Takis Fuego Nutrition Facts Label: Is Takis Good For You

by Tanmay Joshi
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Many people are well aware of Takis Fuego, and they use their products as a part of snacks and love their chilly spicy taste. However, some people are health conscious and want to know about Takis Fuego nutrition facts. Whether Takis is good for you or not, we will find the right answer in this article.

Takis is a popular snack from the Mexican brand that is generally rolled corn tortilla chips. Stay tuned to the end of this article to better know about Takis Fuego nutrition facts.

What is Takis

Takis is a chip snack produced by the Mexican brand. The product was first invented in 1999 in Mexico, and later it was also introduced in the US in 2004. These spicy chilly chips are popular among kids and teenagers. The brand provides more than 24 mouth-watering flavours, and you would not surely miss a chance to grab a packet of Takis Fuego from the nearby departmental store.

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Are Takis Good For You

Are Takis Good For You
Are Takis Good For You

Takis is generally a processed food item that is low in nutritional value and high in sodium. As you are all aware of the adverse health effects of processed food items, eating Takis regularly will surely prove harmful for your health.

These kinds of processed food items are often associated with the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and more. You can have them once a week or month but not on a regular basis.

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What To Eat with Takis

If you are on your cheat day, then add some other snack items with the Takis chips. Maybe you can have a bowl of popcorn with it or eat them along with biscuits to reduce that chilly sensation.

However, some guys sprinkle Takis chips on their health food items to get more taste.

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Takis Fuego Nutrition Facts

Below are the data of Takis Fuego nutrition facts. Here the data is for a serving size of 30 g, which is equivalent to 13 pieces.

NutritionAmountDaily Value (%)
Calories from fat74
Total Fat 8.2 g13%
Saturated Fat1.2 g6%
Trans Fat0.1 g
Polyunsaturated Fat3.7 g
Monounsaturated Fat2.7 g
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Sodium207 mg9%
Potassium67 mg2%
Total Carbohydrates18 g6%
Dietary Fiber1.5 g6%
Sugars0.8 g
Protein2.2 g
Vitamin A0.7%
Vitamin C0.2%
Takis Nutrition Facts

Takis Nutrition and Ingredients Labels

We have provided the images of Takis Fuego nutrition and ingredients label below.

Takis Nutrition and Ingredients Label
Takis Nutrition and Ingredients Label

How Many Calories Does Takis Have

The one pack of Takis Fuego, which is 1 ounce in weight, contains a total no. of 140 calories.

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How Many Calories Are In a Bag of Takis

There are 450 calories in a 90 g bag of Takis Fuego, which is pretty much and should be taken into consideration if you are on weight loss.

How Many Takis Are In A Bag

Takis comes in different flavours, and TAKIS Rolled Mini Fuego Tortilla Chips Bag consists of 25 Takis.

Do Takis Have Sugar

The sugar level of Takis is very nominal and almost zero, so the answer to this question is both yes and no.


Q.1. Are Takis healthy?

Ans. Takis is not healthy because of its high sodium content. Moreover, Takis chips are processed food items, so you can have them in moderation or once or twice a month as snacks.

Q.2. What is the nutritional value of Takis?

Ans. A pack of 1 oz of Takis Tortilla chips consist of 140 calories, 2 gram of saturated fat, 410 milligrams of sodium, 0 mg cholesterol, 17 g carbohydrate, 1 g sugar, and 2 gram of protein.

Q.3. How many calories is in a bag of Takis?

Ans. A bag of Takis chips, which is usually around 90 grams, has 450 calories, of which 225 calories is from fat only.

Q.4. Why are Takis banned?

Ans. Sometimes back, there was an incident with a 17-year-old individual who regularly consumes Takis Chips have to remove her gall bladder later on. Her mom revealed that her daughter usually eats 4 big packs of Takis every week. The doctors who do the gall bladder surgery said maybe these spicy chips are the reason that hampers the girl gall bladder. This is why Takis has been banned for some time.

Q.5. Why are Takis so addicting?

Ans. The prime reason is the taste of these hot spicy chips, making them addicting. Those who once eat Takis won’t say no to the other pack of Takis chips.

Q.6. Can Takis burn a hole in your stomach?

Ans. The amount of sodium and other chilly spices present in Takis increase the acid production in the stomach, leading to a burning sensation or acidity. The product is high in fat and sodium, which can cause severe effects on the stomach.

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