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Propylene glycol in skincare which is having the IUPAC nomenclature of prop-1, 2-diol is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water which was started by the National Library of Medicine and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. It is an organic compound because it contains carbon features, also it has a faintly sweet taste followed by being vicious and a colorless liquid with no odor. It is non-irritating to human skin and hence used in various skincare products due to its water holding capacity. 

propylene glycol in skincare
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There are various other applications (skincare being one of them) that use propylene glycol are-

~Polymers: Carbon materials tend to stick together to form a long chain of carbon atoms.

Food: It is used in edible items like coffee-based drinks, ice- creams, sodas, etc. 

~ Antifreeze: The freezing point of water is lowered when it is mixed in propylene glycol and hence used as antifreeze.

Advantages :

~ Attracts water: When used in lower concentration it acts as a humectant. It further binds water and gives hydration to the skin which is further used in skincare products to let the skin hydrated.

~ Light Moisturize: Being humectant in small concentration, it offers the moisturizing property to the skin and soothes it, and gives it a non-sticky feeling. 

~ Addresses Visible signs of Ageing: Aging causes the skin to be dry as when we age, the skin loses its natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and then eventually dries out. Propylene glycol binds the water and moisturizes the skin to prevent drying.

~ Good for acne: Acne is the most common and troublesome skin issue people face. Many cosmetics you use may cause harm to your skin instead of clearing the acne. Propylene Glycol is good for acne-prone skin as it is not oily. It helps to repair the skin and make acne go away from the face. 

~ Prevents Loss of Water: Propylene Glycol acts as an emollient that forms a protective layer around the skin. It helps retain water/moisture to the skin and further smooth and softens the skin.

~ Works on any type of skin: Propylene Glycol being non-reactive to skin and also its non-oily, it works even for acne-prone people.

Difference between Propylene glycol and Ethylene Glycol:

Sometimes there is a common confusion between propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. There is just one similarity in that they both belong to the glycol family and propylene having an additional 1 more carbon atom, thus structurally different. Thus there is a need to distinguish between the two since both of them have their different chemical properties and ethylene glycol which is also used as anti-freeze is toxic and harmful for human skin while propylene glycol doesn’t react with the surface of the skin hence safe to use.

Side Effects:

  • As propylene glycol is derived from petroleum, many people may have concerns that it can carcinogenic and can be toxic for skincare. Cosmetic petroleum is different from commercial petroleum and it is not carcinogenic and likewise, and not the propylene glycol. 
  • People who are suffering from eczema should not be using propylene glycol product as they can make the condition worse. 
  • If pollution is a case on the skin, then the product derived from petroleum doesn’t make it harmful, the final form is non-carcinogenic and it is found in many topical cosmetic products. 
  •  You should first try the product on your arm so that you know that you don’t have any allergies. If you do get any rashes then you should discontinue them. 

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How to use it?

As propylene glycol is present in many products, there is not one way to use it. You should use the products which contain them as instructed by dermatologists or your cosmetician, or as a manufacture give detail on the particular pack. This will include that how you should use it, how often you use it (like in a week or twice a week; depends!). If you use propylene glycol in large quantities it will not be harmful to your skin. 

Best products that have propylene glycol in them:

1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

propylene glycol in skincare
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This is the best moisturizing cream is recommended by dermatologists, beauty bloggers. It contains powerful emollients and humectants clinically proven which locks water in the skin and give moisture. It has water, glycerin, Propylene Glycol and many other components. 

2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

best micellar water with propylene glycol
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This is the best H2o micellar water for removing makeup, clean dirt from the face, best for sensitive skin. This is the best micellar water with propylene glycol in it. This cleanses the face and removes impurities and pollution particles. 

3. Ferulic + Retinol Brightening Solution 

ferulic+retinol brightening solution
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Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Brightening Solution is the best retinol serum promote by ferulic acid. It also helps in increasing the appearance of texture, fine lines, skin tone, and other skin issues. Also, it will give you a perfect complexion and a good texture for your skin. It also enhances the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles and a broken texture. 

4. Aveeno cotton-blend Shampoo

propylene glycol aveeno shampoo best
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It is not a skincare product, and it one of the best shampoos with propylene glycol in it. As it works for your skin, it also works wonders on your hair. It’s a light texture and doesn’t feel oily when applying to your hair. 

5. Alotol Intensive Moisturizing Lotion 

alotol intensive moisturizer
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It is a good moisturizer that helps to give the skin a smooth and supple texture. It has aloe vera and Vitamin E also which is good for itchy skin, which helps the skin moisturized well. Sustained with cell reinforcements and germicide specialists, it gives you re-empowered and sound skin. It is the cream that likewise is utilized for mitigating burn from the sun.

We hope this article gives you the information about Propylene Glycol and it will be helpful. It is also important for you to know what you’re applying on your body.

We will give you information about other ingredients as well. Stay tuned!

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