Restarting weight loss journey after gastric bypass

by Karm yogi
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The title seems impossible, right? You have gained weight because of your surgery and you don’t like it. Well, you are not the only one, but weight loss is easier for people who just did not get out of a medical situation. It doesn’t mean you can not do it, you can and you will. This is why we have guided on weight loss after gastric bypass through this post.

Yes, you need hard work with determination and consistency, but above everything, you need a strategy. And it is my aim, to give you the best strategy I can.

So let’s get on it!

According to the MedlinePlus article

  • Gastric bypass surgery alters the way your stomach and small intestine process food, allowing you to lose weight.
  • Your stomach will be smaller as a result of the operation. When you eat less, you will still be satisfied.
  • Your stomach and small intestine no longer absorb food from your stomach and small intestine. As a result, your body will not receive all of the calories from the food you eat.

Now that means, you need more nutrition than others, since you can not absorb everything you eat. You don’t have to eat much though, since with few calories you can sustain.

Moving ahead!

So once you have gained weight after the surgery, there are two options to go ahead with. but before losing weight, would you not want to know? Why did you gain extra weight?

Let’s know about it first.

Why weight gain?

Why Weight Gain
Why Weight Gain

As your doctor might have already told you,  Or something similar to that, the bottom line is, if you do NOT follow a healthy lifestyle you might gain some weight.

For those who follow a healthy lifestyle, but still gain weight?

Read Article On Weight loss:

Here is your answer:

  • If the pouch wasn’t fixed correctly during the surgery, you may gain weight even after the procedure has been completed. For instance, your stomach size may be used to estimate the pouch incorrectly.
  • If this is the case, the bariatric surgeon may fix a larger pouch that finally stretches too far. You’ll need to eat more to be satisfied, which means you’ll put on weight if you do this.
  • It’s possible that you’ll gain weight if you don’t consult with a nutritionist to make sure you’re on track.
  • Follow-ups are useful for identifying bad eating habits or harmful lifestyle choices that could impede weight loss.
  • Inflammation and scarring in your stomach limit your stomach’s ability to expand immediately after surgery, but once your stomach has healed, it may once again stretch to accommodate more foods.

So, now that we know the reason. let‘s move ahead with the available solutions.

  • Revisit your stomach surgery and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Reset the pouch to its default state (Reduce the size of your stomach by cutting back on your food intake.)

Now the first option is infamous, because you have to get surgery again, and that might cause problems again.

So the safest option for most people is, to get their pouch reset. Now the question that arises is, how?!

Well, let’s see.

Pouch reset for weight loss after gastric bypass

Pouch reset for weight loss after gastric bypass
Pouch reset for weight loss after gastric bypass

In basic terminology, you have to eat less, fewer calories so that your stomach gets reset to absorb and sustain less food.

So that you will be able to lose more weight.

Now comes the major part: how to do, what to do.

The 5-day gastric bypass pouch reset diet was created by a bariatric surgery patient who had gained weight after surgery.

So read along and get back to your fitness journey, and if you still face issues, visit your doctor.


  • Day 1: Liquid diet, completely dependent on liquid.

But again sugar-free, by that I mean, artificial sugar. You can and should drink fruit juice. Suggestions would be, apple juice, orange juice, herbal tea, water(the more the better)

  • Day 2: Incorporated liquids like milkshake, protein shake, soups, broths etc.
  • The Day 3: Continue using protein shake for strength, add thick semi liquids like yogurts.
  • Day 4: Semi solids like oats that sustains the human body.
  • Day 5: firm solids like broccoli and other veggies that digest faster.

After day 5, patients should resume their regular food habits BUT! Make sure you don’t leave your fit habits because I am sure you don’t want that extra weight again. Like mentioned earlier, if you still face any kinds of issues, please visit your doctor.

The curator of this diet claims this will cure everything. But, it’s not scientific… like we don’t assure you. So let’s look at the obvious solution.

What to intake in diet for weight loss after gastric bypass

What to intake in diet for weight loss after gastric bypass
What to intake in diet for weight loss after gastric bypass

●    Liquid :

As our parents have always said, do not drink water after eating any meal.

Drink more liquid, more water as it will help you in weight loss, for more information about this, click here.

So, drink more water. And drink water after you wake up. It will help you to increase metabolism, and metabolism helps in fat loss.

●    Greens:

Eating greens is good for your overall body as our bodies are built to digest greens more than meat.

Green veggies give you all the Nutritions you need at the same time it’s easy on your stomach.

●    Proteins and carbs:

All the macros and micros, like proteins and vitamins.

All these things are in your food, none should be sidelined. Divide a plate, fill half with salad and greens. Eat greens first.

Fill the other sections with major carb and protein sources.

Drink water after 15-20 mins.

This way, you will be able to cover up essential macros and micros.

Add dairy to your diet. For more protein.


FAQs on weight loss after gastric bypass

Q.1. Why does weight loss stall after gastric bypass?

Ans. The answer is always different, as the condition depends from patient to patient, the common reason is unstable diet and lack of discipline that makes you eat without any barriers.

Q.2. Can I stretch my pouch after gastric bypass?

Ans. Yes technically, that is how you increase your weight. By eating more than you should.

Q.3. What is the 48-hour pouch reset?

Ans. Famously known as pouch reset, it’s reset in 48hrs only.

Q.4. Can you regain weight after gastric bypass?

Ans. Yes, you definitely can regain weight after gastric bypass. There are two known methods, one is the doctor, second is the pouch reset.

The major deal is diet. That’s it.


Ending message

The most important thing is discipline, if you are disciplined to wake up every morning and make the right choice to get fit and choose the best options that will help your health. Will keep you fit, away from the overweight category.

It’s all in your hands, literally.

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