Stretch Marks Before And After Weight Loss

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For many of us, beauty is a metric that we use to judge people, most critically our selves. Whether it’s our face bombarded with striking red acne or our weight increasing or toppling down massively – to see yourself in the mirror and not feeling like your best self sure isn’t the most contenting of feelings. In this topic, we’ll see stretch marks before and after weight loss. Yet, we keep affirming ourselves what we hear the most from the laymen around us – these tiny flaws will disappear with time. But sadly, by the time we learn how to make peace with our existing health and beauty problems, there appears a new one – stretch marks! In fact, studies show that the prevalence of stretch marks is as high as 90% in some parts of the world! (Source: But, what causes those? Let’s see :

stretch marks before and after weight loss
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What causes stretch marks before and after weight loss to appear on the body?

For some of you wondering, let me break the eggs – stretch marks are nicked streaks caused on the body of an individual. And if this wasn’t awful enough, these marks appear in contrast with the actual skin tone, making that specific body part look alien and shabby. Besides, if you think stretch marks are a natural phenomenon that occurs right after you hit old age, chances are, you may be wrong. Stretch marks are an ailment that may arise due to several reasons given below :

Pregnancy –

This shouldn’t come off as unexpected! During pregnancy, women tend to gain a tremendous amount of weight. And over the period of time, this weight-gaining ritual only goes up, causing the belly skin to stretch more and more. That is why post-delivery when the belly size starts returning to normal, dragged-out stretch marks after weight loss makes their appearance.

stretch marks during pregnancy
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Puberty –

Another common reason why stretch marks appear. When young kids, especially girls, bump into their puberty phase, the change in their hormones can cause the breast size to abruptly increase in size. Again, this rapid shoot-up in the size of the breasts causes the skin under them to stretch, thus giving rise to crumpled stretch marks.

Weight gain/loss –

From the above two pointers, it must be clear to you – weight loss and weight gain are two of the major factors causing stretch marks. But, how to tell if stretch marks are from losing or gaining weight? Let me help you – if you look closely you’ll see, stretch marks that appear due to gaining weight are mostly glossy red or purplish in colour. So, do white stretch marks mean weight loss? The answer is – yes! 

Some underlying conditions –

Stretch marks could also be caused due to a series of underlying health conditions such as diabetes, Cushing syndrome, or the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Which body parts are most likely to develop stretch marks?

A slightly relieving part about stretch marks is that they never appear on the parts of the body that are exposed, cent per cent of the time. So take a deep breath of relief – those nasty stretch marks will rarely appear on your face, arms, or your feet no matter how much weight you put on to lose. The appearance of stretch marks before and after weight loss is most significantly noticed in the belly, thighs, hips, buttocks, or under the breasts.

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Who is more at risk of developing stretch marks and why?

Although anyone who is gaining weight or losing it can develop stretch marks at the aforementioned body parts, below are a few of the cases where the risk of developing stretch marks is higher than usual :

  • Young, pregnant females.
  • Adolescents who have just made it to the puberty stage.
  • Getting a breast enlargement surgery.
  • Using anabolic steroids to amp up exercising benefits.
  • Using certain medications, like corticosteroids which are prescribed for treating asthma.
  • Bearing a family history of developing stretch marks.

Myth or Fact: Do stretch marks go away if you lose weight?

Lately, this very popular question regarding stretch marks has made it to the limelight – can stretch marks go away if you lose weight? Some say yes, while a good majority denies anything as such. Let’s see how much of a fact or a myth it is.

Statistically speaking, no firm confirmation can be made as yet regarding whether or not stretch marks disappear after losing weight. However, it was found in some cases that the intensity or the colour of the marks tend to slightly wash out after the person loses weight. Yet, in many cases, the appearance of the stretch marks did not budge an inch even after a notable drop in the weight of the individual. So this brings us down to this conclusion – stretch marks may or may not vanish if you lose weight. It is a relative concept, varying from the body to body. But if you’re thinking do stretch marks look better after weight loss, let me tell you, they definitely do.

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How can you treat stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a common skin condition that is not risky and rarely requires urgent medical attention. However, no matter how hard you try, stretch marks leave a trail behind – they can never be wholly reversed. But fortunately, stretch marks can be treated naturally.  If this made you wonder how to remove stretch marks after weight loss naturally, below are some common treatment methodologies used for treating this issue at home :

stretch marks before and after weight loss remedies
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  • Exfoliate the skin – Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of all the dead skin cells of your skin. Likewise, it also helps in lightening the color of the stretch marks, making them look less prominent.
  • Using topical creams – Applying prescribed topical creams can be amazingly beneficial in treating skin conditions like stretch marks. These creams contain ingredients like glycolic acid and collagen to wither away the marks. The cherry on the cake? These are also sold over the counter!
  • Massaging the skin – Massaging the skin with natural oils helps stimulate blood circulation, boosts collagen production, makes the skin more elastic, and gradually causes the stretch marks to fades away.

Some common Frequently asked Questions about stretch marks before and after weight loss (FAQs) :

Q. Do stretch marks go away if you lose weight?

Ans. In some cases, the colour of the stretch marks may tone down a little after weight loss. However, stretch marks don’t absolutely vanish under any circumstance.

Q. Do stretch marks appear before or after weight loss?

Ans. Most commonly, stretch marks appear when you start losing weight.

Q. How do you get rid of stretch marks after losing weight?

Ans. Completely getting rid of stretch marks after weight loss is not possible. However, using moisturizers and topical creams help in fading the colour of the marks, making them look less striking.

Q. What colour do stretch marks turn when you lose weight?

Ans. Stretch marks turn to a silvery-white hue when you lose weight.

Conclusion :

True beauty has nothing to do with one’s appearance. It’s a virtue embedded deep inside the individual’s soul. However, there is no seconding the fact – confidence is a rectitude whose possession only becomes possible if we feel nothing but incredibly proud and positive about our body. And stretch marks can stand in the way here. Hence, knowing how stretch marks appear and finding out ways to treat them can help us remarkably.

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