Rhomboid Muscle Strengthening Exercises To Activate Back Muscles

by Adarsh Patel
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This article will give a walkthrough of rhomboid exercises. Many people want to strengthen their back muscles, and they try lots of exercises. Rhomboid exercises is one of them. Most people want to make only lat muscles. If you’re going to make your back muscles strong, you should follow all the information we share in this article.

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What Are Rhomboids?

Rhomboid Muscles
Rhomboid Muscles

The rhomboid is the muscle that is present on the upper back of the body. It will be divided into two sections: rhomboid major and rhomboid minor. The rhomboid major is found below the rhomboid minor area.

The shape of rhomboid muscles is like rhombi. And it should be at the end of the shoulder.

The rhomboid is a very thin and smaller muscle as compared to other muscles. The trapezius and latissimus are the muscles on top of rhomboids. The rhomboid muscle plays a vital role in giving stability and strength to the back and shoulder of the body.

The main function of the rhomboid is to help you to pull your shoulders to the back. It will help you in the movement of the shoulders. It will also help to raise the shoulder blades and also depress them.

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Why Should We Do Rhomboid Exercise?

Rhomboid is an essential exercise for the human body. It is the most beneficial exercise for humans. It is suitable for poor scapular control. If your neck and shoulder do not move properly, there is a chance of getting neck and shoulder injuries. 

If you have to prevent yourself from injuries, you must do rhomboid exercise. And, If you have weak rhomboids, you have to struggle with many problems. It will also affect the other body parts like the elbow, neck, shoulder, and back.

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Top 4 Rhomboid Exercises That You Must Try 

Rhomboid Strengthening Exercises
Rhomboid Strengthening Exercises

There are many rhomboid exercises that you have to add to your workout schedules and keep your rhomboids healthier. We are reviewing the top 5 rhomboid exercises for you.

1. Incline Pull-Ups: 

Most people are doing exercises with cables and dumbbells. And these exercises are used in heavyweight exercises and rhomboids also. Incline pull-ups are one of the best exercises for rhomboids.

This is the best option for those individuals who want to strengthen their rhomboid muscles. It is a beginner-friendly exercise, and it is a strict pull-up technique. 

You just need an iron bar or anything for holding for doing this exercise and have to adjust that bar at a lower level, and you can also use the bars at a playground or gardens. You have to walk your body underneath the bar and bend down your knees to 90 degrees. And always keep your legs straight.

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2. Prone Y raises:

This exercise is like wall slides; it is a quite simple exercise that is the best option to keep your rhomboids and shoulders healthier. You have to lay down on the floor like a prone for this exercise. And the hands should be straight so that they will look like “Y.” 

You have to lift up your arms, engaging your upper back muscles. And lift a few inches or the lower part, hold this position for some time. Always keep your legs on the floor during the entire exercise. When you do this exercise, you feel like you are in a Superman pose, and it will focus on the upper back muscles.

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3. Face pulls: 

Face pull is not only a rhomboid exercise; it will also affect different body and back muscles. But it promotes the strengthening of the closest muscle of the rhomboid. It will help you to depress and retract the scapula. This is the best exercise to keep your shoulders and rhomboid muscles healthier.

You can start this exercise at your home with the help of a cable machine or band. You have to hold the cable with a firm grip by hand. And you have to bend back with your elbows when you pull the cable. It will create tension and bend you down for stability, Hold that position for some time. After that, you can reverse that movement again and again.

4. Wall slides:

Wall slide is one of the smooth exercises for rhomboids. But it is a more challenging exercise than other ones. You have to stand up with a back to the wall. After walking about lt 5-6 inches from the wall, lay down your body on the wall. 

We have to touch the end of our heads to the wall. And always press your lower back to the wall. And raise your arms to the 90 degrees from the walls. After that, you have to raise your arms with your head up slowly. Once your hands touch each other at the top, slide them out.


You have to take some precautions when you do rhomboid exercises. We are listing out some tips that help you to prevent injuries. Let’s discuss some tips that you must follow during workout time.

  • Always press your shoulders down when you do any rhomboid exercise.
  • Maintain your spine in a neutral position during the workout session.
  • Always start your sets with lightweight, don’t take heavyweight directly.


We are reviewing some of the best rhomboid exercises and their prevention. If you have to make your rhomboid muscles strong, this information is beneficial. You have to add that exercise to your workout list and do it properly, and it will be helpful in your back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain. It will also help to treat your bad posture. I hope you like the information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you strengthen rhomboids and lower traps?

Ans. You have to hold the dumbbells above the head and straighten your arms. Always keep your left hand on the ribs to remind your mind to stand up. And you have to engage your core when you walk. And always focus on the core and shoulders. It will help you to strengthen rhomboids and lower traps.

Q. How do you activate rhomboids?

Ans. For activating rhomboids, we have to keep our hands on the legs, which will remind us that we don’t want to lift upwards. And gently brings up the shoulders.

Q. How do you isolate rhomboids?

Ans. We can isolate rhomboids by practicing rhomboid darts, bent-over rows, and batwing rows.

Q. Do rows work for rhomboids?

Ans. Yes, The seated rows work for the muscles of the rhomboid.

Q. Do push-ups work your rhomboids?

Ans. Yes, push-ups work for the chest, shoulders, legs, back, and rhomboids as well.

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