Turkey Bacon Nutrition: Choose To Live Healthy

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Some healthy eaters who are calorie and fat willfully choose Turkey Bacon to be served on the breakfast table. They are the one healthy eater who wants to manage a diet and is looking for turkey bacon nutrition facts, then you have landed at the correct place.

So, the main reason to select Turkey Bacon is that they think it is quite healthier than the Pork bacon. Just keep scrolling to get answers to all your questions related to the turkey bacon. The article reviews the turkey bacon nutrition label and if you are making a healthy choice by choosing the bacon.

turkey bacon nutrition
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What is Turkey Bacon?

Turkey Bacon is low-fat meat that is generally considered as an alternative to pork bacon.

The turkey bacon is produced by slicing a flavorful blend of finely chopped turkey into strips that look like bacon. Moreover, many manufacturers try to imitate the look of the bacon by using stripes of light and dark meat.

Hence, the bacon is often used as an alternative to be served at pork bacon prohibited religious places.

People do choose it, thinking of it as a healthier alternative. Though bacon has less fat and calories, it might be dangerous for health if taken in large quantities.

Turkey Bacon Nutrition Level

Here is the nutritional content of two pieces of turkey bacon:

Calories 60
Carbohydrates0.5 grams
Protein 4.7 grams
Total fat4.5 grams
Sodium366 mg
Selenium6% of the DV
Phosphorus7% of the DV
Zinc3% of the DV
Niacin3% of the DV
Thiamine1% of the DV
Vitamin B63% of the DV
Vitamin B121% of the DV
* nutritional facts are based on two slices of turkey bacon


If you are looking for the turkey bacon nutrition per slice, then you just need to half the above quantity.

Benefits of Turkey Bacon

For those people out there, who need dietary foods, then the Turkey Bacon can be a good option. Here are some of the benefits of Turkey Bacon.

● If you look at the calories count and fats, then it can be a good replacement for pork as the calorie count and fats of the Turkey Bacon is lesser than that of the pork.

● It can also be a good option for all those who are non-pork eaters. You can go for the Turkey Bacon.

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Butterball Turkey Bacon

If you are the one who prefers to consume butterball turkey bacon and looking for the butterball turkey bacon nutrition, then just scroll down.

The nutritional content for 1 slice of butterball turkey bacon:

Carbs0 grams
Protein2 grams
Total fat2 grams
Sodium 135 mg
Cholesterol10 mg
* nutritional facts are based on  1 slice of butterball turkey bacon

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon

The one looking for the Turkey Bacon having fewer fats and sodium than the pork should look out for the oscar Mayer turkey bacon nutrition, which can satisfy all your flavours and can keep you healthy.

Nutritional Content for 1 slice of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon:

Carbs0 gm
Protein2 grams
Total Fat2.5 grams
Sodium140 mg
Cholesterol15 mg
Vitamin C4 mg
* nutritional facts are based on  1 slice of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon

Applegate Bacon

Another option to try in turkey bacon is Applegate Turkey Bacon, which is meaty, smokey, and delicious. 

If you are worried about the nutritional value?

Then have a look at the Applegate turkey bacon nutrition, so that you can enjoy it without fearing for your health.

Nutritional Content for 1 slice of Applegate Turkey Bacon:

Carbs0 grams
Protein5 grams
Total Fat1.5 grams
Sodium150 mg
Cholesterol20 mg
Vitamin C0 mg
Potassium40 mg
* nutritional facts are based on  1 slice of Applegate Turkey Bacon

Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Starbucks

If you are the one looking forward to serving yourself with a Starbucks Sandwich(120g), then here are the reduced-fat turkey bacon Starbucks nutrition facts, just have a look.

Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Starbucks
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Carbs26 grams
Protein18 grams
Total Fat5 grams
Sodium560 mg
Cholesterol20 mg
Vitamin C0 mg
Potassium0 mg
* nutritional facts are based on Starbucks Sandwich(120g)

Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon

It seems great when you can have a delicious sandwich for your breakfast. 

Is it healthy?

So, here is the reduced-fat turkey bacon nutrition, that can help you enjoy the delicious sandwich without worrying about the nutritional values.

Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Nutrition Content

Total Fat6 gm
Carbohydrates28 gm
Sugar2 gm
Protein16 gm
Vitamin A4% Daily Value
Vitamin C8% of DV
Calcium 15 mg
Iron10 mg
Potassium0 mg
Sodium560 mg
* nutritional facts are based on  reduced-fat turkey bacon nutrition

The per cent daily values are according to the 2000 calorie diet. Hence, keep an eye on your calorie diet to get exact data.

Harmful effects

If you are including Turkey Bacon in larger quantities in your diet, then it might be dangerous. Look at the facts that might cause health issues if not paid attention.

● The Protein is very less in your tasty Turkey Bacon. So, take care of adding proteins to your diet.

● The content of sodium is quite large.

● Turkey Bacon may contain harmful chemical preservatives.


If you are looking for a healthier option than pork in terms of fats and calories, then no doubt Turkey Bacon is a good option.

In conclusion, it can prove dangerous if taken in larger quantities, as the protein content is very low. This might increase the risk of cancer.

So, Be aware and Eat Healthily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Turkey Bacon Healthier?

Ans. Turkey bacon is a good option and healthier for those who are taking special care of calories and fats in their diet. As the food contains a lesser amount of fats and calories.

Q. What is the healthiest bacon to eat?

Ans. If you want to go for the healthiest bacon, then choose the uncured, reduced-sodium, and centre-cut bacon.

Q. Is turkey bacon bad for cholesterol?

Ans. If you are taking care of cholesterol then Turkey bacon can be an excellent choice.

Q. Does Turkey Bacon cause inflammation?

Ans. Of course, eating Bacon can prove to be a cause for inflammation. 

Q. Is Turkey Bacon worse than regular bacon?

Ans. Turkey bacon is a substitute for regular bacon and not regular bacon.

Q. What breakfast meat is the healthiest?

Ans. If you are looking for the healthiest breakfast meals, then choose the one having at least 5 grams of protein in your diet.

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