Spider Bites Piercing Jewelry Cost and Aftercare

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Do you know what’s the hottest and trending fashion in piercings nowadays? Well! They are the bites piercings and the multiple lip piercings. These types of piercings are in vogue at present. And among bite piercings, spider bites piercing is reigning in the market. This piercing is taking the look of lip piercings to a new level. 

Imitating the appearance of a natural spider bite, the spider bite lip piercing features two piercings positioned close to one another beneath one’s lower lip towards anyone of the two edges.

Are you craving an edgier pierced appearance that is more modest than other kinds of bite lip piercings (for example, shark bite piercing, cyber bite piercing, etc.)? Then, spider bite piercing is your ideal choice. 

However, just like any other lip piercing, this piercing must also be done after considering your oral health. Also, remember that spider bite piercings cause its jewelry to scrape against your teeth and gums, resulting in further inconveniences in the future.

Now, it’s different than those inconveniences’ level totally depends upon the anatomy of your teeth and how much your spider bite piercing jewelry thrusts against your teeth. 

Want to know many more things about spider bite piercing? Are you curious about the probable issues in choosing this piercing and how to evade them? Okay! Keep reading! 

What Exactly Is This Spider Bites Piercing?

It’s a set of piercings (2 piercings) done on any one of the edges of your lip, next to your mouth’s corner. The proximity of these sets of piercings to one another makes them resemble the bite of a spider. 

The process of doing a spider bites piercing involves: 

  • Disinfection of your lips’ outside part is done first using warm and clean water. After that, a medical-grade disinfectant is applied to the area. 
  • Sterilize all the equipment needed for this piercing, such as needles, jewelry, and other equipment. 
  • Put two marks on your lips where you will insert your jewelry. Put the marks using a marker/pen that can be used on your skin. It will avoid contact allergies and skin sensitivity reactions. 
  • Take a sterilized needle and push it through your skin quickly but gently for doing the 1st piercing. 
  • Choose a piece of jewelry and insert it within your new piercing. 
  • Sometimes, a little blood comes out while the piercing is done. Stop the blood and clean it up. 
  • Now, repeating the above steps, commit the 2nd piercing. 
  • After everything is done, again disinfect your lips’ outside to reduce the infection’s chance of happening. 

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Spider Bites Piercing – Pain Level

Spider Bites Piercing Pain Level
Spider Bites Piercing Pain Level

Every person doesn’t feel the same level of piercing pain! A few people experience no trouble with this piercing. They, in fact, enjoy the thrill of this piercing. In contrast, some still experience intense pain in the form of stinging and discomfort while performing this piercing and after the procedure’s completion.  

Generally, people who have undergone this piercing report that the piercing will feel like the pain of an immunization flu shot. It means that you will feel a sudden sting or pinch. And after the process is done, you will feel some soreness and sensitivity in the place. 

Some people also undergo spider bite tongue piercing. This piercing at one’s tongue looks the same as the spider bites piercing at one’s lips. 

Your tongue, in this case, will look like a spider bite. The pain level of this piercing depends upon the pain toleration capability of a person. 

Also, various people who have done spider bite piercing have confided that this piercing hurts more than an ear piercing but less than a nose piercing. However, it is common sense that since this kind of piercing involves creating two holes close together, compounded pain and nerves are natural.

People whose pain tolerance levels are low must consider putting a gap of a few days before proceeding with the second piercing after they have gone through the first piercing. 

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Spider Bites Piercing – Does It Heal Fast? What Are Its Aftercare Rules?

Spider bites piercing usually takes 4 to 12 weeks to heal. Though the healing periods of different individuals are different, one can shorten their healing time by adhering to proper aftercare practices throughout the whole healing process. Though the piercing takes some time to heal, it may appear rehabilitated before reaching the time when it actually gets rehabilitated. 

So, you must not stop the aftercare process of the piercing before making your piercer have a glance at it. Also, you must be prepared for some late healing of your piercing, as no matter how much you take care of the wound, your body naturally takes some extra time to repair itself. The spider bite piercing is less complicated to heal if it is compared with other types of lip piercings. 

Reasons of Complications

Suppose any complication ever arises in the case of this piercing. In that case, it’s because of one’s oral issues (for instance, their bad oral hygiene), biting on the piercing jewelry, breaking of teeth, and failure to cleanse the food debris entirely from your mouth. While your piercing is healing, eat soft foods. 

Also, if you have any habit of sleeping on a particular side, avoid that side of the lip for this piercing. Get this piercing done on the opposite side of that lip. Pierce towards that edge of your lip you don’t nap or sleep on. 

Aftercare Advice

While your wound is getting healed, keep it covered with the help of a bandage. Change the bandage at least one time per day. Also, clean your hands properly with warm water. Use soap to wash your hands before you touch the place of the piercing. 

Further, rinse the wound of the piercing area twice a day using distilled water. You can also sometimes rinse the area with saline solution. When you rinse or clean the area with liquids, pat it dry with a sterile and clean towel.

Ensure the piercing area remains dry while you are bathing or showering. Don’t be careless while putting on or taking off the objects that pass close to your piercing area, such as clothes, hats, helmets, etc.

Remember, while your piercing is getting healed, don’t take the risk of touching it with eating or dirty hands. Also, avoid getting physically intimate with someone orally until your spider bites piercing is totally healed. Never try to clean the healing wound of your piercing with the rinses of alcohol or antiseptic. 

While the healing process is still going on, avoid the removal of your jewelry from the piercing. Also, don’t try to fidget with it before one or two months have passed. Getting your facial hair entangled within the jewelry may also harm the healing of the place.   

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Spider Bites Piercing – Precautions:

Before going for a spider bite piercing, you must adhere to certain precautions. Avoid getting this piercing if you possess any previous keloid scar record. Also, be aware that eating or drinking something may irritate the piercing more. 

Moreover, rinsing your mouth using mild mouthwash is necessary before you go for the piercing. In case your lip skin is skinny and sensitive, your piercer can reject this piercing. Spider bites piercing needs no special training and certification.

Its proven track record says it all. However, you must choose a good piercer for this job so that the job is done successfully without any hassle. 

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Spider Bites Piercing Cost

Spider Bites Piercing Cost
Spider Bites Piercing Cost

The cost of Spider Bites Piercing generally starts from 20 dollars and extends up to 40 dollars if you include the price of the jewelry within its cost. However, if you choose to do the piercing from an exclusive shop with a package that includes exclusive jewelry for the Spider Bites Piercing, it will cost around 50 dollars. 

Spider Bites Piercing – Possible Side Effects:

If the jewelry material comprises nickel, you may get an allergic reaction in your body. 

Your piercing may get torn out or ripped off from your skin if, by chance, the piercing gets caught on any item or clothing. 

If your piercer is dishonest and uses non-sterilized tools to pierce your lips, it may lead to infections. 

In the same manner, improper aftercare may also invite unwanted infections. Besides, if your jewelry is excessively small and doesn’t have the space to jut out of your skin enough, embedding happens.

Furthermore, your body might command the jewelry’s migration and rejection, where it grows back tissue pushing your jewelry out. Besides, an improper Spider bites piercing may damage your nerve. 

Should You Arrange A Check Up Of The Piercing Area Through A Doctor? 

Arrange for a check-up of the piercing area only if you see any one of the following symptoms or all of them:

  • Pain, discomfort, and swelling of the area surrounding your piercing
  • Feeling of hotness on the skin surrounding your piercing
  • Coming out of yellow or green pus (discharge) from the piercing
  • Getting bad or odd odor from your piercing area
  • Developing red rashes in the form of bumps at or surrounding your piercing area
  • Falling out of the piercing jewelry just after your piercing is done or finding it hard to put the jewelry back to the region where it previously was
  • Suffering from the damage to your teeth because of the jewelry 
  • Building up of plaque inside your mouth near the region of piercing 

Spider Bite Piercing Jewelry 

Lip piercing is a favorite among many people as it can hold a variety of jewelry. But, what kind of jewelry matches bite piercings, especially the spider bites piercing?

Well! For achieving the aesthetic of the fanged bite, most people choose flat disc labret-type studs for their piercings. A simple bead makes you look like some venomous fangs leave behind some dots. 

You can also choose any type of bead style ranging from gemstones and charms to spikes. Sitting flush with your lip, the hoops will make you look like a person with fangs. Wearing seamless hoops will provide you with a sleek look.

Whereas putting captive bead rings upon your lip will strengthen the beaded flair style of this aesthetic. Captive bead rings are thick and look fully circular. They comprise a spherical bead in the middle, where the circle’s two ends snap together. 

Wondering, what if both the looks are combined? That’s great thinking; in such a case, choosing circular barbells is the right thing. They are a kind of thick ring-shaped jewelry (like a horseshoe) that comprises round beads at each of your lips’ ends. However, if your priority is to look completely unique, twisted barbells are the best option. 

Curved barbells are piercings with a slightly curved shape like that of curved-shaped piercings. They comprise round beads at every end. Nonetheless, hoops are the most popular and common jewelry for spider-beat piercing. 

Wrapping Up: 

So, if you want a lip piercing that is cheap, not much complicated, involves simple methods, and heals quickly, look no further. Go for spider bites piercing. Only search for a well-trained and experienced piercer for doing this piercing. Though less common, piercing a spider bite will effectively express your inner self with the help of facial jewelry.  


Q.1. Do spider bite piercings heal?

Answer: Yes, spider bite piercings definitely heal. Its healing process is also not as complicated as other lip piercings. The entire healing process of this piercing ranges anywhere between four to twelve weeks. The healing period becomes shorter many times because of the proper aftercare routine. It would help if you continued its aftercare routine until it is fully healed. 

Q.2. Should I get a spider bite piercing?

Answer: Yes, you may choose to get a spider bite piercing as it will not disappoint you. It’s an inexpensive lip bite piercing in which complication has no place. The techniques of this piercing are very easy, and the piercing heals fast. Though less familiar to people, the piercing will beneficially communicate your inward self. 

Q.3. How much do spider bite piercings cost?

Answer: You can choose to do the spider piercing at a cost ranging from twenty to forty dollars. It all depends upon the jewelry package and the shop’s popularity or piercer. However, some upmarket piercing stores, with their exclusive package of piercing jewelry, may claim a fee of 50 dollars from you. The jewelry of these stores will be of high-quality material and finishing.

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