Risks Associated With Diamond Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Piercing in usual body regions looks acceptable but the snake eyes piercing is done in an unthinkable place. If you are eager to attempt something new, then these snake eyes piercings in your tongue would make you feel different.

Are you excited about knowing more about this kind of tongue piercing? Don’t miss to run through this article to learn about its pricing, probable risk, and other related information. 

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What is Snake Eyes Piercing? 

Snake eye piercing is a way of placing a barbell at the surface of your tongue with the help of a piercing expert. The other name for the snake eyes piercing method is venom eyes piercing. This type of insertion happens in the form of horizontal surface piercing. Though the barbell placement at the tip of the tongue appears to be two separate piercings on your tongue, in reality, it’s a single barbell. 

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Why is it called the Snake Eyes Piercing?

The snake eyes piercing definition would clarify every related doubt behind its peculiar name. It’s named after venom eyes because the pierced studs appear like the two eyes of a snake. The gems which are placed are not big and are not heavy because bulky studs can be uncomfortable for the wearer and can also damage your teeth. 

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Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Pricing

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Pricing
Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing Pricing

It would be wrong to objectify the exact required costs for such piercing. It is so because innumerable factors contribute to the placement procedure. Such as the location from where you choose to opt for such placements decides the budget for your piercing.

From a popular urban store, it would cost much more for you. Besides that, the jewellery or material quality also counts while budgeting the estimated cost. For good quality jewellery, and when you take an expert’s appointment for such piercing, then it would cost no less than $40 to the max—$ 110. 

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Diamond Snake Eye Piercing

Diamond Snake Eye Piercing
Diamond Snake Eye Piercing

Are you among those who are obsessed with real gems like diamonds? Then, you can be a bit more creative and think about the diamond snake eye-piercing.

The snake eye diamond piercing would cost more than $100 because it is rare and authentic. Also, the diamond as a light stone would free you from the extra weight; otherwise, you would have metal studs.

But be cautious and confirm that it’s the original diamond and not any duplicate crystal that can infect or injure your oral region. 

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Snake Eye-Piercing Tongue Procedure 

The piercing process is simple but ensures that you contact a professional piercer for the stud attachment process.

1st step: For having a snake eye piercing, the piercer would suggest you examine your tongue at first. This examination would confirm whether your tongue is thick enough or eligible to undergo such a piercing procedure or not! 

2nd Step: Like any other surface piercing, the piercer would begin the process with the assistance of a clamp. They will plan out how to place the piercing by avoiding any nerves, veins, or blood vessels. 

3rd Step: They will ask you to clean your mouth thoroughly with an oral antibacterial rinse. Otherwise, needling an unwashed mouth would spread the risk of bacterial infection. 

4th Step: Having placed a mirror in front of you, confirm the professional the surface points where you want to have the snake eyes piercing. But again, the puncture point solely depends on the anatomy of your mouth, that is, where it would be safe to place them. 

Final step. Stretch out your tongue, enabling the piercer to pierce it with a sharp hollow needle and insert the stud alongside. 

How Painful are Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing? 

The pain being felt is subjective to each wearer and depends on the anatomy of the tongue. If you already have pierced your tongue, you can already imagine the pain to an extent.

You can also tolerate the pain if you have experienced it already. However, those piercings being done at the center of the tongue are less painful than the venom eye piercing done at the tongue’s tip.

Overall, the process of jewellery placement on your tongue is painful, but generally, the wearers can overcome the pain. 

Snakebite Piercing Tongue vs Snake Eye-Piercing 

Unlike diamond snake eyes piercing which are placed at your tongue tip, the snake bite piercing is different. Snake bites are the dual lower lips piercings mainly done at the left and right sides of the lips. Their interesting feature is that the snake bite piercing in each edge of the lower lip is equidistant from the other one. 

Mainly you would find ring snake bite piercing which completely wraps the lips. And another is labret studs which are done from the outer side of the mouth to the inner side. And it’s called the snake bite piercing tongue because the stud placements in two lower lip edges appear like a venomous snake bite. 

Good Sides to Snake Eyes Piercing 

The good side of tongue piercing is feeding the urge for expressing yourself through fashion. Besides that, you can quickly heal through such piercing initiatives. It takes less than two months to completely heal your tongue and be out of any kind of risk.

Also, if done by professionals, you are less likely to bleed than other piercings. And at any moment, you are free to hide such piercings and are not obligated to show them every time. 

Threats To Snake Eye Piercings 

Though tongue surface piercings such as snake eyes may look adventurous and extraordinary. But oral experts suggest that such kinds of piercings can entangle the wearer in too many complications. Some of the main threats are- 

  • Piercings are a way of constraining two free muscles causing overall damage to muscle tissues. 
  • As a consequence, there can be an injury to the internal muscles, gum deterioration, or can also be teeth cracking. 
  • Sometimes the dislocation of the piercing leads to scarring, which begins with bleeding. 
  • The wrong placement of jewellery can have a bulged tongue. And in the long run, a bloated tongue results in airway blockage. 
  • Drooling or excessive saliva production occurs as a byproduct of snake eye piercing. 
  • A rusted or stained needle grows bloodborne infections such as tetanus, HIV, and hepatitis B and C. 
  • While chewing food or sleeping, or in your unconscious mind, there is the probability of choking the parts of the placed jewellery. 

That’s not an end to the possible risks associated with surface tongue piercings like snake eyes. So, most of the risks are long-term and often directly affect the nerves under the tongue. 

Immediate Side Effects of Snake Eyes Piercing Tongue

After the placement of snake eyes, the expected healing time is at least 40-50 days. And in between that period, it’s normal that you may develop some temporal bruises or inflammation near the pierced region.

Also, there can be excessive secretion of saliva in the initial days. Therefore, all these effects are normal to a certain extent to the wearer of such tongue studs. 

However, consulting a professional piercer would be the wisest choice if you feel unbearable pain or some unusual changes in your mouth. And if things go out of hand, have medical consultation to recover sooner. 

Measures Aftermath

Piercing in such sensitive places requires extra care and preventive measures to avoid complications. You should follow the listed measures – 

Dietary Means

Avoid spicy and hot dishes for a month. Even don’t take anything acidic in nature. Such kinds of meals would react immediately and can cause pain to your swollen tongue. In brief, anything likely to react with the open wound is best to avoid. 

Cautious While Maintaining Oral Hygiene

When you brush thrice a day you should choose soft bristles and a flexible toothbrush. Gently brush every day, which would not hurt the inner oral muscles or any regions near your tongue. Also, if you are using a mouthwash, choose the diluted or salt-free ones as those are not reactive. 

Notice The Size of the Jewellery

When you have a swollen tongue, the piercer will place a larger piece of jewellery on your tongue, which would bother your tongue once the swelling is gone. So, when your tongue comes to normal shape, contact the piercer and ask him to fit the usual small-size jewellery instead. 

Avoid Talking Much

For one to two days, it’s best to rest your tongue so, talk less. But after two to three days, try to move your tongue more than usual. It is so because it would, in a way, help you in exercising your tongue in getting back to normalcy. 

Maintain Personal Hygiene 

Since any sort of piercing opens up the possibility of bacterial growth, sharing meals or eating from a single dish is not safe. Also, thoroughly clean your hands before touching any part inside your mouth. It’s even better to avoid intimate mouth contact with your partner. 

Few Words At The End! 

In a nutshell, when you decide to try an adventurous piercing, then snake eyes piercing is for you. But it’s highly advisable to research well about such piercings as they can impact your oral health highly. Many people with such piercings on their tongues face dental and gum problems. So, decide wisely, and even if you think of snake eye piercings, contact professional piercers for safe placements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What does the snake eyes piercing do to your teeth? 

Answer- Snake eye-piercing is exceptionally unhealthy for your teeth. It can weaken the teeth with repeated chipping or even can impact the teeth’ enamel. Other than that, such piercings do gum erosion and irritate your gums mainly. 

Q.2. What piercings are used for snake eyes? 

Answer- Snake eyes use jewellery made from metal, gems, nickel or even precious stones like diamonds to have lasting piercings. These are made with a curved or minor barbell that resembles the two eyes of a snake. 

Q.3. How long can you keep snake eye piercing? 

Answer-  Snake eye piercing is permanent. But if you want to keep the jewellery pierced for a long time or not is another question. But permanent piercing leads to scarring and neurological problems. 

Q.4. Is snake eyes a piercing? 

Answer- Snake eye piercing is a way of positioning a barbell at the tip of your tongue with the assistance of a piercing expert. The other name for the snake eyes piercing method is venom eyes piercing. It’s called the snake eyes because the pierced studs resemble both the eyes of a snake. 

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