Super Hero Power Pose Benefits and Does This Pose Really Work?

by Adarsh Patel
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Keeping yourself fit is the most necessary thing in this busy world. Most people can do different types of power pose exercises to maintain themselves. There are many types of power pose exercises available in the yoga category. So in this article, we are giving a walkthrough of super hero power pose exercise, which has many benefits. The superhero pose exercise is the simplest exercise with lots of benefits. 

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What is a Superhero Pose? 

If you have any job interview or examination, you prepare yourself with your own thoughts. Those practices are not sufficient to make you successful. But the anxiety still comes to mind. 

We have to act like a superhero because the superpower of humans is their good posture. The inner child of humans also likes superhero poses. You have to practice that pose to increase your confidence level and feel better. It will be helpful in your meetings, presentations, and job interviews. 

This is the finest way to boost your confidence level up. And it is approved by science and practices. It boosts your confidence and is also helpful in the disappearance of certain negativities.

It is also practiced by some famous musicians, businessmen, public speakers, sportspersons, and athletes. This methodology is used worldwide. 

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How To Be in a Super Hero Pose 

A super hero pose is like its name, and you have to create a straight posture that is helpful to gain confidence and strength. After that, you can do your task with all your strength. 

If you have any job interview or examination, you can create your posture like superman or wonder woman, which will confront your biggest enemies. The purpose of the superhero pose indicates how powerful your villain is, but you can never lose yourself.

The aura of the super hero pose will be unbeatable for the people who practice that pose. 

So if any big event happens in your life, don’t be stressed about that. You can just be in a super hero pose and take a deep breath, and it will come next to you. After that, you are confident that you can do it and face any situation that comes to you. 

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A Proper Way of Standing in a Super Hero Pose

You have to put your shoulders and feet at the same width. And after that, put your hands on the hips. Hold your head in the upward direction, and hold your chin out. Hold your chest tightly; you have to hold that pose for approximately two minutes and take deep breaths.

Once you do that procedure, you can definitely feel something different in your body and mind. You feel refreshed and more confident after doing a superhero pose. 

Does the Superman Pose Really Work

Does the Superman Pose Really Work
Does the Superman Pose Really Work

We all know that the correct posture is the superpower of human beings. There are many psychological benefits of the superman pose, like boosting our confidence level and improving self-esteem. It maintains the energy level of human beings. 

The super hero pose concept is first introduced by the famous social psychologist Amy Cuddy in the Ted talks. She says the superhero pose is all about how we can express our body language. It will indicate your action, thinking, and how you can handle any situation. 

Animals use their body to show their power and esteem. That means if any person crosses their hands on the chest or avoids eye contact, they have low esteem and confidence. All the strength and self-confidence show how you show yourself in front of everyone. Your good posture is responsible for your daily life activities. 

If you have a bad posture, then all the negative thoughts will appear in your life. Your self-esteem and confidence level are too low. That means your pose will carry your reputation and shows how you carry yourself in front of the world. 

Super Hero Pose Benefits

Super Hero Pose Benefits
Super Hero Pose Benefits

The superhero pose is responsible for changing the chemistry in the brain by altering the body’s hormone production. It regulates the power hormone, which is testosterone. And this power hormone is responsible for enhancing your self-esteem and boosting your confidence level.

Superhero poses also reduce the body’s stress hormone, which is cortisol. The main benefits of the superhero pose are elevating your mind from negative thoughts and bringing up your body. 


We cannot say that a superhero pose brings any extra power to your body. It’s just helping you focus on the things you want to do in your life. This is the best way to push yourself towards your goal. And elevating your self-esteem and confidence level. You have to do that power pose in your life; then, you have everything you want.

The superhero pose is a miracle for the people, no matter where you are from. It brings lots of new advantages to your life. If you want to succeed in your life, you have to implement the formula of the superhero pose in your daily life.

So in this article, we are giving them information about superhero poses. I hope you will like it and be ready to do your superhero pose. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Q.1. Does the superhero pose help? 

Ans. Yes, the superhero pose is the best power pose exercise that is good for your mental transformation. The social scientist states that if you do just 120 seconds of superhero pose, then it increases testosterone hormone and reduces the stress hormone, which means superhero pose turns you into a superhero. 

Q.2. Is the superhero pose a real thing? 

Ans. Superhero pose is a real thing and high power that produces extraordinary power by enhancing the testosterone and reducing the cortisol level (stressed hormone). 

Q.3. How long do you hold the superhero pose? 

Ans. The minimum you can hold the superhero pose approx 120 seconds. 

Q.4. Does standing in a superhero pose increase performance? 

Ans. Standing in a superhero pose increases the performance; the experts study it. The superhero pose boosts your confidence level and makes you powerful mentally. 

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