shoulder shrug exercise benefits

by Dheeraj Prarthi

If you’re spending more time on computers then it is harmful to you and for your body. Because most of the time your eyes are focused on the screen that is in front of you, which can cause neck pain and shoulder pain. Generally sitting continuously and working on the computer can lead to muscle pain in the neck and shoulder. Wikipedia also covers shoulder shrug but here we provide you helpful information in detail.

Type of muscles in the shoulders? 

Shoulders are made of mainly Deltoids ( front delt, side delt & rear delt ) and trapezius muscle. The biggest part and most important part of the shoulder is the trapezius muscle which is attached to the upper back of your body. It is the muscle that involves you to lift heavy weights. These are also known as rotator cuff muscles which join to scapula to give support to the joint. 

What is the shoulder shrug? 

It is the exercise in which your trapezius muscle of the shoulders gets targeted. These muscles are on both sides of your neck and adjoined to your upper back, it supports your neck and upper back as well. Shoulder shrug is an exercise to strengthen your shoulder blades. This makes your shoulder trapezius muscle more strong. It is a movement or an exercise that enhances your upper back and gives you a strong front look as well as a back look.

how to do shoulder shrugs? 

This is a type of isolation movement, so whenever you perform isolation movement there is a high risk of injury so follow these steps and you can take full benefit of shoulder shrugs. First, I will teach you without weights because most important is your movement.

Step 1: Stand straight wide your legs in the width of your shoulders.

Step 2: Fall your arms straight in the direction of the ground, then without bending your arms bring your shoulder upwards.

how to do shoulder shrugs
how to do shoulder shrugs

Key type: try to touch your ears with your shoulders and squeeze it for 5 seconds then slowly come down. Do not move your neck left or right. Just keep in your mind, when you are bringing your shoulders upwards look forward and when fall them down look downward. Repeat this for about 20 reps and you will feel fatigued in your trapezius muscle. Now you can add weight by holding some sought of weight in your both hand keep in my mind that in both hands there should be the same amount of weight.

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And when you bring your shoulder up it is a contraction of the muscles when you contract your trapezius muscle you have to inhale from your nose, and then you drop your shoulders slowly and exhale from your mouth. This function gives you good blood flow in your body and you will feel the burn in that particular area, 

Benefits of Shrugs: 

Performing in a right way shoulder shrugs can give you many benefits, you should always put this exercise in your back or shoulder day routine. Shoulder shrugs give you the benefit of increasing your strength in your shoulders. You can lift more you can push more. If your shoulder shrugs are strong it also improves your strength in the upper back of your body. If anyone has a round upper back that gives a bad posture look. He/she should add shoulder shrugs exercise twice in their routine.

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shoulder shrug exercise can perform anywhere you don’t need any of those expensive machines for this exercise. If you are having any strain in your upper back shoulder shrugs can relief you out. So in my point of view shoulder shrugs are must-do exercise one can do in his workout routine’. There are so many benefits of shoulder shrugs that you can have if you do it in the right way.

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