Red Mountain Weight Loss

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Red Mountain Weight Loss is probably a name you’ve heard of if you live anywhere close to the southwest region of the United States. In Texas and Arizona, there are currently 15 medical weight loss centres in this chain, and more are slated to open in 2020.

Although you might hear the word “medical” and assume I don’t need a doctor’s help, hiring a health coach, fitness trainer, or nutritionist is comparable.

More than two-thirds of people in our society are overweight or obese, and seeking professional assistance is not a sign of weakness, according to Suzanne Bentz, D.O., founder and chief medical officer of Red Mountain weight Loss.

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There are two main weight-loss programs at Red Mountain

Weight Loss Programs at Red Mountain
Weight Loss Programs at Red Mountain

The first is called RM3, a three-step program with instructions for a food plan, drugs, supplements, menu suggestions, and exercise videos. This approach assists patients in losing up to 20 pounds per month or more and keeping that weight off.

The second is RM Lifestyle, which is regarded as a more moderate weight loss strategy and is intended to assist patients in losing 6 to 10 pounds per month. The program’s doctors advise particular drugs and nutritional supplements to complement a macronutrient diet.

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The Red Mountain Weight Loss regimen is what it sounds like

The Red Mountain Lifestyle program comprises a diet strategy based on a patient’s lifestyle, activity level, and nutritional and calorie requirements. In essence, it provides you with dietary recommendations for macronutrients.

The RM3 program, on the other hand, is a little more rigorous and includes a personalized eating plan, a proprietary drug, weekly shots, and supplements. 

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Must consume any certain foods?

Red Mountain allows you to eat regularly, unlike some weight-loss programs that force you to buy particular packaged items.

They want to ensure that patients learn how to eat for life; therefore, their programs include authentic meals that patients purchase from the grocery store. 

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Red Mountain Diet plan

Red Mountain Diet plan
Red Mountain Diet plan

Lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and other food groups, are all included in the Red Mountain weight loss program. Additionally, it permits healthful starches.

According to Mazzoni, this diet is comparable to the Mediterranean Diet and is a considerably better-eating pattern than that followed by most Americans.

How long-lasting is Red Mountain Weight Loss?

Although there is no shortage of weight loss plans, the Red Mountain weight Loss approach has several important advantages.

Through the provision of specialized care under the supervision of bariatric physicians, the company has spent more than 20 years rising to the top of the nonsurgical techniques of long-term medical weight loss.

Expenses Associated With Red Mountain Weight Loss

Plans cost between $200 and $500 a month. However, if you’re losing weight due to a medical condition identified by a doctor, you might be able to use your Health Savings Account to pay for it.

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How Much Weight Can Red Mountain Weight Loss Help You Lose?

“A patient’s starting weight will determine how much weight they lose on the Red Mountain program. Individuals who begin at a higher weight will, on average, lose more weight while following a diet plan because they have higher daily energy needs.

Although it seems like a high estimate, Red Mountain’s website says that patients may lose up to ten pounds monthly. According to Maazoni, a healthy, sustainable weight loss should not exceed two pounds per week or eight pounds per month.

What are the Red Mountain advantages

  • A bariatric doctor monitors weight loss and considers bloodwork
  • An emphasis is placed on creating an individual weight loss plan.
  • Long-term success and ending the cycle of yo-yo dieting are the main priorities.
  • If you’ve done everything to lose weight but still have trouble, it may assist.
  • There are weekly check-ins in the programme.

What are the Red mountain disadvantages

As a component of the medically supervised weight loss program, this centre uses Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which may raise some concerns given that the FDA claims that HCG is ineffective for weight loss and that the majority of studies have not demonstrated HCG’s significance for weight loss.

The weight loss boosters claim to reduce hunger and speed up metabolism, but the full list of ingredients is not provided, making it unclear what exactly is in these products to speed up weight loss and whether they are supported by research.

RM3: The fastest, safest way to lose weight

Each RM3 program phase serves a distinct yet essential purpose. The first phase is the weight Loss Window, which also includes a Step 1 Guidebook with a Diet Plan, Weekly weight Loss Boosters, and our unique medicine.

After the medication course has been completed, the medical provider will deliver a new guidebook with the diet plan needed to prevent rebound weight gain. The following step is Transition Month.

Patients then move on to Lifetime Maintenance, which includes another appointment with a medical professional and a brand-new Guidebook with a diet plan.

The Control Kit, which contains continuous antioxidants and vitamins to help block carbohydrates, regulate insulin levels, and improve fat metabolism, is advised by medical providers throughout the final two steps to help you stay on track.

Benefits of RM3

  • rapid weight loss under medical supervision
  • accelerates the burning of fat, boosts metabolism, and increases energy.
  • weight loss that lasts over time
  • Safe for people with illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, menopause, thyroid issues, slowing metabolism, etc.
  • maintains stable insulin levels
  • increases immune
  • Red Mountain Diet

How many calories are in an RM3?

This RM3® approved protein drink contains 15 grams of protein & only 80 calories: zero fat, gluten-free (contains soy) & a rich source of calcium.

Expenses Associated With RM3

Red Mountain Weight Loss Cost
Red Mountain Weight Loss Cost

The cost of RM3® program costs $524.00 to start, including your exam, lab work, body composition analysis, low-calorie diet plan, weekly RM3® Fat Burning Shots, and the first month’s supply of the proprietary medication. The cost for each additional month that you are on the RM3® program is $429.00.

RM3 Diet 

For our patients, RM3 is engineered to deliver remarkable, long-lasting weight loss results. We developed a premium prescription drug for RM3 that includes a cutting-edge component that has been shown to speed up weight loss beyond HCG alone. Furthermore, unlike the HCG, our RM3 programme includes weekly “weight Loss Boosters.”

RM lifestyle: Changes to lose weight 

The most adaptable approach we provide is RM Lifestyle, which lets patients keep eating the things they enjoy most while losing up to 10 pounds or more every month.

In order to correctly prepare meals and stay on track toward their objectives, RM Lifestyle patients receive a weight Loss Window Guidebook with an individual macronutrient Diet Plan and a digital food scale.

The foundation of RM Lifestyle is a macronutrient diet strategy that includes a mix of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Benefits of RM lifestyle

  • Steady weight loss methods
  • An adaptable eating plan
  • a macronutrient intake that is balanced and includes the major food categories
  • Measure portions.

Overall, the programme takes a healthy approach, but there isn’t much proof that weight loss supplements work to help people lose weight permanently.

In light of this, Mazonni says that the Red Mountain diet concept appears to be a safe and long-term weight-loss alternative for overweight and obese people. “I wouldn’t advise using their weight loss products because there isn’t much evidence to support their efficacy for long-term weight loss, “Mazzoni declares.

“The strategy I suggest over Red Mountain’s weight loss supplements is increasing dietary fibre consumption because it is a less expensive and more effective alternative to weight loss supplements.

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