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Tropical Smoothie Cafe, serving for over 20 years, is a quick-service restaurant serving healthy smoothies and salads. The Tropical Smoothie Nutrition Cafe is now serving at over 700 locations.

It was first started as a beachfront smoothie hut that specializes in serving healthy beverages. By the time franchise increase their menu items to increase over time. There are over 12 dozen smoothies as their primary menu items. Alongside that, they also serve flatbreads, wraps, quesadillas, breakfast, and more.

 Tropical Smoothie Cafe nutrition
Tropical Smoothie Cafe nutrition

Moreover, back in 2013, the cafe becomes vegan friendly. Thanks to the Beyond Meat Partnership. After this post, you will be acquainted with tropical smoothie cafe nutrition info.

Tropical Smoothie Nutritional Information

The tropical smoothie cafe nutrition info is furnished in the following table. However, this table contains a few of those food items that are high and low in nutrition.

High In NutritionLow In Nutrition
Thai Chicken WrapHummus Veggie Wrap
Half Turkey Apple Dijon SandwichChicken Caprese Bacon Sandwich
Thai Chicken BowlSupergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl
Detox Island Green SmoothiePeanut Butter Cup Smoothie
Brewed Unsweetened TeaSoda
High and low in nutrition
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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Nutrition

The tropical smoothie cafe gives its best to serve its customers with healthy smoothies and food options. Some items are rich in high protein and low carbs, whereas some items will surely add up few pounds to your actual weight.

Tropical Smoothie Nutrition
#Tropical Smoothie Nutrition

However, the tropical smoothie cafe’s nutritional information is disclosed on their menu. Before ordering any smoothie or food item, one can cross-check the nutritional value like total fat, calories, trans fat, etc.

The given below are the topical cafe menu items category from which you can have over 60 meals to choose from.

  1. Smoothies
  2. Flatbreads
  3. Wraps
  4. Quesadillas
  5. Sandwiches
  6. Bowls
  7. Breakfast

Let’s have a look at the nutrition info of Tropical Cafe menu categories that were mentioned above.


Over the long journey of more than 20 years, tropical cafe manages to add more than two dozen smoothies. The ingredients of each smoothie are very still; most of them have a healthy variety of nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

Most Healthy Item:
Name of SmoothieIngredientsNutrition Info
Detox Island Green SmoothieMango, Pineapple, Spinach, Kale,
Banana, and Ginger
5g dietary fiber
43g carbohydrates
180 calories
Detox Island Green Smoothie ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item 
Name of SmoothieIngredientsNutrition Info
Chia Banana Boost with Peanut ButterPeanut Butter and Chia Seeds15g dietary fiber
128g carbohydrates
780 calories
Chia Banana Boost with Peanut Butter ingredients and nutrition info


Flatbreads are always considered as the healthy replacement for pizza. However, they seem to appear like toasted sandwiches. There are three varieties of flatbreads available: chicken bacon ranch, chicken pesto, and chipotle chicken club. All these are made from chicken which is high in cholesterol and sodium.

Most Healthy Item 
Name of FlatbreadIngredientsNutrition Info
Chicken PestoGrilled Chicken, tomatoes430 calories
3g dietary fiber
43g carbohydrates
Chicken Pesto ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item
Name of FlatbreadIngredientsNutrition Info
Cali Chicken ClubChicken, bacon, pepper jack cheese570 calories
3g dietary fiber
47g carbohydrates
Cali Chicken Club ingredients and nutrition info


With six varieties of wraps power-packed with chicken and veggies, you can have them as per your food craving or according to your diet chart.

Most Healthy Item
Name of WrapIngredientsNutrition Info
Thai Chicken WrapGrilled Chicken, Carrot, Sesame seeds,
Thai peanut sauce
500 calories
3g dietary fiber
62g carbohydrates
Thai Chicken Wrap ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item
Name of WrapIngredientsNutrition Info
Hummus Veggie WrapHummus, Smashed Avocado, rice,
black beans
710 calories
13g dietary fiber
80g carbohydrates
Hummus Veggie Wrap ingredients and nutrition info


Tropical Smoothie Cafe nutrition doesn’t over yet. They have three varieties available in the Quesadillas category. The two ingredients that are common in these three choices are chicken and cheese.

Most Healthy Item
Name of QuesadillasIngredientsNutrition Info
Three Cheese Chicken QuesadillaGrilled Chicken, Queso Blanco, and smoked cheese550 calories
1g dietary fiber
41g carbohydrates
Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item
Name of QuesadillasIngredientsNutrition Info
Santa Fe Chicken QuesadillaGrilled chicken, roasted red pepper, black beans, and onion600 calories
3g dietary fiber
50g carbohydrates
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla ingredients and nutrition info


A cafe is incomplete without the presence of a sandwich. However, tropical smoothie cafe offers three varieties of sandwich to their customers.

Most Healthy Item 
Name of SandwichIngredientsNutrition Info
Turkey Bacon RanchTurkey, Swiss, bacon, tomatoes560 calories
5g dietary fiber
59g carbohydrates
Turkey Bacon Ranch ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item
Name of SandwichIngredientsNutrition Info
Chicken Caprese with baconGrilled chicken and fresh mozzarella720 calories
5g dietary fiber
62g carbohydrates
Chicken Caprese with bacon ingredients and nutrition info


The bowls section is a treasure of healthy ingredients. You have six varieties to choose from in this category.

Most Healthy Item
Name of BowlsIngredientsNutrition Info
Thai Chicken BowlGrilled chicken, carrot, sesame seeds380 calories
5g dietary fiber
40g carbohydrates
Thai Chicken Bowl ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item 
Name of BowlsIngredientsNutrition Info
Hummus Veggie BowlHummus smashed avocado590 calories
15g dietary fiber
43g carbohydrates
Hummus Veggie Bowl ingredients and nutrition info


Though the tropical cafe is widely known for its delicious smoothies, they also have a breakfast menu. However, it’s a small menu to explore with only three breakfast dishes.

Most Healthy Item 
Name of BreakfastIngredientsNutrition Info
All American Breakfast WrapEggs, ham, bacon430 calories
0g dietary fiber
37g carbohydrates
All American Breakfast Wrap ingredients and nutrition info
Low Nutritional Item 
Name of BreakfastIngredientsNutrition Info
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch FlatbreadPeanut butter and banana590 calories
7g dietary fiber
77g carbohydrates
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread ingredients and nutrition info

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Are smoothies from tropical smoothies healthy?

Ans. Yes, smoothies from tropical smoothie healthy and is beneficial for your body if you are taking the right one. Some might be high in sugar, but you can try out the detox green island, which is considered the healthiest smoothie at the tropical cafe.
The prime reason is that it contains no added sugar because it has been naturally sweetened with the added ingredients.

Q. What is the healthiest drink at tropical smoothie?

Ans. As per the tropical smoothies and nutritional information, the detox green island smoothie is the healthiest drink at tropical smoothies. It is made from veggies and fruits that consist of spinach, kale, mango, banana, and ginger. Moreover, the drink has no added sugar and is naturally sweetened.

Q. Does tropical smoothie use added sugar?

Ans. Yes, tropical smoothies use added sugar and are also mentioned in their nutritional facts for the tropical cafe chart. However, you can even customize your drink and ask them to lower the sugar level.
They use turbinado sugar in the smoothies except for the detox island green because it is naturally sweetened and triple berry oat made of Splenda®.

Q. How many calories are in Guava Margarita Smoothie Tropical Smoothie?

Ans. Guava Margarita Smoothie from tropical smoothie consists of 360 calories. The 97% of calories come from the carbs present in this smoothie.

Q. How many carbs are in a tropical smoothie cafe menu nutrition?

Ans. The carbs are in a tropical smoothie cafe menu nutrition varies from smoothies to smoothies and food items to food items. Some of them consist of as low as 42g carbs, or some might be ranging around 120 to 130g of carbs.

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