Top 10 Interesting Male Weight Gain Stories You Should Read

by Tanmay Joshi
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Many of us struggle with our weight. There are many causes for this, but it can be hard to find solutions that work for you. I’ve struggled with my weight and what has helped me gain is a change in lifestyle choices. This blog post will explore 10 male weight gain stories and the changes they made to their lifestyles that led them to success! Read on to learn more about these inspiring stories!

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Top Male Weight Gain Stories

Top Male Weight Gain Stories
Top Male Weight Gain Stories

These are some short stories about men who have gained a significant amount of weight. They range from telling how they did it, to their feelings about being overweight. This gives an insight into what people are thinking when they get fat and how it has impacted them in different ways.

Male Weight Gain Stories

My name is Smith. I am a 5’5″ 135 lb man who just started gaining weight in September of 2018. It was hard for me to gain because my body wasn’t used to the feeling of being full and it took me two months before I finally saw myself putting on some pounds. Now, I’m at 155 lbs and have been able to maintain my weight without any difficulties.


Male Weight Gain Stories College

Male Weight Gain Stories College
Male Weight Gain Stories College

I’m not going to lie, I was a skinny guy. Sure I played sports in high school and college but that didn’t do much for my weight gain or muscle development. So when I started hitting the gym hard during senior year of college, I was surprised at how quickly my body changed. In just a few months, I gained 15 pounds of muscle and learned some tricks along the way! My advice? Stick with it because you’ll see results if you have faith in your work ethic.


Weight Gain Stories Male

Weight Gain Stories Male
Weight Gain Stories Male || Pic Used For Illustration Purpose Only

William was a healthy, slim man when he graduated from college. Over the next few years, William’s weight increased by over 100 pounds and he found it difficult to keep up with his old friends who were still in shape. As a result of this change in lifestyle, William became less active and more sedentary than before. He began eating larger portions of food because he had no motivation to work out or play sports anymore. In conclusion, eating unhealthy foods is what caused William’s weight gain rather than any other activity that he participated in for fun or fitness reasons.


True Male Weight Gain Stories

Ever since I was born, my weight has been an issue. My parents were always telling me to eat less and exercise more, but it didn’t matter what they said or how hard I tried. As soon as the hunger pains would subside, the cravings for more food would return with a vengeance. It seemed like no matter what I did, the pounds kept piling on. After years of struggling with my weight and giving up hope that anything could change it for good, I stumbled across this new diet that uses natural ingredients to regulate your appetite without making you feel deprived or hungry all day long!


Fat Male Weight Gain Stories

Fat Male Weight Gain Stories
Fat Male Weight Gain Stories

“I don’t think I have ever been this embarrassed in my life. As a former athlete, I’m well aware of what healthy eating and exercise can do for your body. Yet, here I am at 275 pounds with a BMI over 40.” “I was always the one to tell people that being overweight is unhealthy and how they should go on a diet to lose weight. But now it’s me who needs help.” “There were so many moments where someone would comment about my weight or call me names because of it, but I brushed all those comments off, thinking they didn’t matter.” “But after going through an embarrassing moment myself when trying to buy clothes from Old Navy, something clicked inside me and made me realize that the time has arrived to lose all that stubborn fat.


Men Weight Gain Stories

At first, Thomas was a skinny kid. He had been on the track team for awhile and he felt that his body wasn’t developing as it should be. So, he got into weightlifting to help him gain muscle mass and get stronger. It didn’t come easy for him at first, but after years of hard work, Thomas is now muscular and strong!


Weight Gain Male Stories

It was a bright and sunny day when I first met Donald. He was my new neighbor who moved in next door to me about two months ago. When he introduced himself, his handshake seemed a little weak and limp, but I shrugged it off as not being that big of a deal. As the weeks passed by, though, I started noticing that there was something off about him. His weight had been steadily increasing over the past few weeks and he looked like he never went outside or exercised at all! One day after school, we were sitting on his porch swing together talking when Donald suddenly fell out of the swing onto the ground with a thud! He said it felt like someone took away his body’s ability to support itself.


Man Weight Gain Stories

I have been a skinny guy my whole life. I was always the last one picked for teams because of my size and weight. When I was in school, I would get teased all the time about how small I was. People would say things like “You’re so small you could be crushed by a fly” or “I can’t believe you don’t weigh anything.” It got so bad that it made me feel really insecure about myself.

One day while surfing on youtube, I came across this video on how to gain muscle mass fast. The guy who uploaded the video had gained over 50lbs of muscle just by following the simple steps! After watching his video, it seemed easy enough to do- simply eat more calories than your body.


Male Weight Gain Stories Fiction

Steven was always a skinny kid growing up, but he ate healthy and exercised. When he hit the age of 14, his body changed from being thin to fatty. His stomach protruded outwards and his legs looked like they belonged on a stick figure. This is when the weight gain started to happen for him. It didn’t take long before he weighed more than what society seems as “normal.”

He have been overweight since middle school and it has affected many aspects of his life – not just physically, but mentally too. In addition to dealing with discrimination based on size, there are other issues that come with being fat such as low self-esteem or having trouble finding clothes that fit well.


Embarrassing Weight Gain Stories of Men

I was in high school when I first started to put on weight. I had just turned 15 and weighed about 170lbs. My weight continued to climb for the next few years, by the time I graduated from college, I was at my heaviest- 275lbs. It wasn’t until after college that things took a turn for the worse with my weight gain.

College is full of late night pizza parties and drinking games so it’s easy to understand how someone can pack on unhealthy pounds in such a short amount of time! For me, this all culminated in graduating from university with an average GPA because of all my partying during college… And now who knows what will happen as a result of these past four years! The embarrassing thing is when people look at me and it seems that they have saw a monster walking on road.



Weight gain in a proper manner is good for the sake of our body. The above male weight gain stories have different segments. Some went from skinny to muscular of their own will. There were some males who are overweight from the beginning and feel embarrassed when walking out publicly. This is why we have brought mixed weight gain stories of males so that you can experience their journey.

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