Tiffany Franco Smith From 90 Day Fiance Weight Loss Surgery

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Obesity and Weight Gain is the problem of most people today. Weight gain can occur for many reasons; if you also struggle with obesity and want to lose weight quickly, then read the weight loss journey of Tiffany Franco.

Today we will talk about her in this blog. Also, all the things related to her will be known about what she did to lose weight. Which diet she followed and which exercise she followed.

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Who is Tiffany Franco?

Tiffany Franco’s full name is Tiffany Franco Smith. Tiffany’s is a 90 Day Fiance franchise icon known for reducing weight.

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Tiffany Franco Smith Weight Loss Journey

Tiffany Franco Smith Weight Loss Journey
Tiffany Franco Smith Weight Loss Journey

Tiffany Franco is known for her weight loss in 90 days. 

She lost 70 pounds in just a few months. People appreciated her a lot for her weight loss. Tiffany is 30 years old, married the man Ronald Smith and gave birth to a daughter.

She gained a little weight when she was about to give birth to a daughter. As soon as she delivered, Tiffany decided to reduce her weight. Tiffany began to lose weight, and within a few days, she gained 15 pounds.

She started her fitness journey in the year 2020. To show off her transformation, she started posting on social media. She had some personal problems, but she did not stop losing weight. She worked hard to reduce her weight, the result of which was in front of everyone.

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How did Tiffany Franco Lose Weight?

Tiffany Franco began to gain weight when Ronald left her and moved in with a new partner. In June of 2021, Tiffany Franco underwent weight loss surgery to lose weight. With the help of this, he reduced 50 pounds in a few months.

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Tiffany Franco Net Worth

Tiffany has a net worth of $1 million.

Tiffany Franco From 90 Day Fiance Weight Loss

There was frequent fighting between Tiffany and her husband, Ronald. One day both Tiffany and Ronald Smith parted their ways.

Since then, Tiffany has been positive about herself and thought of focusing on her health. In the year 2021, she underwent surgery for weight loss.

After undergoing surgery, her weight was reduced to 50 pounds. Precisely 11 months after the weight loss, she shared her weight loss result with people through Instagram.

Now she always gives people her weight loss update daily through insta posts. Before surgery, Tiffany weighed 295 pounds, but now she has lost 100 pounds.

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Tiffany Franco Weight Loss Photos

Tiffany Franco then and now.

Tiffany Franco Weight Loss Photos
Tiffany Franco Weight Loss Photos

90 day Fiancé Weight Loss

Tiffany Franco has lost 70 pounds in the past few months. Her weight loss journey is very motivating. She came into a relationship with Ronald from the show 90 Day Fiancé. There were many problems between them, even after that both of them got married.

After marriage, she gave birth to a child, and her weight increased slightly. As soon as her delivery took place, she decided she would now lose weight. During this, she separated from her husband but did not give up. She lost at least 15 pounds in just a few months.

In 2020, she posted pictures of her weight loss results on Instagram. She struggled with personal problems for some time, but despite that, she did not stop losing weight. She worked very hard for her weight loss.

Tiffany Lost 43 lbs

Tiffany lost the most weight in 2021. This could happen only because of weight loss surgery. 

She underwent surgery and lost 43 pounds. In 2021, she posted pictures after her surgery on social media.

Tiffany lost 50 Pounds

She continued with her weight loss and lost 50 pounds after the surgery. After the surgery, she shared on social media that her weight has now been reduced by 50 pounds.

Tiffany lost 70 pounds

New updates on Tiffany Franco weight loss journey arrived last March 2022. She lost weight up to 70 pounds; she told this through a post. During the post, she was wearing a black and red outfit. She wrote in the caption of that post that 70 pounds down.


Question: What kind of surgery did Tiffany Franco have? 

Answer: In June 2021, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight. When asked by the 90-day fiance fan, Tiffany revealed that she did not decide to lose weight to look slim but that she decided to feel healthy and healthy.

Question: Why did Ronald and Tiffany break up?

Answer: Ronald gave the reason for the separation because there was a fight going on between them. She could not bear so much fighting, after which she decided to part ways.

Question: Is Tiffany still in a relationship with Ronald?

Answer: Tiffany and Ronald parted ways before Tiffany lost the weight. In the year 2021, Ronald started dating another woman. But even today, they both do not live with each other.

Question: Did Tiffany Really Lose Weight?

Answer: Tiffany posted on Insta after she lost her weight. After separating from her husband, she took care of her own body. She started to lose weight. She underwent weight-loss surgery, after which she lost 50 pounds.

Question: How did Tiffany lose weight?

Answer: Tiffany lost most of her weight in 2021. She could achieve her goal only because of surgery. Even after that, she continued her weight loss.

Question: How Much Weight Did Tiffany Franco Lose?

Answer: 90 Day Fiance actress Tiffany announced that she went through surgery to lose weight. After the surgery, she lost 60 pounds. Along with this, she also told the audience that she is very happy to lose weight.


90 day fiancée Tiffany Franco Smith is known for her weight loss. She keeps posting pictures of her weight loss on social media every day. She decided to lose weight after separating from her husband. She is indeed a woman who remains firm in her decisions. She faced tons of sorrows in her life but did not leave her decision to lose weight. She decided to have surgery and lost 60 pounds. Her weight loss journey garnered a lot of praise.

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