Tom Skilling Weight Loss: Diet, Before and After Transformation

by Tanmay Joshi
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Tom Skilling, the Chief Meteorologist for WGN and it’s been more than one year into his weight loss journey. He shared that he has lost over 100 pounds in just one year!

In 2020 on March 4th at Northwestern Hospital, he begins his weight loss journey by undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

“It wasn’t an easy decision but I’m so grateful to have made it,” said Skiing on the Facebook post.

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Who is Tom Skilling?

Tom Skilling is an American television meteorologist at WGN-TV in Chicago. He has held this position since 1978. Prior to joining WGN, he worked for WSNS-TV in Chicago and was a weather forecaster for WKKD and WKKD-FM.

He has been working as a meteorologist for WGN-TV in Chicago since 1978. He is known to be the highest-paid local meteorologist in the whole United States. Moreover, the daily weather column of “Chicago Tribune” is also written by him.

Tom Skilling weather broadcasts always featured the latest technology in computer imagery and animation techniques. He is renowned for his reports, which are thorough yet concise with accurate information about what’s coming your way next!

Tom Skilling Weight Loss Transformation

His weight loss is the result of a strict diet and exercise routine, with an emphasis on nutrition. He has managed to get rid of diabetes through his newfound dedication.

Moreover, Skilling registered his cholesterol levels at the lowest and had shed 120 pounds in a year. Earlier, he was 292 pounds but after one year the weighing scale has noticed his weight 172 pounds. Surprised!! Right?

In order to get in shape, Skilling relies on a team of health professionals including his chief for help with diet and portioning food. Fortunately, he no longer needs the CPAP machine that was previously required due to sleep apnea or medication when his blood pressure rose during daily activities.

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Tom Skilling Diet After Weight Loss

Tom Skilling Diet After Weight Loss
Tom Skilling Diet After Weight Loss

Skilling said he is slowly starting to eat solid foods, which can be a difficult process for somebody like himself because his stomach has been acting up lately.

Skilling says that he now consumes about two to three-ounce servings of protein because the limited volume in your stomach doesn’t give you as much nutrition with a larger gut.

“I won’t eat the way I used to, thank God. You’ll either stick with your diet or let that pouch fill up again and gain all of those pounds back.”

Tom Skilling Surgery For Weight Loss

Tom Skilling Surgery For Weight Loss
Tom Skilling Surgery For Weight Loss

Skilling kickstart his weight loss journey on March 4, 2020, at Northwestern Hospital through gastric bypass surgery. Moreover, Skilling said he’s lost 50 pounds since the operation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Doctors also found and repaired a small hernia, according to him!

What happened to Tom Skilling

Tom Skilling is a diabetic and his body have high cholesterol levels. The most alarming situation is his body weight which is near 300 pounds. One day he decided to lose all that weight and started his weight loss journey from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital on March 4, 2020.

He underwent gastric bypass surgery to quickly cut down extra pounds from his oversize body.

The after results were amazing and surprising as the Chief Meteorologist for WGN lost 120 pounds in a year.

Tom Skilling Before and After Images

The weatherman is now in the best shape of his entire career post his gastric bypass surgery. Check Tom Skilling before and after images below.

Tom Skilling Before and After Images
Tom Skilling Before and After Images

Is Tom Skilling Married?

The question “Is Tom Skilling married?” has been asked many times on the Internet. We are here to answer that question. According to sources and websites available on the internet, Skilling is not married and has no children. He also doesn’t have a girlfriend at the present time.

Tom Skilling Wife

It has been confirmed that local TV weatherman Tom Skilling is not married and has no wife.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How much weight did Tom Skilling’s lose?

Ans. Within a span of one year from his gastric bypass surgery Tom Skilling has lost 120 pounds.

Q.2. Has Tom Skilling lost a lot of weight?

Ans. Yes, Tom skilling had lost a lot of weight after his gastric bypass surgery. In a Twitter post, he told everyone that he had come down to 172 pounds from his earlier weight of 292 pounds in just one year.

Q.3. How old is the weatherman Tom Skilling?

Ans. The famous American weatherman Tom Skilling is 69 years old in the year 2021.

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