went out to a restaurant for dinner. She likes to eat something nice and special for dinner. Tyra eats hamburgers and Mexican food most nights.


Tyra is working on her Ice cream brand. She loves eating that ice cream. So, of course, she used to eat ice cream with sweets.


Question: Tyra Banks net worth?

Answer: 90 million US dollars.

Question: Tyra Banks’ husband?

Answer: Tyla is married to Erik Asla.


Tyra Banks is a famous actress, writer, director, and model. She was the renowned models of 2001. 

Her fan base is in crores. There was a time when Tyra found that she was actually very skinny. She felt weak. Tyra Banks decided that now she should gain weight. 

Tyra made some changes in her life, due to which she was able to lose weight.

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