Sean Murray Weight Loss: Change in Lifestyle can do miracles

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Loveable people and familiarity are the foundations of procedurals. NCIS, as well as its forerunners CSI and Law & Order, have lasted an incredible number of seasons because they feature well-known characters tackling a weekly challenge in a way that stays loyal to their established core. The importance of sticking to the pattern is so great that the genre’s name is derived from doing things by the book. NCIS fans reward the show’s constancy and unwavering core with their support, and the show’s ratings have remained relatively high as it approaches 400 episodes. Also, see Sean Murray Weight loss journey through this article.

sean murray weight loss
sean murray weight loss

However, the enormous fan enthusiasm has a drawback What happens when you see a change in the character? Even a minor change is noted by the viewers. A big change has been seen in the physical structure of the famous NCIS character Timothy Gee. The character has lost a lot of pounds and is a healthier character. If you want to know more about Sean Murray weight loss and gain and his diet, then scroll down and read the article.

Who is Sean Murray?

Sean Murray is an American actor who is known by the audience for his role in NCIS. Yes, this is your favourite character, Special Agent Timothy Gee.

The actor has been seen in various other shows like Hocus Pocus and JAG. But the thing that viewers are curious about is his weight loss and many want to know about the Sean Murray Weight Loss Diet.

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Journey of Sean Murray

If we look back in 1993 when Sean Murray played a role in Hocus Pocus, the character was a chubby baby.

Sean murray weight loss before and after
Sean murray weight loss before and after

If you look at him in the 2000’s he still had a double chin. But a drastic change was seen in the character’s physical structure in the year 2010. Though if we look at the actor now he has put on some weight but still, he is healthy.

You must be curious to know the reason behind the change in the physic of the actor. Sean Murray Weight Loss, Why??

Let’s have a glimpse at the purpose behind it.

Reason Behind Sean Murray Weight Loss

Body transformation is very common among celebrities, especially female celebrities. But Sean Murray and Kevin Smith’s loss in weight has now become an inspiration for male celebrities as well.

Sean Murray’s weight loss became a big question to the viewers. All his fans wanted to know the real reason behind the weight loss of Sean Murray. Rumors are running around saying Sean Murray’s weight loss is caused by health problems.

 The actor himself answered the reason behind his weight loss by Twitter as quoted,

“To those who have asked what I did to lose 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar, I ate strictly organic”.

This clearly shows that his weight loss was the result of a change in his lifestyle.

Do you want to know about the Sean Murray Weight Loss Diet??

Scroll down to get tips for Sean Murray for weight loss.

Sean Murray Weight Loss Plan

Sean Murray Weight loss was considered a drastic process, but this was not the case. He started his career in 1993 as a chubby actor and then in 2003 he made his place in the NCIS. Since then a slow change was seen in the physic of the actor.

He informed his fans by saying, as quoted,

“You can actually see me gradually lose the weight over the 24 episodes of Season 7″.

His weight loss was a slow process and for this, he followed just 3 things that are listed below:

  • Firstly, no alcohol. He started his weight loss journey by saying no to alcohol. We never notice the extra calories that just one glass of alcohol adds to our diet.

If you are not aware then just 2 cans of beer can add extra 8100 kilojoules. This is equal to the weekly meal intake of a person. No alcohol consumption can help in the reduction of weight loss.

  • Next thing is to quit Sugar. He eliminated the food items containing sugar, junk food, and unhealthy products.

Quitting sugar can lead to a drastic weight loss. Excessive intake of sugar can lead to several health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, and many more.

It is suggested to take the process slowly. If you want to eliminate sugar then, reduce the intake slowly.

  • Lastly, he shifted to a completely organic diet. Organic food products are full of nutrients, as they are agricultural grown products.

This helps you get a higher level of nutrients than any other food product. Eliminating junk and eating organic will lead to weight loss.

These are some of the tips that Sean Murray followed for weight loss and suggest the same to his fans. These things cannot be achieved immediately but it is a slow process.


Sean Murray Weight loss 2019, was seen by viewers as a drastic change. Some believed that his health issues were the reason behind the weight loss. But the real reason is it is the result of his changed lifestyle.

Sean Murray’s weight loss was quite easy to achieve as a result of setting small targets. The actor did not choose a rigorous weight-loss plan that included starvation, intense exercise, or eliminating all carbohydrates from his diet (just the simple carbs). Also, he shed 25 pounds using three basic weight-loss tactics in a steady yet long-term manner.

Sean Murray built a routine that allowed him to accomplish his weight-loss goals when the modest successes began to pile up, and over time, he created a habit that allowed him to achieve his weight-loss goals, and you can too.

If you want to achieve the best results of weight loss, then you should also follow these tips and feel the change in yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. Why did Sean Murray lose weight?

Ans. Sean Murray, the NCIS actor showed a drastic change in his physic. The actor said his weight loss was the result of the changes in his lifestyle. The changes that he has brought in his lifestyle have helped him in reaching the goal.

Q. What caused Sean Murray’s weight loss?

Ans. Timothy Gee, the famous actor of the NCIS series, has lost pounds of weight. The weight loss is caused because of changes in his lifestyle.
The actor informed it by tweeting on social media, as quoted,
“To those who have asked what I did to lose 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar, I ate strictly organic”.

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