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Secure Your Future with Bupa Health Insurance: Personalized Plans for Optimal Wellness

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Are you an inhabitant of the UK? Would you like to enlist your name in a global health insurance company that is counted among one of the United Kingdom’s leading healthcare specialists and is nowadays providing services to 38 million plus global customers? Then, Bupa Health Insurance is your ideal insurance provider. 

Headquartered in London, the company of Bupa private health insurance comprises nearly 85,000 employees, who continually work for the profit earnings of this company, which in turn are reinvested within the firm itself for assisting the employees. 

This organization intends to provide health funding to the common populace of the United Kingdom. Eager to know further about this insurance provider? Then, keep reading:  

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Bupa Health Insurance- Briefs Overview: 

The UK-based health insurance provider Bupa, founded in 1947, got its shape with the joining hands of 17 British provident association forces. It aimed to provide the entire UK with its private healthcare services. 

Though initially, it was only able to afford its offering of private healthcare services to only individuals and businesses, later, it expanded its services by including privately-run Bupa hospitals. 

Bupa Health Insurance
Bupa Health Insurance

However, the Bupa hospitals didn’t remain in the hands of the Bupa community, and it was sold in 2008 to Spire Healthcare. 

The name of Bupa health insurance is a distinguished and well-respected one in the industry of national as well as global health insurance industry. 

Each policy that falls under Bupa private health insurance includes NHS cash benefits, cancer coverage, and mental health coverage. With this health insurance, you will get access to 200 plus Bupa Insurance’s ‘Essential’ hospitals list, 900 plus Bupa Insurance’s ‘Extended’ hospitals list, and 1000 plus Bupa Insurance’s ‘Extended + London’ choice of hospitals. 

Besides the comprehensive policy of health insurance, Bupa includes extensive diagnostics. In Bupa, Excess starts from the as meager amount as £100. 

The plan of comprehensive health insurance, Bupa, has been rated five stars by Defaqto’s autonomous financial comparison service. While taking out the Bupa policy, customers get a single will (worth £80) or a couple will (worth £130) for free. 

Bupa Medical Insurance Policy Benefits:

Bupa Medical Insurance offers some innovative features as well as supplementary benefits that keep it one step ahead of its competitors. The benefits it offers are: 

  • It gives coverage for those extra mental health conditions of the customers, whose coverage other insurers refuse to give. 
  • It offers coverage to the therapies or mental health cover of the customers as standard.  
  • It gives health advice twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. 
  • It makes cancer treatment and various breakthrough cancer drugs available before you.
  • You can do Live video consultations with the General Physician through its app. 

Bupa Health Insurance – How Does It Work?

The Bupa private health insurance company offers the following policies to its customers:

  • Bupa individual health insurance policy
  • Bupa couples health insurance policy
  • Bupa family health insurance policy
  • Bupa business health insurance policy

The company gives a five percent discount to every couple and a ten percent discount to every family who applies for its insurance policy. Moreover, there are 2 types of plans for Bupa. They are: 

Bupa Comprehensive Cover Plan:

This plan of Bupa works well if you need coverage for diagnostic tests as well as scans, out-patient consultations, post-diagnostics tests, and normal scans as well as consultations. 

Bupa Treatment & Care Cover Plan:

This Bupa plan is economical compared with the comprehensive care coverage plan. It’s formulated for the people who are glad to have an NHS diagnosis but still prefer to get private treatment.

In this kind of plan, NHS normally scans and carries out consultant appointments. However, in case of the requirement for any treatment, the policy kicks in. 

How Much Does Bupa Cost?

The Bupa health insurance cost actually relies upon (though not limited to) numerous aspects like the potential customer’s health, his/her smoker status, his/her present location, and his/her choice of plan. 

If you are a healthy person whose age is 30 years, for basic medical insurance, you have to pay between £25 to £35. In this plan, you will have the privilege to choose additional coverage options. 

Bupa’s policy for treatment & care includes hospital treatments, Bupa mental health cover, cancer cover, home nursing, NHS cash benefit, out-patient therapies, home treatment, and a twenty/four hours medical helpline. 

While you choose to get a preliminary quote for ‘Treatment and care, you will be treated well and offered some additional cover options explained below.

Bupa’s Treatment And Care Option For Cancer Cover:

Two options are there for the cancer coverage of Bupa. They are 

Full Cancer Cover:

This option of Bupa gets automatically included if the customer quotes online. In case he/she selects this option, he/she will get the following benefits:

  • There will be no time limit or financial limit for the customers
  • The customer will get access to eligible treatments as well as breakthrough drugs 
  • The customer will get full coverage even when his/her cancer revives
  • The customers will get support from the specialist at each step of their way

The only shortcoming we encountered in this plan is that it is expensive. 

NHS Cancer Cover+ Plan:

Selecting this option will enable you to be attended by only NHS on your cancer diagnosis. However, If you are eligible for the treatment and NHS doesn’t have the facility for proper cancer treatment, Bupa health insurance will give you private treatment in the form of radiotherapy, surgical operations, and chemotherapy. 

Bupa Health Insurance’s Network For Treatment & Care Nursing Home/Hospital:

There are three options for Bupa’s hospital network: 

  • Essential hospital access, through which the customer will get access to two hundred and forty-four hospitals 
  • Extended hospital access, through which the customer will get access to thousand and fifty-six hospitals 
  • Access to Central London hospital along with extended choice, through which the customer will get access to one thousand two hundred forty-one hospitals 

So, among the three, you can choose essential hospital access in case you want to go for an inexpensive option. If you go for extended hospital access, you must spend some extra money. And, to get access to the Central London hospital along with extended choice, you have to spend the largest amount of money of all. 

Monthly Cost Of The Treatment & Care Cover Of Bupa Health Insurance:

Here is the list of the monthly costs of Bupa for full cancer coverage: 

  • In the case of the Essential Full cancer cover option for Bupa treatment & care cover with an excess of £500, a £25.60 premium has to be spent. 
  • In the case of the Extended Full cancer cover option for Bupa treatment & care cover with an excess of £500, a £28.55 premium has to be spent. 
  • In the case of Extended choice, Full cancer cover option for Bupa treatment & care cover with an excess of £500, £34.78 premium has to be spent. 
  • In the case of the Essential Full cancer cover option for Bupa treatment & care cover with an excess of £100, £37.71 premium has to be spent. 
  • In the case of the Extended Full cancer cover option for Bupa treatment & care cover with an excess of £100, a £42.06 premium has to be spent. 
  • In the case of Extended choice, Full cancer cover option for Bupa treatment & care cover with an excess of £100, a £51.22 premium has to be spent. 

The price a customer pays is impacted by many factors (for example, how much excess he/she chooses). Remember, the lower the amount of the excess, the greater your pay. 

A customer can choose the excess amount from a bunch of options like £0, £150, £250, £100, £200, and £500. So, as there are plenty of options for Bupa insurance policies available to the customers, they must only proceed to buy a Bupa policy after extensive research on it. 

You can choose to get NHS cancer coverage, but since it is not accessible via the net, you have to speak to the executives of Bupa to get this policy. 

You can better discuss this matter with an independent medical or health insurance specialist. This is because they can access quotes from various insurance companies and help you find the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest premium possible. 

What Does Bupa Cover In Comprehensive Policy? 

Bupa’s comprehensive policy gives benefits for:

  • Hospital treatments
  • Mental health cover 
  • Cancer cover
  • Home Nursing
  • Out-patient consultations
  • Diagnostic scans
  • Consultations for post-diagnosis out-patient
  • NHS cash benefit
  • Out-patient therapies
  • Home treatment
  • 24-hour medical help
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Post-diagnostic tests and post-diagnostics scans
  • In case you receive a Bupa’s comprehensive quote, you will be given extra cover options, including out-patient cover, cover option for treatment & cancer care, and network option for treatment & hospital care. 
  • In the case of a comprehensive Bupa health insurance policy, the Essential Full cancer cover of £500 excess would cost a premium of £33.07/month for a £500 out-patient limit and £38.93/month for a £1000 out-patient limit. 
  • The Extended Full cancer cover of £500 excess would cost a premium of £36.89/month for a £500 out-patient limit and £43.42/month for a £1000 out-patient limit. Like the Extended Full cancer cover, the Extended choice Full cancer cover of £500 excess would also cost a premium of £36.89/month for a £500 out-patient limit and £43.42/month for a £1000 out-patient limit. 

So, there are several options available in the comprehensive policy of Bupa health insurance, and you should choose the policy among them that best suits your need and budget. 

As it’s confusing to choose the best scheme among them for you, visiting an independent specialist for health insurance would help.  

What Is Bupa Cash Plan Claim?

It’s a plan that offers cash back to you for some of your everyday healthcare costs. It differs from a health insurance scheme as this cashback of everyday healthcare costs like dental and optical costs is not covered in any health insurance plan.

The customers can claim cash back for what they expended up to annual benefit limits. They can do so for some of their routine health costs. 

Bupa Family Cover:

Bupa brings private family health insurance policies for the members of different families that gives health coverage for each member of every family who enrolls their name on this policy. 

Also, each of the families would get a 10 percent discount on buying this policy as compared to an individual policy. Each family can choose to go with either comprehensive health insurance or treatment & care health insurance. The benefits of the Bupa family cover are: 

  • No need to wait for a GP. You can instead contact the health insurance company of Bupa directly. 
  • You will get to do a checkup through the general physician without going anywhere. 
  • Bupa will take care of your mental health condition. 
  • You will get the help of nurses whenever you want.
  • You will get access to breakthrough drugs for cancer
  • You will get Bupa’s rewards from your favorite brands. 

The Facilities That Bupa Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover:

  • Chronic conditions other than mental health issues and cancer
  • Special/pre-existing conditions
  • Natural aging
  • Food intolerances, allergic disorders, and allergies 
  • Pre-treatment out-patient consultations or diagnostic tests that are excluded from Bupa’s “Treatment and Care”
  • Pre-treatment scans like MRI, PET, and CT scans are excluded from Bupa’s “Treatment and Care.”

Bupa Customer Service:

The culture at Bupa health insurance company is very good. Especially each of the customer care executives of Bupa is friendly, open, and collaborative in their behavior. They do their best to provide you with support for every issue you face. So, the good job of Bupa Customer Service is one of the reasons for the company’s success. 

FAQs on Bupa Health Insurance

Q. Is it worth paying for Bupa?

Answer: Yes, it’s worth spending money for Bupa as this health insurance company is a reputed one with excellent standing among other health insurance companies for good reason. Bupa has received 14000 plus reviews on Trustpilot. Also, it has got a score of 4.4/5.0 and an official “Excellent” rating. 

Q. Does Bupa cover pre-existing conditions?

Answer: No, Bupa usually doesn’t cover any customer or their family members in its policy for those ailments that happened before he/she enrolled for the insurance. With Moratorium, no pre-existing medical conditions of the customer or their family members would be considered until two years or more have departed without any further incident for each ailment. 

Q. Is Bupa private or NHS?

Answer: Bupa health insurance is considered a private company that was established in 1947 and is limited by a guarantee. The company possesses no shareholders. It reinvests its profit. 

Q. What are the primary benefits of Bupa health insurance?

Answer: The advantages of Bupa health insurance includes:
1. An immediate visit to the doctor without any wait for the General Physician
2. Lucrative gifts from the company
3. 24/7 Ready-to-help nurses 
4. Support from the company for mental health
5. Without going anywhere, you can see a General Physician 

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson is a highly experienced health insurance agent with over 10 years in the industry. He specializes in helping individuals and families find the best insurance solutions to protect their health, finances, and assets. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail have earned him a reputation as one of the leading insurance agents in the region.


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