Tight Hamstrings and Lower back pain || Causes and Preventive Exercises

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Essentially it is impossible even for physicists to precisely detect the true causes of intense lower back pain. But among the most suspected reasons about the lower back, the role of tight hamstrings are undeniable. But ever wondered what can be the reason for your hamstrings to get tight? And in what way the tight hamstrings are related to the low back pain? Though this article thoroughly has an idea about tight hamstrings and the probable impact on the lower back portion. 

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Where are hamstrings located? 

Before starting on tight hamstrings with low back pain, it is important to know what the hamstrings are! Simply, hamstrings are the combination of three different types of muscles located at the back of the thigh region. The three combined muscles are namely semitendinosus, biceps femoris, and the semimembranosus. It helps in maintaining flexibility and stretch throughout the hip extension as well as the knee flexion. 

What is the function of the hamstrings? 

The essential function of hamstrings is permitting the knee to flex as well as bend and rotate. It enables your thigh to extend forward and reach out to the provided portion to tilt in the forward direction. However, many people face the issue of tight hamstring muscles. And this gradually establishes the right hamstrings and low back pain problems. 

What causes tight hamstrings? 

The tight hamstrings low back pain seems problematic for maintaining the flexibility of your body. But ever wondered the reasons for those tight hamstrings? Here are some of the common causes for experiencing muscle tightness- 

  • Intensive physical activities can result in excessive muscle tightness and as a result painful lower back conditions.
  • Inactive motion for a longer period without any kind of movement can also result in tight hamstring and lower back pain casualties. 
  • Sudden injury in the lower body region can also force your hamstrings to go tight and as a result, unhelpful bend in the forward region. 

Other conditions when you can experience tight hamstring events are genetic imbalances, embracing poor posture for a longer period, and a drastic unhealthy lifestyle as a whole. 


Can tight hamstrings cause back pain? 

Can tight hamstrings cause back pain
Can tight hamstrings cause back pain

If you doubt that tight hamstrings cause back pain? Then unfortunately the answer is definitely yes. When you look straight into the matter, it seems impossible for you to figure out how a tight hamstring creates pain for the low back pain! But while intently looking at the human anatomy, you can realize the linkages of every part of the human organs with another. Not only that, the lower back pain and tight pelvis and hamstring are also interconnected. It is due to tight hamstrings that your flattening lower back gets rotated and thus causing excessive back pain. The knee and foot pain are sided products of tight hamstring muscles. 

How are low back pain and tight hamstrings linked? 

How are low back pain and tight hamstrings linked
How are low back pain and tight hamstrings linked

The human sitting bones are also known in the names of the ischial tuberosity. And when we have tight hamstring muscles that ischial tuberosity is automatically pulled. It happens because those sitting bones usually draw the pelvis bone backwards while tilting. And automatically it showcases a negative impact on the spine alignment. Consequently, every time they bend, a strain in the ligaments guarded by the vertebrae is generated. The net result is when your hamstrings are tighter the more the ischial tuberosity gets pulled. 

Can tight glutes also result in lower back pain?

The tight glutes and hamstrings low back pain are directly associated. The gluteus muscle is situated near the buttocks area which largely involves the functioning of the hip and thigh movement. This glute muscle largely becomes tough when an individual sits in a particular place for a longer period. But unfortunately, the tight glutes are not good for maintaining the flexibility of your lower back portion. 

  • How does glute muscle support your lower back? 

Similar to the hamstrings muscle, the glute muscle is also supportive for sustaining a free lower back. When you walk, rotate your hip, go down or up a step and most importantly run a race, it won’t be possible without the glute muscles. And when you experience tightness in that specific muscle, you would also feel pain in your lower back, leg, pelvis, and hips. 

  • Are tight hamstrings low back pain and glute muscle associated? 

One of the primary symptoms at the time of tight glute muscle is expecting lower back pains as well as tight hamstrings. A constant instability will make your body uncomfortable and gradually you will start experiencing it in other body regions. For example, in the pelvic region, the sore knee pain, etc. 

In the same way, when you have tight hamstring muscles you will also feel the uneasiness related to tight glute muscle. Therefore, these tight glutes and hamstrings lower back pain are physiologically associated with each other. 

Five specific hamstring stretches for lower back pain exercises. 

The lower back pain and tight hamstrings contribute to it are unquestionable. But you can’t sit helplessly and let one of the most important muscle regions running from down hip to back knee go stiff. Below for you, hamstring stretch for lower back pain exercises are mentioned properly. Learn them and ace your back pain like a master. 

hamstring stretches for lower back pain exercises
hamstring stretches for lower back pain exercises

The sitting hamstring stretches. 

The pain in the lower back and tight hamstrings can be overcome with this chair sitting exercise posture. For that, you have to sit comfortably in a chair. And then place another chair in front of you. There, you have to place your leg facing your body. And slowly start reaching your toes. You have to practice this stretching exercise with one leg at a particular point in time. 

The wall hamstring stretches. 

With the wall hamstring stretch exercise, you can get rid of the tight hamstrings’ low back problem easily. Firstly, you have to simply lie in such a posture that your buttocks Are against the wall. Your leg should also stretch against the wall. Then, considering your flexibility, you have to stretch your knee as much as possible. Ensure that the minimum stress is enforced at the lower back region. 

The standing hamstring stretch exercise. 

The third exercise which can relieve you from the tight hamstrings and lower back pain is the standing and stretching exercise. When you are in the standing position, try to bend forward with the hanging arms. First tries to lick the knees. Slowly, you have to try touching your toes. However, ensure that you don’t strain on the toes. If you are experiencing a slight pulling sensation at your hamstring region then stop tilting forward. However, it is highly recommendable to take advice from a therapist before practising such stretching exercises. It is so because it can harm you and exacerbate pain. 

The towel hamstring stretch. 

This type of stretching exercise is a bit fun. To start with, you simply have to lie down towards your back. Then take a towel and roll it enough. In the end, you have to hold one end of the towel with one hand. The other end of the towel will be wrapped behind the foot. Then try to pull the legs slowly towards the direction of your body. In this way, you can feel the stretch in your hamstring region. 

The lying hamstring stretch. 

The fifth simple tight hamstrings lower back pain exercise is the lying stretches. Here, you have to lie down on your back on the ground. Place your feet on the ground and slowly bend your knees. After that try to bring the right knee towards your chest. Then you have to extend the lead by bending the knee. For your convenience, you can make your stretching exercise better with the help of a yoga strap. Hold the right knee towards your chest for at least ten seconds. Then continue the exercise for at least one minute. 

The end! 

You must have understood from the article that having tight hamstrings can severely affect your lower back region. It is completely undesirable. Due to many possible reasons, it can develop and cause restrictions on the movement of your body. So, it’s time for you to have a check on that tight hamstring and lower back pain issues by regularly practising these five stretching exercises. Practice those exercises for at least five days a week and half an hour minimum. However, at the same time, it is also recommended to avoid them if you are experiencing unexpected tension in the body. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can lower back pain be caused by tight hamstrings? 

Answer- When you have tight hamstrings one of the most unfortunate issues you have to deal with is intensive lower back pain. Since human anatomy is highly related, therefore, people find uneasiness in the lower back area when their hamstring muscles get stiff. 

Q. Why does my lower back hurt when my hamstrings are tight? 

Answer- When we have tight hamstrings, our lower back hurts. It is so because with tight hamstring muscles the ischial tuberosity is automatically pulled. It happens because those sitting bones usually draw the pelvis bone backwards while tilting. And automatically it showcases a negative impact on the spine alignment.

Q. How can I relax my lower back and hamstrings? 

Answer- It is only through proper diet and regular stretching exercises that one can get rid of those tight hamstrings and lower back pain partially. The details about these five exercises are mentioned in the article. 

Q. Why are my hamstrings and back so tight? 

Answer- You can have a tight lower back along with rigid hamstrings when you have some kind of injury, improper sitting posture, and immobility for more than an hour. 

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