Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet and Exercise

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Are you struggling with burning the extra pounds of your body but getting embraced by failure each time you try to do it? Does your pessimistic attitude always let you down? Do you feel disappointed with your failure? Then, learn it from the famous actress cum comedian cum producer Rebel Wilson & be motivated by her weight loss story!

Her success in weight loss & also her ability to maintain this success is really commendable. 

Curious to know, how did Rebel Wilson lose weight? Searching for the Rebel Wilson diet that helped her lose that extra weight? Keep reading this blog post & we will tell you about the Rebel Wilson weight loss in detail. 

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Rebel Wilson Weight

Rebel Wilson Weight
Rebel Wilson Weight

The Australian star/actress & the commentator of the Bafta Film Awards, the famous Rebel Wilson, who played various roles in movies like Jojo Rabbit, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaid, etc.

She has recently plucked the attention of the media & fans for her surprising weight loss. But, what was her original weight & how many pounds did she manage to shred? 

Well! She originally weighed 242 pounds or 109 kilograms. But, in Nov 2020, she attained her mission of losing her weight up to seventy-seven pounds. Presently, her weight is 74 kilograms or 165 pounds. That’s really amazing, right?

Wilson, who once debuted Fat Amy’s role in Pitch Perfect, is now no fattier.

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How Did The Actress Manage To Do It? 

Actually, it’s the determination of this lady that makes everything possible. She chanced to enrich her health within the year 2020 & so named the year the “year of health.” She even told the BBC that her overweightedness never made her confidence level low.

Though she knew that her weight was probably double or triple (sometimes) the other actresses’ weight, she could yet confidently step over the red carpet. 

However, her deep consciousness told her that her eating behaviors were not okay. In fact, her emotional eating behaviors are unhealthy. And from then on she started planning about how to control it & live healthily.

She thought of making resolutions for the entire year & named her years according to her diet & health plan. Hence, she called 2020 a “year of health.” By that, what she meant was allowing the year 2020 to the benefits regarding health. 

As she touched her 40 in 2020, she got serious about her health. This year she resolved to concentrate wholeheartedly on her health benefits by putting work aside.

So, she planned not to work much this year. Rather, she becomes determined to focus more on her overeating problem & dealing with it mentally. 

Honestly, her aim was not only to achieve a certain number but also to solve her overeating issue. Her motivation to improve her health came from her desire to freeze her eggs for the future if her heart told her to begin a family.

And for this purpose, that is, to become fertile & to possess good quality eggs, she became so serious about getting fit & healthy. 

Impediments To Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Impediments To Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Impediments To Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

While Wilson was on such a good journey towards weight loss, she herself confessed in a BBC interview that her Hollywood team never supported her weight loss.

On the other hand, they gave her a pushback saying her figure & physical appearance perfectly fits the role of myriad funny characters like that of Amy in Pitch Perfect.

So, they tried to convince her that she could earn millions of dollars by staying overweight & playing these funny characters. But Wilson, being determined to transform her body & also her life physically, didn’t listen to them. She listened to her heart. 

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How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight
How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight

Since the time her fans got to know that Rebel Wilson lost weight, they are so eager to learn her strategies for losing weight. It’s a surprising reality for them that a fatty star-like Wilson, who was cast for different funny roles due to her overweightedness, has lost more than 30 kilograms of weight & is super fit now.

They were dying to know about her weight-losing techniques so that they could follow them in real life & become slim & fit like her. And Wilson never hid her slimming policies from her fans. 

She even showed each step of her progress on the way to becoming fit & healthy to her fans by sharing her candid photos on her Instagram with suitable captions.

According to her, life is short & we need to celebrate & live it by loving it wholly from deep inside. Being optimistic, she always believed that one day she would turn into a healthy & fit person because after the storm is over, the rainbow always shows its face. 

But, that doesn’t mean that everything went on a smooth way in her life & she became a fit person. Her relationship with her boyfriend Jacob Busch faded off at the same time when she was on her way to becoming healthy. But, she never let her depression ruin her health habits & continued to move on her path of becoming fit. 

Besides, she has to go through many weight fluctuations like her decreasing weight again, increasing suddenly & decreasing again. It’s a kind of roller coaster experience.

But, despite all these obstacles, she never slowed down. Gradually, she overcame all her crises, including her problem of emotional eating & became healthful.  

She admitted to her buffs that to reduce her weight & to get an appropriate treatment plan for her overweightedness; she has visited Austria’s exclusive VivaMayr wellness center.

The center is famous for providing the guests with an actual diagnosis of their problems & the treatment plans for such problems. They also made a diet plan for Wilson. 

Rebel Wilson Diet & Her Other Weight Losing Strategies

Wilson’s diet plan at VivaMayr included consuming a large amount of high alkaline type whole foods (for example, vegetables, yogurt made from sheep’s milk, fish, etc.) & curtailing the intake of sugar & gluten.

Her daily routine started with a colon-cleansing drink that she used to drink in the early morning. Then, she had to do a gentle exercise followed by breakfast, afternoon-time meal (lunch) & night-time meal (dinner).

She also had to go through various individual medical treatments or therapies that can tailor to her needs. 

Staying at the retreat for a week costs nearly 3,240 euros & she spent every amount of money needed to make her slim & fit. By the way, her weight loss credit not only goes to the VivaMayr retreat center alone.

She also owed her success (in losing weight) to her personal cum special trainer, Jono Castano. Wilson is now satisfied with her weight after losing so many pounds from her body. She also focused on maintaining this healthy new weight of her. 

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Some Strategies That Worked And Led To Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

1. Being okay with her imperfection

Rebel Wilson never became restrictive. She never worked out in the manner of a beast. Rather, her strategy was targeting health from all corners. She gave herself grace even if she took a day or two off from the Mayr-prescribed diet plan.

2. Being Clear About The Reason Behind Her Mission Towards Fitness

It was clear in the mind of Wilson why she wanted to get fit & healthy. She knew very well why it was essential for her to shred several pounds from her body even though her fatty figure was fetching her millions of dollars.

Rebel Wilson was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in 2020. And so, by losing her extra pounds, she wanted to become healthy by freezing her eggs.

This is because her healthy body will allow nothing to stand in the path of her giving birth to her future children. Besides, her decision to lose weight was also because she wanted to survive her emotional eating problem & feel better by remaining true to herself. 

3. Getting Real With Herself

At the beginning of the year 2020, Wilson, by writing a letter for herself, committed that she would adopt any means to make her health more tangible. And she was true to her words by committing everything that could boost her health or improve it. 

4. Finding Her Favourite Way For Becoming Fit

Wilson loved walking & so she adopted it to lose weight. According to her, walking is both free & safe. She said, just put on a book/podcast & walk around wherever you find relaxing.

That was one of her strategies for losing weight. She used to walk 6 days a week. Her sixty minutes of exercise were either walking or doing activities with a personal trainer of her. She also used to allot the remaining one day of every week for her rest.

Look into her Instagram & you will find a photo uploaded by her where she is doing an on-the-go arm exercise with a bottle of vodka. Presently, Wilson confessed to “Women’s Health” that she is busy maintaining her normal weight by sticking to walks & treating her muscles with Epsom salt/bath oil-soaked bathwater. 

5. Controlling Her Diet

Before getting on a mission to lose weight, Wilson consumed a lot of fast foods or high-calorie foods. And this she used to do from her childhood. But, in 2020, the year of health (as named her), she stuck to her mission of eating no more than 1500 calories.

Presently, she maintains her normal weight by consuming no more than 2000 – 2500 calories in a day. After experimentation, she even found out that she feels healthy & satisfied when she eats a high-protein diet. Now, her eating habit has become mindful instead of emotional one. 

Now, as she has achieved her target & is willing to shred no more of her weight, she gives herself occasional treats with snacks, ice creams & chocolates.

She always ensures that her diet is healthy & adds tucking shredded carrots or avocados into her diet. She acknowledged that the most challenging among all was to deal with her emotional eating & deal with her emotions by learning to process her emotions & she stood it out. So, her life changed for the better. 

6. Loving Herself

Though Wilson was a confident, skilled & accomplished individual, she still used to suffer from the feeling of low self-worth. Her purge emotional writing (by setting a twelve-minute timer) helped her overcome her feeling of low self-worth & also in loving herself. 

7. Trying Meditation

Whenever Wilson felt stressed, she used to focus on the words of a meditation app. 

Wrapping Up

No one can deny that loss of weight is a challenging thing. But we can be inspired by the Rebel Wilson weight loss story, isn’t it? After all, who can say, following the strategies & plans of this lady might start working for you! So, don’t waste your time by stressing yourself. Stop thinking & start working with determination towards achieving your target, just as this lady did. The result? Well! Have patience! And within a few weeks, the weight machine will show it to you!

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