Short Head Bicep Exercises For Getting Attractive Biceps

by Adarsh Patel
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Often you must have seen your bodybuilder friend, how good they look, how good their personality looks. Girls are also very attracted to boys with good biceps. Biceps are one of the essential parts of the body. Everyone wants good biceps because it makes you look attractive in front of everyone. We have brought short head bicep exercises to get good biceps in this blog. 

Today we will tell you about some good short head biceps exercises and how and when to do them.

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What are Bicep Short Head Exercises?

The short head of the biceps is present on the inner part of your arms, which helps you to bend your arms. This is an exercise that helps strengthen the biceps of your hand.

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Best Short Head Bicep Exercises

Best Short Head Bicep Exercises
Best Short Head Bicep Exercises

Here are some of the best short head biceps exercises.

1. Upright Row

This exercise is beneficial and develops the biceps quickly. It helps reduce the small head of the biceps. In this, both hands are used, due to which it bends the elbow by shortening it, which reduces its movement.

How to do this exercise

To do this, you must take a barbell and hold it with the head grip inside at the width of the shoulders. While doing this exercise, you must hold the grip hard; the faster you hold it, your biceps will be smaller. You have to go down while keeping your chest out. Lower your body and bend at your hips. Now you have to stand like this slowly. Repeat this continuously and do it daily.

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2. Chin Ups

Chin Up is a short head exercise that doesn’t require you to bend down.

How to do this exercise

To do this, you have to hang on an iron road. You must hold the grip with both palms and straighten your waist and chest while moving your body up. Raise your body in such a way that all the force of your body comes to the hands. Hold the grill tightly. 

Now you have to bring your body down to the earlier position slowly. Then repeat it again and again; this will develop your biceps faster.

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3. Doubles curl inline

This exercise is suitable for shortening the range of motion by bending your elbows. For this, you must rest on the thighs and sit on an inclined chair with dumbbells in your hands.

How to do this exercise

To do this, you have to sit on a chair that is tilted like a back. You have to take dumbbells in both of your hands and hang the hands down. Now you must first bring the dumbbell in your straight hand as above and then take it down. Now you have to raise the dumbbell in your opposite hand and then take it down. In this way, you have to lift dumbbells with both hands one by one.

4. Standing curl

You need dumbbells to do this exercise as it helps in developing your biceps faster. 

Many Big bodybuilders do this exercise and build their personality.

How to do this exercise

This exercise shortens the long head and reduces the range of motion of the short head. Stand straight and take a dumbbell in both hands to do this. Those dumbbells have to be applied to the thighs.

You must lift the dumbbells by simultaneously bending your elbows and bringing your hands upwards. Keep in mind that you have to lift the dumbbell in such a way that the dumbbell touches your chest.

5. Supinated Grip Cable Curl

This exercise is a small head biceps exercise. If you do this daily, then your biceps will be formed quickly. But the question is how to practice it.

How to do this exercise

You will need a cable to do this exercise. You can do this in the gym or even at home. One can also use fitness resistance bends to do this.

Hold both the ends of this cable and press the cable with the soles of both feet. After this, you have to bend that cable with full force while bending the elbows and moving the hands upward. You have to raise the cable so that your hands come to your chest.

Why is Small Head Bicep Exercises Necessary For Arm Strength?

Why is Small Head Bicep Exercises Necessary
Why is Small Head Bicep Exercises Necessary

Short head biceps provide strength to your arms. Arms strength is advantageous for you in everyday life. This shortens your elbow and shortens the range of motion. If you have good biceps, your body looks attractive.


It is essential to have good biceps, showing that you are fit with the body. But to increase your biceps, you need to spend money in the gym. But it is not so; now you can get good biceps by planning some exercises even by staying at home. It is also easy to do, and it is costless. You can follow these exercises if you also want to get biceps. 


Question: What bicep curls target the short head?

Answer: Spider bicep curls.

Question: Do Hammer Curls Work the Small Head of the Biceps?

Answer: Hammer curls mainly activate the long head of the biceps. A biceps curl activates the small head of the biceps. A small biceps head helps your biceps grow faster.

Question: Is this workout harmful to your body?

Answer: No, this exercise will not harm your body. But if you practice it more, it can also cause pain in your body.

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