Ralphie May Weight Loss: Surgery, Before and After

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Ralphie May Weight Loss: When May was 16 years old in a car accident, his 45 bones were broken. This cost him a physical defect in his body and made him weigh 800 pounds.

He Participated in the MTV celebrity club in 2004 and had Gastric bypass surgery which lowered his weight to 350 pounds (160) kg.

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Photos of Ralphie May

Photos of Ralphie May
Photos of Ralphie May

Who is Ralphie May

Ralphie May full name is Ralphie Duren May.

Ralphie May was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the USA on February 17, 1972. When he was 17 years old.

He won a competition to open for Sam Kinison.

He was an American stand-up comedian and actor and was well-known for his extensive touring and comedy specials across a variety of platforms.

Ralphie may win many hearts with his outstanding abilities.  He also has a lot of Netflix features that you may view whenever you want to chuckle.

Ralphie May Career

May was chosen to compete in the first season of Last Comic Standing in 2003. He came in second place in the competition, which was won by Dat Phan. May went on to appear on shows like The Wayne Brady Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after that.

May released his first comedy CD, Just Correct, in 2005. He went on to star in four Comedy Central specials, including Girth of a Nation (2006), Prime Cut (2007), Austin-tatious (2008), and Too Big To Ignore (2012), as well as two Netflix specials, Imperfectly Yours (2013) and Unruly (2013). (2015).

He made an appearance in the film For the Love of Money. May also played at the “Juggalos Gathering 2012”.

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How much does Ralphie May Weight

When Ralphie was 16 years old, he had gained up to 800 pounds in a car accident.

Ralphie May Weight at Death

When Ralphie May died, how much did he weigh? This question arises as a result of a closer examination of his demise. The late comic weighed 350 pounds or 160 kg.

Ralphie May died on 7 October 2017 in Nevada in Las Vegas, USA.

Ralphie May Skinny

Doctors encouraged Ralphie to consider undergoing a weight loss treatment, as his weight would otherwise become a major concern.

May decided to slay the monster when he reached his heaviest weight (800 pounds). Ralphie underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004 at the age of 32. He joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club for this purpose. He lost more than half of his body weight, or 450 pounds, during the surgery.

May’s dramatic weight loss from 800 to 350 pounds shocked not just his admirers, but many others as well. He became somewhat of a celebrity as a result of the situation. May did reduce a significant amount of weight, but his health was not perfect.

How much weight did Ralphie May Lose

He took part in VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004, which resulted in a 350-pound weight loss (160 kg). May dropped 40 pounds after contracting viral pneumonia on a vacation in October 2011.

After getting acute pneumonia on a cruise ship in November 2011, he had a nearly fatal pulmonary embolism when a blood clot from his leg became stuck in an artery.

Ralphie May lost roughly 350 pounds after the surgery, and he set objectives for himself to get back in shape. Even after shedding 350 pounds, Ralphie May struggled with a slew of other weight-related ailments.

Ralphie May Weight and Height

His weight was 204 kg or 450 lbs and his height was 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm tall.

Ralphie May Weight loss Before and After

However, Ralphie May struggled a lot to figure out the weight. Check out Ralphie May Weight loss Before and After images in this section.

Ralphie May Weight Loss Before and After
Images of Ralphie May Weight Loss Before and After

Ralphie May Married to

Ralphie married to Lahna Turner.

Ralphie May Wife
Photos of Ralphie May Wife

Where Ralphie met Lahna Turner

While attending an open mic event in Houston, Ralphie May and his wife met. May married Turner on June 3, 2005. They exchanged vows in front of family and friends during a wedding. Raphie and Lahna had a daughter and a son.


Q1. Why did  Ralphie May weight so much ??

Ans. When Ralphie was 16 years old, in a car accident his 45 bones were broken, which would be a physical defect in his body that made him 800 pounds.

Q2. How Old May when he was died ??

Ans. May died on Oct. 6 at the age of 45, and his body was discovered the next day at a private property in Las Vegas. May had been battling pneumonia, according to his publicist, Stacey Pokluda, which prompted him to cancel a few engagements in the last month of his life.

Q3. Where is Ralphie May Buried??

Ans. Ralphie May was buried at Oakland Memorial Cemetery Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas, USA.

Q4. Ralphie May Net worth??

Ans. Ralphie May had 2$ million dollars.

Q5. Ralphie May Wife and Children??

Ans. Ralphie May married comedienne Lahna Turner on July 3, 2005. A girl was born in September 2007 and a son was born in June 2009.

Q.6. Whom was Ralphie going to meet on the day of his death?

Ans. He was set to attend a meet and greet event at Harrah’s in Las Vegas on the day he died.

Q.7. Ralphie May was Divorced ??

Ans. In October 2015, the couple filed for divorce and sought shared custody of their children, but their divorce was never finalised.

Q.8. What did Ralphie May do before becoming a comedian?

Ans. He worked as a chef before becoming a popular comedian. He formerly worked at the Four Seasons in Houston, NOLA’s, and Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans restaurant.

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