Selected Skincare Products; Is It Safe To Use The Products Of This Brand?

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Are you a person who adores your skin very much and takes care of it on a regular basis? Do you keep on testing different skincare products to finally find out which products are actually made for your skin type? Then, undoubtedly, what you are doing for your skin is right. But, before applying the skincare products of different brands on your skin, do you go through the pros & cons of the products? Or, do you read the reviews of those brands? If not, then you are doing something wrong. Everything about the skincare products must be checked beforehand if you are planning to buy some of any new brands that you have not tried before. And, this is no exception for the US-based selected skincare products. Hearing this brand’s name for the first time? Well! read this article & you will get to know everything about it.

Selected Skincare Products; Is It Safe To Use The Products Of This Brand?

What selected skincare brand claims about their products?

As conveyed by selected skincare US brands on their website, the company believes that skincare or beauty products are not to be made only for making one look good. The products should be made such that they will also be good for people’s skin. And, high-quality ingredients are only present in skincare products that are of high quality. So, it is the selected skincare brand’s mission to imbue their derivatives with bioactive plants & nourishing botanicals. As per the website’s statement, these ingredients can be trusted because of their restorative & reparative benefits on one’s skin. Also, the products are luxurious because the botanical ingredients of the product are the earth’s most sought-after ingredients. Selected skincare claims that they are committed to their products & without any doubt, their products are of high quality.

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Some of the selected cosmetics skincare products:

Some of the selected cosmetics skincare products:

Want to get a brief idea about some of the well-known select skincare products & their ingredients? Don’t worry! We are presenting before you the details about some of them, as mentioned in Selected Skincare’s own website. Here are they:

1. Deep moisture cream for the night:

selected deep moisture night cream
#source: google images

According to the selected skincare brand’s website information, this selected cosmetics skincare product has the soothing properties of the cold-pressed avocado oil, which is organic in nature. It treats & nourishes one’s skin throughout the night. The avocado oil goes deep into one’s skin cells than other oils. Other than that, the bioactive fruit oils & leaf extracts lock the moisture of her skin and restore her skin, as she sleeps. Also, it comprises Vitamin E. The blend of these moisturizing ingredients delays the arrival of wrinkles & fights the apparent indications of ageing. And, of course, no need to mention, this cream is excellent for nighttime treatment. The price of this cream on the selected skincare site is 299.99 dollars.

2. Golden Orchid Facial Mask ( Luxurious):

Golden Orchid Facial Mask ( Luxurious)
#source: google images

As directed by the selected skincare brand, this product from selected skincare must be used after cleaning & drying up one’s face & neck. An enclosed spatula is also available with the pack for the application of the cream over one’s face/neck. One must avoid the cream on her eye area. The mask must be left for five to ten minutes. This facial mask, according to the company, stays effective for several hours. This product must be applied twice a week to get the best results. It suits both normal & dry skins. The price of this product is 2000.00 dollars.

3. White Lotus Miracle Collection:

Selected skincare white lotus miracle collection
#source: google images

This product, according to the company, is an influential anti-ageing set, which helps in purifying, restructuring & soothing your skin. This selected cosmetics skincare product comprises white lotus cells of the stem, minerals & nutrients. It also has antioxidants that are skin conditioning in nature. All these ingredients penetrate deeply into one’s skin & revitalize her appearance. This they do by exfoliating, moisturizing, firming & purifying her skin, resulting in a more sculpted appearance. This product has a price of 699.00 dollars.

4. Miracle Silk Mask (Intensive Firming):

selected miracle silk mask
#source: google images

This is a luxurious mixture of reassuring antioxidant fruit extracts & peptides that produces collagens. They will give one’s face a smoothy & silky appearance & feel. This effortlessly spreadable leave-on mask curtails one’s wrinkles & makes her skin tight. It has defensive moisture conserving impediment that rehydrates one’s skin & moisturizes it for the whole night. The continued use of this product will stave off one’s skin from forming fresh wrinkles. This it does by repairing & smoothening the damaged cells. This product is very expensive. The original price of this product is 1500 dollars which become 999 dollars after a discount.

5. Tranquil body butter:

Selected skincare company claims that this product from their brand is a deeply hydrating lotion that has natural ingredients. The hemp oil present in it will nourish one’s skin & make it nimble and hydrated. One will enjoy its luxurious feeling of softness & smoothness by applying it to her skin. She will also see a natural glow on her skin. The price of this product is relatively cheaper than other products of this brand. It is also available for 79.99 dollars.

6. Miracle Face Lift (Instant) :

Miracle Face Lift (Instant)
#source: google images

It is a challenge of the selected skincare brand that after the application of this product on your skin, the miracle will happen. You will just have to sit back & watch it happen. The powerful mixture of antioxidants & minerals tightens one’s skin and makes it firm. You will get the appearance of an immediate facelift. This product has some antioxidant properties that will give you skin-nurturing benefits. It will also help your skin retain moisture. Other than that, it will replenish the natural oils of your skin, while lifting, plumping & fastening your skin. This product is available at a price of 299 dollars.

Selected nourishment skincare reviews

Different customers of Select skincare products have given different selected skincare reviews. There are many selected skincare comments available on But, one thing that is common in most of their statement is that the price of this brand’s products is very much expensive. Other than that, in most of the reviews of this brand on, customers are complaining a lot about this brand regarding many issues. They have complained that the kiosk in the shopping mall was striving to sell an eye cream of 1000 dollars. It was a mess, according to her.

Also, they had too many individuals in that little space where they were selling the products. Also, some customers have said that the customer service of the selected skincare brand is very poor. They explained that the customer service executives of this brand are very tricky. They make the people fool by persuading them to buy their expensive products.

Also, there are some customers of this brand’s products who left good comments on They said that this brand is their favourite one regarding skincare. And, it is hurting their heart to see such bad reviews for this brand by people. They argued that the product has given the best results the very minute they used them.

But, sad to say, the overall rating for selected skincare brands on is 1 out of 5.

selected skincare reviews
selected skincare reviews

Is the rumour about the selected skincare scams true?

Many individuals at have clearly directed all of us to stay away from this brand. They have directly mentioned that the boutiques & kiosks of selected skincare are nothing but a scam. They have also confirmed that the phone number, address, email id of selected skincare are also a part of the scam.

reviews about selected skincare

According to this them, the type of this scam is a phishing one. As per their statement, the selected skincare kiosks & boutiques at first distribute their creams for free at the entrance of their buildings. Then they will persuade people to do a free facial. And, then they will see their high pressurized sales tactics.

The Final Observation:

Though these are all different statements by people on, no proof is found yet that will confirm those statements. But, still, it is your duty as a customer, to go through every detail of the brand’s products before you decide to buy for yourself. If you find that the products are good & trustworthy, then obviously go for it. But, if you find anything matching about the brand, just avoid purchasing its products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. How long has selected skincare been in business?

Ans. Selected skincare is a US-based brand but how long it has been in business is still a matter of uncertainty.

Q. How to select skincare products?

Ans. Select skincare products based on their ingredients. Know if the ingredients of a particular product will suit your skin type or not. Some products suit very well on dry skin while others on moisture-based skin. If going through any confusion, you may take the help of a skin specialist.

Q. How to select fast ingredients for skincare products?

Ans. For seeing the ingredients of the products of selected skincare brands, go to their site. And, then click each of the products individually and see the details of their ingredients. If you think that the ingredients of the products will suit your skin best, then go for that product. You may also, take the advice of any skincare specialist.

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