Sara Rue weight loss diet and journey

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Sara is a renowned TV celebrity of America who has acted in numerous films and series. You must have remembered Julia from ‘B positive’ and must have fallen for Dora Winston at some point. In contrast, binge-watching ‘impastor.’ This aquarian actress has appeared as a host in “shedding for the wedding” reality show.

Forty-two-year-old Sara is married to a teacher Kevin Price and a doting mother to two adorable daughters. Being a part of the glamour fraternity comes with both perks as well as drawbacks.

The life of celebrities is no cakewalk; Rue had to compromise with the roles offered due to her curvy body structure. Although she never felt distressed or demotivated by bizarre comments on her IG post. The plump body did not bother her until she hit her 30.

Sara Rue weight loss diet and journey
Sara Rue’s weight loss diet and journey

Every bride dreams of looking stunning on her wedding day, and Rue was no exception. Her motivation to lose weight came from the notion of getting fit in a gorgeous or elegant wedding dress. She shredded almost 50 pounds in eighteen months with the assistance of a consultant from Jenny Craig’s weight loss program.

How did Sara Rue lose weight?

All this idea of transformation struck Rue when she asked herself a question “When I surpass my 30s, How will I see myself after a decade?” Sara imagined herself to be fitter and healthier than ever. Jenny Craig helped her out with this whole process of transformation. Sara mentioned in one of her interviews,

I was never able to lose weight on my own.

Rue relied on the professional Craig and received outstanding results at the end of the program. The actress curtailed the calories intake as per the recommendations of the consultant. The Aquarian star commenced her journey by setting small milestones and gradually broadened her targets. In the next section, we will spill some beans on her diet plans for weight loss.

Sara Rue weight loss diet

The big bang theory star Stephanie enrolled in the Jenny Craig weight loss scheme; Sara speculated that the actress was onto something endurable.

As per the policy of the scheme, She got a private professional who provided her an establishment to create diet plans in accordance with her body type. They also instructed her to switch to an alternate plan due in case she skipped the diet periodically. For the very first moment, She felt that she was profitable and convinced enough to slash away a significant amount of weight.

Photo- Sara Rue before weight loss
Photo- Sara Rue before weight loss

She opted for a plant-based diet, so she included lots of leafy veggies in her meals. Even after losing weight, she still never quit Craig’s program for the maintenance of the weight. Sara adds spinach if she prepares Pasta to switch to a healthier side of it.

Photo- Sara Rue after weight loss
Photo- Sara Rue after weight loss

Sara, in a contemporary gaze

I look good.

She posted on her social media, and enthusiasts were stunned with her sizzling look in the bikini. Sara Rue felt confident and loved the way her body embraced her curves. She felt good about her skin and admired her alluring figure. You also love to read Keely Shaye Smith’s Weight Loss Journey & Transformation.

Today, She sweats for 3-4 days and rests on weekends but keeps an eye on her food habits. Though, now she doesn’t follow the super strict diet plan religiously but keeps a check on her calorie intake.

Rue’s suggestions for weight loss

  • She suggests hiring a professional or nutritionist if you wish to cut down your calorie infusion.
  • Sara advises setting up small milestones and deliberately increasing the workload step by step.
  • Rue believes in dreaming of getting fit in an ideal wedding gown or simply a beautiful piece of clothing. This way, one can feel motivated to lose extra pounds from your body weight.
  • Keep an eye on the elements of your meals. She prefers to cut down animal fibers from her eats and often takes up leafy or green veggies in her food.
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Sara Rue made a mark in the TV industry of America and established herself as a profound actor. But what inspires her devotees more is her journey of weight loss. With her grit, determination, and dedication, she shredded the stubborn fat and attained a model figure. She never intended to get indulged in any of the health issues. With extra weight comes several health disparities such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes mellitus, and other comorbidities.

Celebrities are role models for millions of their followers across the globe. And such inspiring stories give birth to thousands of other extraordinary stories of ordinary humans. Sara, with her transformation tale, guides thousands of her buffs. By becoming a valuable part of weight loss campaigns, she worked towards the fitness culture amongst adults. Hundreds of people have already begun to follow Sara’s path. What are you waiting for? Kick-off a new excursion that leads you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about sara rue weight loss

Ques.1. How did Sara Rue lose weight?

Ans. Sara, the B positive actress, commenced to imagine herself as a fitter person after a decade of 30 years of age. Then she made up her mind to make her way towards a weight loss voyage. Sara enrolled in Craig’s fitness program and procured outstanding results, and lost almost 50 pounds in eighteen months. Her hot snapshots in the bikini became the talk of the town.

Ques.2. What is Sara’s weight loss method?

Ans. Sara, along with the guidance of a professional from Jenny Craig’s program, embarked on a weight loss journey. She switched to a plant-based diet and deducted the quantity of her portion from meals. She felt good after seeing herself in the bikini and that too as a salacious model.

Ques.3. How old is Sara Rue?

Ans. This American celebrity was born on 26th January 1979. This aquarian star counts her age as 42 and made headlines when she shredded stubborn fat after surpassing 30. At the age of nine, she debuted in a film and started her Tv career. From then, she never looked back and kept on winning hearts with her admiring looks and acting skills.

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