Top 12 Best Cable Machine for Home Gym

by Tanmay Joshi
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Are you the one who prefer home gym workout the most? Well, if yes, then the cable machine is the right home gym equipment for you.

These cable machines add value to your workouts and can easily fit in the vacant space of your home. However, the cable machines might be a costly affair, but the results from these are worthy.

Healthcoachjp has spent its time searching the top 12 best cable machines for the home gym on the internet. Moreover, we have also listed single and dual pulley cable machines along with their important information.

Cable Machine Home Gym
Cable Machine Home Gym

Whether it is a cable exercise machine or cable exercise row machine, all can easily be fit in the corner of your home. Post covid period, people are working from home and can’t get enough time to do workout at the gym. At that time, installing a cable machine at home will help you get fit alongside your work from home job.You also love to read Short and long term benefits of exercise

Best Cable Machine Home Gym

This section will give information on the best cable machine home gym equipment. We have picked the 12 best cable machines for the home gym in the following table.

Equipment NameFeaturesView on Amazon
1. Valor Fitness CB-12*Heavy Duty
*Adjustable Seat Pad
*Helps in doing 7 forms of workout
View Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pulldown Machine, Low Row Machine, Cable Curl Bar, and Ab Machine Home Gym Equipment
2. Body-Solid SDC2000G2*Steel Mainframe
*Tear Resistant Durafirm
*Dual Weight Stacks
View Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDC2000G2 Dual Cable Column with Dual 235-Pound Weight Stacks
3. Powerline PCCO90X* 180-degree movement
*8 Large Diameter High Resin Pulleys
*Extra Wide & Tall Mainframe
View Body-Solid Powerline PCCO90X Cable Crossover Machine for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Training Workouts, Black
4. Yukon Cable Crossover*Extra Wide
*Chrome Cable Handles
*180 Degree Movement
*Good for low and High pulley exercises
View Yukon Cable Crossover Machine
5. XMark Functional Trainer*Comes with dual 200lb weight stacks
*19 Level adjustment
*Compact design to save space
View XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and Accessory Package XM-7626
6. Body-Solid GDCC200*Foam Rubber Handgrips & Stable Handles
*20 modes of adjustment
*2 Adjustable Nylon Handles
View Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center
7. ARCHON*Perfect for bilateral & unilateral training
* 180-degree swivel pulleys
*19 Vertical Positions
View ARCHON Wall Mount Commercial Ball Bearing Cable Station | 17 Position Adjustable Dual Pulleys | Home Gym Equipment | Cable Crossover Machine | Weight Machine | Cable Pulldown | Functional Trainer
8. Body-Solid BFFT10R*Perfect for functional training
* 1-year warranty on all parts
*Integrated Chin up bar
View Best Fitness by Body-Solid BFFT10R Functional Trainer and Cable Machine with 190 Lb. Weight Stack
9. Valor Fitness BD-62*Space Saving Design
*Wall Mount for extra stability
*Strap handles can be adjusted to up to 5 positions
View Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station with Adjustable Dual Pulley System Plus for Functional Home Gym
10. Body-Solid Deluxe*180º cable positioning
* High-Density rubber foam handles and grips
*Multiple Grip Positions
View Body-Solid GDCC250 Deluxe Cable Crossover, Grey/Black
11. BodyCraft HFT*Nylon Coated Flexible Cables
*Good for strength & Sports training
View IRON COMPANY BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer Home Gym – Dual Adjustable Pulley Machine
12. Titan Fitness *Convenient Plate Holders
*Pulleys & Cables are of high quality
*Easily fit in the room of 8 feet ceiling
View Titan Fitness Cable Crossover Machine for Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding
12 best cable machines for the home gym in the following table.

Home Gym Cable Machine

Out of many home gym cable machines, we have picked “X-Mark Functional Trainer,” which surely deserves a place in your home gym equipment.

The best part about X-Mark functional trainer is its space-saving design and upgraded accessories. Additional accessories allow the individual to work on their triceps muscle.

Home Gym Cable Machine.jpg
Home Gym Cable Machine.jpg

It comes with 19 pulley height adjustments and has dual weight stacks of 200 lbs. Moreover, it is equipped with a split pull-up bar for performing chin-ups and pull-ups.

Home Gym Cable Crossover Machine

Those who desire to have cable crossover machine home gym equipment can try their hands on “Powerline PCCO90x Cable Crossover”. This is a cable crossover machine that allows you to perform multiple workouts. It is compatible enough to take Olympic and standard size plates.

Home Gym Cable Crossover Machine
Home Gym Cable Crossover Machine

This equipment has a wide frame and allows multiple people to perform exercises at the same time. Each side of this machine has cable handles which you connect to the lower or high pulley.

The powerline cable crossover machine has dual 250 lbs weight stacks which have a resistance ratio of 2:1. Moreover, the machine is secured under a 10-year warranty, and its part comes with a 1-year warranty.

Compact Cable Machine Home Gym

The cable machine’s major downside is they take a lot of space at home. However, for you, we have found a compact cable machine for your home, and it will not take much space.

Titan Pulley tower V3” makes its place in compact cable home gym equipment because it offers a higher load limit without taking any extra space of your house.

Compact Cable Machine Home Gym
Compact Cable Machine Home Gym

The pulleys and cables of this machine are made up of high quality and support your workout for a longer duration. Moreover, this is also a cost-effective product that won’t take more pennies out of your pocket.

Furthermore, this machine has 18 adjustable positions that will suit the needs of different athletes. This equipment comes with one year warranty. You also love to read Kayak Exercise Benefits – All you need to know

Single Cable Machine Home Gym

Body-Solid BFFT10R is one of the perfect single cable machines for the home as it requires small space to set. Moreover, this is ideal home gym equipment for beginners.

This single cable machine comes with 190 lbs weight stack with a 1:1 resistance ratio. This adjustable single cable machine can easily be adjusted up to 19 different levels.

Single Cable Machine Gym
Single Cable Machine Home Gym

The brand offers a 3-year warranty on the frame and one year on its other parts.

Dual Cable Machine Home

Are you searching for dual cable machine home equipment, then Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer is for you.

The supreme and durable quality of this machine will help you enjoy your workout on it. Though the setup of this machine requires both space and cash, you won’t get disappointed to spend your penny on it.

Dual Cable-Machine Home Gym
Dual Cable Machine Home Gym

The dual weight stacks of 150 lbs and 200 lbs will help you to build beautiful lat muscles and more.

Life Fitness Cable Machine Home

There are lots of life fitness cable machines for homes available on their official website. However, we have found G7 HOME GYM the best out of them.

Life Fitness Cable Machine Home Gym
Life Fitness Cable Machine Home Gym

It comes with dual adjustable pulleys that allow you to do multiple exercises on it. The workout performed with the help of this machine improves your strength & stability.

Diy Cable Machine Home Gym

The following video will help the fitness freaks to set up a DIY cable machine at home. This is a cost-effective way to train your muscles at home.

Cable Pulley Machine Home

Valor Fitness BD61 is a perfect cable pulley machine to train different muscles of your body at home. This comes with three pulley systems in which two pulleys are fit left, right, and one is located at the bottom part of this cable pulley home gym equipment.

Cable Pulley Machine Home
Cable Pulley Machine Home Gym

It offers a maximum of 250 pounds of resistance with a resistance ratio of 1:1. It is quite perfect for beginners as well as experts to train themselves on this machine.

The dual pulley of this machine has 17 adjustable settings so that anyone can set up their own resistance level.

Cable Weight Machine Home

Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 is yet another best cable weight machine to train lats, triceps, and other body parts. The best thing about this cable weight machine is it won’t take much space of your home and comes up with a 10-year warranty.

Cable Weight Machine Home
Cable Weight Machine Home Gym

The pulleys are adjustable and can take up to 20 different positions, and provides 180-degree movement.

It comes with two weight stacks of 160 lbs; however, it can also be upgraded to up to 210 lbs on each side. The cable resistance ratio of this equipment is 2:1.

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