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Top 5 Senior Citizen Insurance Companies in India: Find the Best Plan for Your Health and Peace of Mind

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Getting life insurance is a big decision; it keeps your family safe in your absence. Along with rising inflation, health care is becoming more expensive. Finding the right and affordable insurance company for seniors is a big challenge. 

Because new insurance companies have come into the market, it is a bit difficult to find the right insurance company.

The good news is that finding a good and affordable insurance company is now a little easier. You can choose a good insurance company by examining various things. If you are searching for the best senior insurance company, we have brought you a list of some companies. This list has all the best senior life insurance companies.

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What is the best health insurance for senior citizens?

Choices keep on changing in the lifestyle of people; in the same way, the choices in life also change. One of them is people’s health; anyone’s health can deteriorate anytime. In earlier times, people lived up to 90 or 100 years. The quality of the food items at that time was good; nowadays, there is adulteration in everything, which spoils people’s health.

best health insurance for senior citizens
best health insurance for senior citizens

At this time people like to eat only junk food, its effect on their body is so bad which cannot be imagined. In this, people want them to do something for their family which will be helpful for them. The Senior Citizen Plan is a policy covering a person above 60 years of age. It is similar to life insurance.

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5 Best Insurance Company For Senior Citizen Insurance

These are some of the best insurance companies for senior citizens.

5 Best Insurance Company For Senior Citizen Insurance

1. Star Health

We have placed Star Health at number one on this list because it is the best insurance company for seniors. It offers the best red-carpet health insurance for seniors. This company provides better coverage for people above 60 years. 

Now you don’t have to worry about family; in your absence, it will give good cover for your family to meet their daily needs.

Features of Star Health

  • Seniors in the age group of 60 to 75 years can subscribe to the policy
  • Includes current conditions
  • Lifetime renewable
  • Offers Discount on Pre-Medical Tests
  • Co-pays

2. Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance 

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance is a general insurance company offering its customers many benefits. This company is the first one to give TPA and other benefits. The financial year of Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance from 2018 to 2019 was 85% of the claim amounts.

Features of Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

  • It has three health coverage types: Health Guard, Silver Health Guard, and Star Package. 
  • You can choose any health coverage out of these three.
  • The creation of this company has been made keeping in view the increasing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, brain tumor, etc.
  • There are 6500 hospitals under this company whose members can get cashless treatment.
  • Another feature of Bajaj Allianz Health is that it also offers the Personal Guard health plan.
  • This cashless claim is settled in just 1 hour, for which it is very famous.

3. Bharti AXA Health Insurance

Bharti AXA Health Insurance was started in the year 2009 in August. The company remains in the market with a 74 percent share of Bharti Enterprises and a 26 percent share of AXA. The name of Bharti Enterprises is one of the largest business entities in India. For this reason, Bharti AXA is an International Finance Management company.

Fifty-nine corporate offices for Bharti AXA General Insurance are located in India. The business was certified to ISO 9001:2008 in its first year. It is a reputable and up-and-coming company. The client interactions, services, and straightforward claim process of Bharat AXA Health Insurance are well-known.

Feature of Bharti AXA Health Insurance

There is no need to pay co-pays in the Bharat AXA health plan.

India’s best hospitals come under this company, whose count is more than 4500. You can get cashless admission in all those hospitals.

Customers can choose the plan of their choice; in this, you can take a cover of up to 1 crore.

4. IFFCO Tokyo Health Insurance

Indian Farmer Fertilizer Cooperative is a Japanese life insurance company. But from 2000 to December 4, it is working in India. This insurance company provides the best service to its customers; its claim amount is 102 percent.

With the help of this company, you can get your family admitted to the hospital in case of any illness or accident with them. Villagers can also take advantage of this plan.

Features of IFFCO

  • It provides a good hospital and treatment for any family member.
  • It takes full responsibility for you and your family, surgery, operation, transplant, etc.
  • During treatment, they provide blood, oxygen, organs, medicines, operation theatre, equipment, etc.
  • People from villages and towns can also participate in this.
  • It makes this claim available to all its users as quickly as possible.

5. Care Health Insurance Ltd.

This company is one of the best life insurance companies, which has gained popularity in a concise period. It earned 93 percent in the fiscal year between 2018 and 2019.

Features of Health Care Insurance Ltd.

  • There are many types of plans, such as individual plans, diabetes, blood pressure plans, senior citizen plans, and others.
  • It provides cash coverage within 2 hours with its claim.
  • Provides sub-annual health checks to its members.
  • Get its members treated in the best hospitals.


Life insurance is one step you must take for your family. It is safe and beneficial for your family from all sides. But it is a bit difficult for seniors to choose the right insurance company. There are so many life insurance companies in the market that it is difficult to find the right company.

We have told you about some of the best insurance companies for seniors in this article and their features. You can easily trust these companies. 

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
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