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Smoothie King Franchise INC. is a well-renowned brand that serves delicious smoothies for the past 48 years. It was founded in 1973 in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the year 2012, a South Korean Franchisee bought the Smoothie King. The company serves different varieties of smoothies that are loaded with various nutrients. We will furnish all the information about Smoothie King Nutrition facts through this post.

smoothie king nutrition
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The company has a total variety of around 90 drinks and is categorized into 5 different categories. You have to scroll down below to look for Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products.

Smoothie King Menu Nutrition

Smoothie King Menu and Nutrition facts for all their drinks are mentioned in this section. They have a lot of varieties of smoothies that are categorized as follows.

  1. Get Fit Blends
  2. Stay Slim Blends
  3. Be Well Blends
  4. Take A Break Blends
  5. Kids Blends

Let’s check the Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products of the categories mentioned above. The serving size used in the following table for Smoothie King Nutrition facts is “20 ounces“.

Get Fit Blends

Stretch & Flex Tart Cherry3001g0mg62g6g50g0g11g220mg0mg
Stretch & Flex Pineapple Kale2401.5g0mg51g7g34g0g11g190mg0mg
High-Intensity Workout Veggie Mango40015g0mg41g9g22g0g29g430mg41mg
High-Intensity Workout Chocolate Cinnamon41015g0mg44g8g20g0g30g470mg41mg
Keto Champ Chocolate43031g10mg18g5g2g0g25g380mg1mg
Keto Champ Berry43031g10mg19g8g6g0g23g350mg1mg
Keto Champ Coffee42031g10mg14g5g1g0g24g350mg111mg
Peanut Power Plus59024g10mg79g12g55g0g20g430mg0mg
Power Punch Plus®2803g25mg64g5g36g12g14g210mg0mg
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry68023g< 5mg108g11g85g49g16g230mg0mg
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate68023g< 5mg110g11g86g49g16g230mg0mg
The Hulk Vanilla75032g105mg112g3g98g65g24g390mg0mg
The Hulk Strawberry89032g105mg147g5g128g91g25g390mg0mg
The Hulk Coffee76032g105mg115g3g98g65g25g400mg148mg
The Hulk Chocolate75032g105mg112g3g98g65g24g390mg1mg
Original High Protein Pineapple32012g50mg29g4g21g4g26g370mg0mg
Original High Protein Lemon39012g50mg46g3g37g4g26g370mg0mg
Original High Protein Chocolate40012g55mg44g6g34g4g30g420mg1mg
Original High Protein Banana34012g50mg35g5g21g4g27g370mg0mg
Gladiator® Chocolate2303.5g25mg5g1g2g0g45g510mg0mg
Gladiator® Strawberry2203g25mg4g0g1g0g45g370mg0mg
Gladiator® Vanilla2303.5g25mg3g0g1g0g45g440mg0mg
Coffee High Protein Vanilla40012g55mg44g6g34g4g30g420mg74mg
Coffee High Protein Almond Mocha40012g55mg45g6g34g4g30g420mg74mg
The Activator® Strawberry Banana1902g15mg22g3g11g0g23g220mg0mg
The Activator® Pineapple3102g15mg51g2g43g0g23g250mg0mg
The Activator® Coffee2302.5g20mg24g2g15g0g29g450mg111mg
The Activator® Chocolate2102.5g15mg21g2g11g0g26g400mg1mg
The Activator® Blueberry Strawberry2601.5g15mg39g4g29g0g23g210mg0mg
*table shows Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products (Get Fit Blends)

Stay Slim Blends

Metabolism Boost® Banana Passion Fruit2402.5g10mg45g3g34g0g14g450mg101mg
Metabolism Boost® Strawberry Pineapple2703g10mg51g6g35g0g17g470mg101mg
Metabolism Boost® Mango Ginger2703.5g10mg49g6g35g0g18g480mg101mg
Slim-N-Trim Veggie2402.5g10mg46g7g29g0g15g280mg3mg
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla1802.5g15mg34g5g16g0g14g360mg3mg
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry1502.5g15mg26g5g12g0g14g360mg3mg
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate2202.5g15mg36g4g21g0g20g470mg7mg
Slim-N-Trim Blueberry2502g10mg51g5g37g0g11g250mg3mg
The Shredder® Vanilla2304g25mg17g< 1g11g0g32g720mg3mg
The Shredder® Strawberry3102.5g20mg46g2g32g0g28g440mg3mg
The Shredder® Chocolate2304g25mg19g1g12g0g33g750mg3mg
Lean1 Vanilla24010g30mg22g4g8g0g21g320mg17mg
Lean1 Strawberry2005g30mg27g5g8g0g19g330mg17mg
Lean1 Pineapple Mango2905g30mg47g5g33g0g20g330mg17mg
Lean1 Chocolate25011g20mg28g8g8g0g20g390mg42mg
Island Impact®2701.5g5mg61g4g53g0g7g260mg0mg
Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry2701g10mg53g5g42g0g14g170mg0mg
Angel Food Slim2201g< 5mg55g4g33g0g4g135mg0mg
Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango2801g5mg61g5g50g0g13g140mg0mg
*table shows Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products (Stay Slim Blends)

Be Well Blends

Hydration Tart Cherry Lemonade2500g0mg65g3g48g12g3g300mg0mg
Vegan Mixed Berry3103.5g0mg55g6g35g< 1g14g270mg0mg
Immune Builder® Veggie Superfood3601g0mg90g8g64g0g4g240mg0mg
Pure Recharge® Pineapple3702g15mg90g5g63g0g10g180mg170mg
Veggie Lemon Ginger Spinach3101g0mg80g6g60g0g4g65mg0mg
Veggie Carrot Kale Dream2701g< 5mg64g3g49g0g5g170mg0mg
Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale2700g0mg70g2g55g0g2g125mg0mg
Vegan Pineapple Spinach3206g0mg65g8g41g0g11g170mg0mg
Vegan Nutty Super Grain52026g0mg60g7g33g0g19g370mg1mg
Vegan Mango Kale3406g0mg65g6g45g0g11g130mg0mg
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana3501.5g0mg80g10g46g0g10g100mg1mg
Pure Recharge® Strawberry1901.5g10mg44g2g27g0g7g380mg170mg
Pure Recharge® Mango Strawberry3000g0mg78g3g63g0g2g160mg170mg
Immune Builder® Mixed Berry3401g0mg84g8g57g0g2g150mg0mg
Daily Warrior®68032g0mg98g15g58g0g16g170mg0mg
Blueberry Heaven®2601.5g5mg57g4g45g0g6g250mg0mg
*table shows Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products (Be well Blends)

Take A Break Blends

Tart Cherry X-treme3301g< 5mg74g4g65g26g6g210mg0mg
Angel Food3500g0mg84g4g70g50g5g50mg0mg
Coffee D-Lite Vanilla2705g25mg43g0g40g26g11g390mg74mg
Coffee D-Lite Mocha3505g25mg61g0g55g37g15g320mg74mg
Lemon Twist® Banana3600g0mg91g2g75g24g2g0mg0mg
Caribbean Way®3900g0mg98g4g83g50g1g10mg0mg
Strawberry X-Treme®3000g0mg77g4g67g52g< 1g0mg0mg
Yogurt D-Lite®3205g25mg56g0g54g38g12g400mg0mg
Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze®3701g< 5mg88g2g77g28g3g170mg0mg
Pineapple Surf®4201.5g5mg99g4g86g41g6g290mg0mg
Green Tea Tango®2705g20mg48g0g46g37g7g220mg62mg
Passion Passport®4100g0mg102g1g91g24g1g20mg0mg
Muscle Punch®3600.5g< 5mg86g5g70g50g6g55mg0mg
Berry Punch®2600g0mg67g5g55g26g1g105mg0mg
Lemon Twist® Strawberry3900g0mg97g2g87g50g1g0mg0mg
Banana Boat®4806g25mg99g6g75g38g11g350mg0mg
Banana Berry Treat®3001.5g5mg69g6g54g30g6g280mg0mg
*table shows Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products (Take A Break Blends)

Kids Blends

Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz1600g< 5mg34g1g28g14g6g75mg0mg
Lil Angel1900g0mg50g4g37g26g< 1g0mg0mg
CW Jr.®2400g0mg62g4g49g26g1g5mg0mg
Apple Kiwi Bunga1500g0mg39g1g30g0g< 1g20mg0mg
Berry Interesting2000g0mg52g4g41g26g1g0mg0mg
*table shows Smoothie King Nutrition facts of all their products (KidsBlends)

Disclaimer: The official website is the source of the above Smoothie King Menu and Nutrition facts and information. Whosoever wanted to cross-check the facts can cross-check from their official website

Smoothie King Peanut Power Plus Nutrition

Smoothie King Peanut Power Plus Nutrition
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Serving Size= 20 ounce

Fat24 g
Saturated Fat4.5 g
Protein20 g
Sugar 55 g
Added Sugar0
Sodium430 mg
Cholesterol10 mg
Fibre12 g
*table shows Smoothie King Peanut Power Plus Nutrition per 20 ounce

Smoothie King Premama Nutrition

 King Premama Nutrition
#source: google images

Serving Size= 20 oz

Fat1.5 g
Saturated Fat0 g
Protein7 g
Sugar 43 g
Sodium280 mg
Cholesterol5 mg
Fibre9 g
*table shows Smoothie King Premama Nutrition per 20 oz

Smoothie King Orange Kabam Nutrition

Smoothie King Orange Kabam Nutrition
#source: google images

Serving Size= 32 oz

Fat0 g
Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrates187 g
Protein1 g
Sugar 172 g
Sodium304 mg
Cholesterol0 mg
Fiber4 g
*table shows Smoothie King Orange Kabam Nutrition per 32 oz

Smoothie King Protein Blend Nutrition Facts (Whey Protein)

Protein Blend Nutrition Facts (Whey Protein)
#source: google images

Serving Size= 1 serving

Fat0.5 g
Saturated Fat0 g
Carbohydrates< 1g
Protein5 g
Sugar < 1g
Added Sugar0
Sodium25 mg
Cholesterol15 mg
Fibre0 g
*table shows one Smoothie King Protein Blend Nutrition Facts (Whey protein)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q.1. What is the dark chocolate banana smoothie king nutrition?

Ans. The dark chocolate banana smoothie king nutrition facts are published below. Serving Size= “32 ounces.”

Calories: 560
Fat: 2 g
Saturated Fat: 0.5 g
Carbohydrates: 126 g
Protein: 16 g
Sugar: 74 g
Added Sugar: 0
Sodium: 150 mg
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Fibre: 16 g

Q.2. What is the Smoothie King nutrition blend?

Ans. The Smoothie King nutrition blend consists of various kinds of nutrition enhancers. Here are the categories of enhancers.

1. Fitness Enhancers: It consists of 7 different blends which improve your strength to deliver high performance during a workout.
2. Energy Enhancers: This contains only 2 blends that improve your mental strength and helps you to remain active and alert throughout the day.
3. Slim Enhancers: It has only 1 blend that improves metabolism and takes care of extra carbs and fats.
4. Wellness Enhancers: There are 5 different blends available in this category that benefit overall health.

Q.3. Who is gladiator Smoothie King nutrition?

Ans. The Gladiator Smoothie King Chocolate nutrition information is given below. It comes in the fitness blends category of Smoothie King Menu.

32 Ounce

The 32 ounces of Gladiator Smoothie King chocolate contains 230 calories, 5 g carbohydrates, 45 g protein, 3.5 g fat, 2 g of saturated fat, 25 mg cholesterol, and 2 g of sugar.

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