Seth Rogen Weight Loss: Workout and Diet

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Nowadays, every next Saturday, we see an article or a video of a weight loss journey, which motivates us to work on ourselves, but the evil pizza defeats us every time, and then we postpone the plan. Jokes apart, 6 months ago, Seth Rogen weight loss story was the biggest hit. He is a very famous actor. He is known for his funny roles in blockbuster movies such as the good boys, green hornet, the interview and the sausage party.

My personal favourite work of his is in the amazon prime animated series, Invincible. Just amazing.

Now, the amazing Seth Rogen lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks!!!! (13 kilos approx)

How did Seth Rogen Loss His Weight?

How did Seth Rogen Lose His Weight
How did Seth Rogen Lose His Weight

As per his interview on the screening of green hornet, this is the movie for which he lost 13 kilos in 3 months; to be precise, it was hard to recognise him, to be honest in the pictures.

Seth Rogen said that he faced skin sagging issues while and after weight loss.

His trainer suggested he focus on weight training; as per his trainer, continuous weight training helps tighten the skin.

Strength training should be done at least 1-2 hours daily; now, it does not mean that you should continuously train for 1hr; it WILL kill you. Yes, it will.

Now, how and why did Seth Rogen start his weight loss journey?

Well, the Lil birdie that carries news along the wind said:

At the shoot of the family guy, Seth Rogen met Ryan Reynolds, and he was pretty impressed by our cheeky Deadpool’s physique and health. 

And just after that, Mr Rogen contacted his trainer, and thus, here we are.

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What was Seth Rogen Weight Loss Diet?

Seth Rogen Weight Loss Diet
Seth Rogen Weight Loss Diet

One of the significant things that helped Seth is his diet.

And it is true that in any fitness transformation, 70% is diet and 20% is your rest and consistency; the leftover 10% is a workout. 

Back to Seth Rogen:


The breakfast consisted of high protein and mid ratios of carbs, with macronutrients. The inclusion of protein in the diet helps maintain lean muscle mass; macronutrients provide daily nutrients for the body to perform at optimum level. Carbs give out the energy to perform day to day activities.

He chose 3-4 alternatives for protein and carbohydrates, respectively.

◆ For protein: Egg whites, oatmeal, chia and hemp seeds, and at last salmon.

◆ For carbohydrates: Blueberries, grapes, banana and all leafy veggies.

Inter morning snacks

 Mr Rogen’s diet comprised meals at specific intervals so that his body is getting the calories it needs, so it does not go into starvation mode and starts consuming the proteins from muscle (yes, it actually happens) so what we can learn from this is that you need to take meals, not skip it.

This meal of Seth comprised of a bag of fried chips in olive in salsa sauce; my man did not forget the flavours.

 Lunch options

Seth’s lunch menu was protein and fibre rich for all that muscle; the protein sources were mostly red and white meat such as chicken and salmon, with some eggs if he wished for it. The fibre came in the form of berries and veggies salads; Rogen’s favourite salad was the one that included meat and veggies. He also used to put eggs and spaghetti squash in olive oil.

The evening snack

 Hats off to Rogen for making the most unhealthy snack a healthy one. It consisted of nothing much but some nuts and berries along with a protein shake. He also shared this meal with his afternoon snack.


 The end is important, so is the last meal of the day.

Seth Rogen and the team ended the day perfectly; Rogen used to have protein and greens as his goal was to keep protein high and carbs low.

He used to have grilled chicken and peas or fat-free turkey with other veggies; salmon was also on the table if Rogen wanted that. 

“Switching to a healthy diet was a speedy shift in my weight loss journey along with the calorie-burning workout.”- Seth Rogen.

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What Kind Of Seth Rogen Weight Loss Workout Was?

Seth Rogen Weight Loss Workout
Seth Rogen Weight Loss Workout

Seth Rogen’s trainers made sure the workout routine consisted of a 5-day workout plan which would burn the calories and help him build muscle.

The trainer had put him on a tiring HIIT that helped him lose an unbelievable amount of weight. 

His exercise routine consisted of 45 mins of HIIT. Imagine doing that. 

Each day the exercise targeted 2 muscle groups; it helped him gain a good amount of muscle as he was losing the excess fat. 

Also, Seth’s trainer confirmed that he increased the amount of weight every week, which helped him more. 

He also used the push and pull technique, which helped stimulate the muscle groups more, resulting in muscle increase. 

The training plan also consisted of the famous push-pull technique, which designs the exercise in two parts, 1. You only do exercises that allow you to pull the weight close to you, for example, barbell rows.

2. Exercises in which you push the weight, for example, bench press.

According to Rogen’s trainers, this exercise helped him target more muscle groups in one day and give better results.

Seth Rogen Tips for Body Transformation and Weight Loss

Seth Rogen being a nice guy, is always giving out pearls of knowledge. I have managed to boil down almost everything into one point that would help you achieve your dream body.


Will power is what makes you work when you are not motivated because not every day will be sunshine and rainbows. There will be days when you would not want to get out of your bed, eat whatever you want. In those days, you don’t have to give up on yourself; make daily goals that will help you to keep moving forward.

And there is a very famous saying: if you feel like quitting, just remember why you started. You are halfway there, so stay hard and consistent.


Q.1. How did Seth Rogen lose weight?

Ans. It took him 10 weeks and loads of hard work with laser-like consistency to lose 13kilos of weight. With a good diet and workout, you can do it too, and sleep is necessary at least 7-8hrs of sound sleep as per medical research. 

So start your journey and stay consistent results will be small but significant.

Q.2. Is Seth Rogen vegan?

Ans. No, he sadly is not, but I guess we can not control other people’s lives. As mentioned above, he uses meat and animal product in his daily diet. 

There are a lot of positive things to pick up from Mr Rogen’s journey. So make sure you get on your fitness journey because I am going to make a plan now! 

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