Precious weight loss: Interesting Story of Gabourey Sidibe

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Everyone has a goal to achieve a perfect figure year after year. But do we really work to achieve the goal? We read different stories of celebrities and how they work hard to gain a slim figure. One of the most interesting weight loss stories is here to guide us for perfect weight loss. It is the story of precious weight loss that describes the weight loss journey of star Gabourey Sidibe. Let us have a look at the story of this star and the benefits of precious weight loss therapy.

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss
Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss

Who is Gabourey Sidibe?

Gabourey Sidibe is an American author and actress. She started her film career by acting in the movie “Precious” in the year 2009. The actress has also won an award for great acting skills. She has been nominated several times for different awards.

Gabourey has acted in many films and TV series. She has also appeared in many music videos. 

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Precious Weight loss surgery

The actress was diagnosed with Diabetes in the year 2017. Soon after, she went for bariatric surgery to control her weight. Later, she discussed this health issue with her doctor Dr. Bradley Schwack. He is a bariatric surgeon and advised her to go for weight loss surgery.

This surgery was successful and the actress lost more than 80% of fats from the belly. But this surgery also had one side effect. It made the actress feel full after eating just a small portion of food. The actress also revealed this surgery to the public. She stated that this surgery was not an easy task. Many efforts were done by her to lose extra weight of the body.

What are some of the best precious weight loss actress secrets?

This actress has shared many secrets by which you can get rid of extra weight. The secrets are as under:

1. No to junk food

One of the best tips of precious weight loss 2018 is saying no to junk food. Gaby had left the habit of consuming junk foods. Although she loves junk foods from her childhood days, the actress still managed to quit junk food during her weight loss journey. Instead of junk food, Gaby chose to eat hummus, vegetable chips, and saltine crackers to control weight. She said a strict no to French fries, burgers, and pizzas.

2. No to overeating

Another secret of this actress is to consume food in small portions. Gaby says that it is important to limit food portions while you are losing fat in the body. To get the right nutrition in the body, Gaby discussed it with her nutritionist and personal trainer. As per the instructions of her personal trainer, the actress began consuming veggies, grains, and fruits. She also used to consume healthy fats such as seeds, olive oil, and avocado. According to Gaby, it is necessary to avoid overeating to lose weight.

3. Do not consume soda

Actress of movie precious, Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss secret is to say no to soda. She used to drink a lot of soda before losing weight. Apart from that, she also used to consume many burgers and French Fries. She says that these foods lead to weight gain in her body. Later, she decided to quit these foods, especially soda to increase metabolism in the body. Instead of soda, Gaby consumed cold water with lemon slices. This cold water with ices helped her to get rid of toxins in the body and stay hydrated for long hours.

4. Eat food at the right time

One of the best tips of weight loss by precious movie actress weight loss is that you must consume food at the right time. Gaby started to consume about 7 meals per day including heavy breakfast and light lunch and dinner. Besides, you must also consume water every 20 minutes before a meal. Drinking water reduces overeating and keeps the body hydrated.

5. Decrease in salt and sugar consumption

Before reducing weight, Gaby used to consume cupcakes and Oreos often. After knowing about type 2- Diabetes, the actress made a good decision to quit eating sugary foods. In this way, she could manage her weight loss. Moreover, the actress consumed less sugar and salt to get relief from Diabetes.

6. Use a small food plate

Gaby shares one more secret of precious weight loss. She says to use a small food plate to eat food. Using a small plate for consuming food will also trick your mind that you are eating more food.

Exercise plans of Gabourey Sidibe

Apart from consuming a healthy diet, Gaby also used to exercise a lot to lose weight. She talked to a professional trainer to burn extra fats in the body. To lose weight, Gaby began doing low-impact exercises such as stair stepper, Versaclimber, and walking on a treadmill. These exercises helped to lose many calories of the body.

Gaby used to do exercises for 30 minutes for 3 days every week. Some of her routine exercises also included lat pull down, leg press, barbell curl, and lunges. The actress also shared some of her photos on social media sites. Many people could see the huge difference in the body of precious after weight loss.  She got rid of about 150 pounds with her routine within some months. People could see the slim body of actress precious before and after weight loss.

 best precious weight loss
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Frequently Asked Question about precious actress weight loss(FAQs): –

Q. What does precious look like after weight loss?

Ans. Actress Gabourey Sidibe was very fat before 2017. In the year 2017, the actress came to know that she was diagnosed with Diabetes. Hearing this, she talked to her doctor and started following a healthy diet. Within some months, the actress lost approximately 150 pounds and she turned from a fat girl to a slim and pretty girl.

Q. Did precious have weight loss surgery?

Ans. Yes, the actress went for weight loss surgery wherein she could get rid of 80% of belly fat. Besides, she also followed a strict diet plan and exercise plan to gain a slim body. The actress did not eat large portions of foods to reduce unwanted fats in the body.

Q. How did the precious actress lose weight?

Ans. People saw a huge difference in the photos of actresses before and after weight loss. She used to consume a healthy diet such as veggies and fruits. Besides, the actor also used to drink a lot of water to burn extra fats. She reduced the consumption of sugar and salt in meals. The actress followed a strict exercise plan and used to do yoga to get a slim figure. She used to consume less food on small plates.

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