STEPPER EXERCISE: Benefits and its types

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Gym memberships are expensive. And not all of us have enough space in our household to keep exercise equipment. This makes working out difficult for most of us. If these are the reasons you’ve been putting off your plan for a healthy lifestyle for years, we have found the right solution for you. Here’s what you need – THE STEPPER. A stepper is fitness equipment that replicates the movement of a staircase, with help of the stimulation provided by your legs. This motion helps the muscles train for resistance. In this article, we’ll get to know about stepper exercise benefits and types of stepper machines.

stepper exercise

Stepper machines come in different types. Here are some of them:

  • The mini stepper – As the name suggests, these are mini stepping machines suitable for small spaces. A mini stepper is compact and portable since it lacks the handles other steppers have. It might take time for you to maintain balance during a mini stepper workout at first.
  • The stair stepper- This is the most bulkiest and bulkiest of stepper machines. But it also provides more stability than others. 
  • The twist stepper- These steppers, as evident from the name, twists when you work out on them. It is because the twist steppers are manufactured to work out on your lower body as well as the core muscles.
  • The side stepper- The side stepper aims to target your inner and outer thighs along with the rest. It moves from side to side during your workout session.
  • The elliptical stepper- The elliptical stepper has some features of elliptical machines, therefore the name. For example, they come with elliptical handles to aid upper body workout. These steppers help your work out your whole body.

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Benefits of stepper machine

stepper exercise benefits

For decades now, athletes have been found to include steppers in their daily physical routine. The benefit of this machine has been quite effective. Here are some of them:

  • Stepper exercise calories burned- In these machines, your thighs and buttocks muscles are engaged, which helps burn calories from these body parts.

However, the calories you burn depend on the weight and the intensity of your workout. For example, an individual who weighs approximately 80 kg will burn around 250 calories in a session of 30 minutes.

  • Stepper exercise for weight loss- Exercising on a stepper daily for half-an-hour machine provides a moderate level of aerobic activity. Since most popular weight loss workout routines consist of aerobic exercises, exercising on steppers helps a lot in reducing fat from your body, which in turn, reduces your weight.

Also, by helping you burn more calories than consumed in a day, your stepper reduces extra weight from your body.

  • Stepper exercise for cardiovascular muscles- When you exercise on a Stepper, your body continues to move at a steady pace. This type of regular and steady physical activity for 150 minutes a week has been proven to improve our cardiovascular health.

This means that aerobic stepper benefits including strengthening your heart and reduction in the risk of cardiac arrest.

  • Strength training- When you press down on your machine’s pedal, the hydraulic piston offers resistance to your leg. This resistance training is also called strength training because regular sessions on your machine help build the muscles in your leg, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Resistance training also helps in increasing your endurance and improving the balance of your body by toning the lower half.

  • Boost energy and moods- It is a well-known fact that daily exercise boosts a person’s stamina and keeps them energetic. The same applies to your stepper exercises.
  • Affordable at range- Steppers are quite pocketing friendly machines. You can easily find one in the range of INR 1099 – INR 11,000.
  • Compactness- Unlike other workout machines, steppers are compact and small. Therefore you don’t need a lot of extra space in your house to store them.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Stepper Exercise (FAQs):

Q. What is exercise stepper good for?

Ans. Steppers maintain overall fitness by increasing strength, lowering body fat, and improving cardiovascular health. So it’s a great way to stay on track with your fitness goal.

Q. How to use a stepper for exercise?

Ans. To work on the stair machine, place your legs flat on the steps. Then press one foot on the step so that the other one rises.

Q. Is using a stepper good exercise?

Ans. The stepper provides benefits of all intensity workouts. Research also suggests that it provides strengthening muscle exercises.

Q. Is mini stepper good exercise?

Ans. Mini stepper helps in the burning of calories, cardiovascular workout, and reduction of body fat. So yes, it provides good exercise. However, since mini steppers lack arm handlers, your arms don’t get resistance training here.

Q. What are the benefits of a stepper machine?

Ans. A Stepper machine helps in strengthening and toning legs, increasing cardiovascular health, burning calories, and reducing body fat. It also costs very little and is compact.

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