The Cat Cow Yoga Pose or Marjariasana Benefits and Steps

by Tanmay Joshi
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When it comes to yoga, the cat pose yoga, also known as Marjariasana in Sanskrit, is one of the most versatile poses you can do. From working on your flexibility to simply taking a break from stressful thoughts and activities, this pose has many benefits that may surprise you.

To find out how the cat pose helps you both physically and mentally, read this step-by-step guide to learn the best way to do it and how it can benefit you in more ways than one!

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About the Cat Cow Pose Yoga

Marjariasana is one of a series of yoga poses sometimes referred to as cat and cow yoga poses. Marjariasana stretches and strengthens your spine, especially between your shoulder blades.

It also improves back, neck, and shoulder flexibility. This pose can benefit people with back pain or scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

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How To Do The Cat Position

  • Start on all fours by placing your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips.
  • Your wrists should be placed directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips.
  • Put slight pressure on your wrists.
  • Exhale and create an arch in your spine to face the ceiling.
  • Bring down the crown of your head and tailbone.
  • Begin the in and up the movement of your lower belly.
  • Do this daily for 7 to 9 minutes.

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Benefits of Marjariasana

Benefits of Marjariasana
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  1. Marjariasana is an excellent pose for strengthening and massaging abdominal organs such as the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys and reproductive organs.
  2. It can help relieve menstrual problems in women by cleansing and massaging internal organs and decreasing stress and anxiety levels.
  3. It can help increase testosterone levels in men and prevent hair loss by massaging vital glands.
  4. Marjarisana also helps correct back pain by strengthening backbone muscles.

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Cat Pose Yoga

Benefits of Cat Pose Yoga
Benefits of Cat Pose Yoga

While cat pose, or cat-cow pose as it’s sometimes called, may seem like an easy and basic yoga pose, it actually has some surprising health benefits.

The cat-cow pose stretches the spine and improves spinal flexibility, which can lead to better posture in day-to-day life. This also helps relieve stress and fatigue by increasing blood flow to the brain and can increase energy while calming an overactive mind.

Perhaps most importantly, the cat-cow pose has been shown to improve digestion by stimulating the abdominal wall muscles.

Let’s take a look at five surprising health benefits of cat pose yoga and what you need to know before starting your own routine.

Cat Pose Yoga Relieves Anxiety

Practising cat poses regularly can help lower your heart rate and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. When you have trouble unwinding after a long day at work or with kids, give cat pose yoga a try.

This simple practice will help quiet your mind, improve your health and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Strengthens Wrists and Hands Muscles

If you love playing piano or guitar, these are good poses to strengthen your wrists and hand muscles. Cat pose yoga helps in strengthening your wrist’s tendon, as well as in improving grip strength.

Hand motions such as writing and turning door knobs cause a lot of stress on our hand tendons and muscles.

Practising cat pose can help us avoid arthritis by strengthening our hands and by creating flexibility between joints and tendons.

Stretches and Massages Your Neck

Practising cat pose yoga stretches and massages your neck and shoulders. This is incredibly beneficial, especially if you have a desk job or a job that requires you to be in front of a computer for long periods.

The great thing about practising cat pose yoga is that it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any special equipment.

Improves Posture and Balance

Although the cat pose may look like a simple stretch, it’s actually one of yoga’s best poses for improving posture and balance. The cat stretch will help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles while improving flexibility throughout your entire body.

To improve your overall strength and balance, try practising the cat pose every day. It’s an excellent way to start or end any workout routine!

Helps In Improvement of Digestion

The cat pose is one of many yoga poses that can help support digestion. This pose helps to encourage circulation and movement in abdominal organs, which can positively affect peristalsis and elimination.

This can help prevent constipation and diarrhoea. If you’re a beginner at yoga or if you suffer from digestive issues, then it may be a good idea for you to start with some basic poses like the cat pose before moving on to more challenging ones.

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Limitations of Marjariasana or Cow and Cat Pose

Cow and cat pose, also known as Marjariasana, is a balancing exercise commonly practised in yoga. While cat-cow poses are a bit awkward at first, they will help strengthen your lower back muscles and improve your balance.

Once you get used to them, there are several benefits associated with cat-cow poses, including improved digestion, better posture and even mood regulation for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Note that you should avoid practising marjariasana if you have high blood pressure or poor balance. Consult a doctor before attempting these exercises if you suffer from any health conditions or physical limitations.

Precautions In Cat Cow Yoga Pose

If you have had surgery on your lower back, it is better to avoid Marjariasana until you can get expert guidance. In addition, those with herniated discs are also advised to practice yoga postures under expert supervision.

Do not practice on concrete surfaces, as they may cause harm. Lastly, immediately discontinue and consult a doctor if you feel any pain or discomfort during Marjariasana or while attempting other asanas.

How Much Time does Cat Yoga Pose Take To Show Health Benefits?

Everyone knows that the cat pose is a great way to stretch out. However, if you’re looking for yoga poses to help tone muscles and improve flexibility, you should also consider adding a cat yoga pose to your routine.

Marjariasana (mahr-Jah-ree-AH-sah-Nah) focuses on a number of different areas of your body. It works on your spine and back, arms, neck and shoulders; pelvis and legs; ankles, feet and toes.

Those who perform cat and cow position regularly will see health benefits within 2 to 3 months. These benefits include improvement in back pain, posture, and digestion.


Q.1. What is Cat Pose good for?

Ans. There are many benefits of cat pose yoga, but there is a specific reason why you should include it in your exercise routine. For one, a cat pose can help relieve stress and anxiety. There is no surprise that spending time in a cat pose can be extremely relaxing and soothing. In addition to calming your mind, a cat pose can also help with spinal alignment and stretch out your abdominal muscles.

Q.2. Who should not do Cat Pose?

Ans. If you have back or neck injuries, it’s important to avoid Marjariasana. This pose requires a lot of flexibility in your spine and could cause damage if you aren’t careful. If you feel pain back or neck while doing Marjariasana, stop immediately and don’t do it again until your pain is gone.

Q.3. Why is Cat Pose called Cat Pose?

Ans. Marjariasana is often called Cat Pose because of its similarities to a cat who arch its back. To get into the cat pose, you’ll have to get on all fours and arch your back. You’ll give yourself a deep stretch that works on your abdominals and lower back muscles.

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