Phil Mickelson Weight Loss Transformation and Diet

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Phil Mickelson Weight Loss:

Have you ever heard about golf? You must have from either your rich friends or people who complain about rich people.

Well, I myself know about tiger woods, yes, the legendary golfer.

I think most of us sports enthusiasts know about golf through tiger woods?

The unbelievably true weight loss journey that one of the sports ambassadors made is what we will talk about today.

The most shocking thing is Phil Mickelson’s age.

He is 50 years old, that is OLD.

When he recently appeared to win his PGA championship, been conducting at Kiawah island to capture his sixth championship.

A few years ago, Phil was diagnosed with arthritis, but he seems to have bounced back from his arthritis and pursued this life-changing journey, which brought him in the best shape of his life, his words, not mine.

14 years ago, to be exact, Phil looked a whole lot different. He himself admits this in his tweet related to the weight loss transformation.

Now, let’s see how Phil did such an amazing thing.

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Phil Mickelson Weight Loss Transformation

Phil Mickelson Weight Loss Diet
Phil Mickelson Weight Loss Diet

This is what Phil’s transformation comes to in the end. Phil admits that he has not been that great throughout his career, but he is going to do better now. He still has time. What we can understand from this is that Phil was very careless regarding what he ate. He used to eat whatever he wished for, not realizing what the foods were doing to his body.

So Phil gives us the advice to be aware of whatever we are eating, get educated about our body and what we are putting in it, and control ourselves by being more conscious about everything going outside and inside of us.

Phil says that it took two years for him to get in the best shape of his life. Now he also adds that he is healthy and happy.

He has suggested meditating, as it helps us cultivate a better mindset, which will help you have more control over yourself.

Phil adds that one needs to be honest to themselves. They need to make sure to quit old habits and build new ones.

Like choosing brown bread over white bread, not looking at coke, etc and choosing fruit juices every morning.

Phil tried lots of things, and the ones that worked included fasting. He says that when you fast, you give the body time to take out the bad stuff from the body and welcome new ones.

Its time for FAQs

Phil Mickelson Fasting Diet
Phil Mickelson Fasting Diet


Q.1. How has Phil Mickelson lost so much weight?

Ans. With consistent hard work and fixed diet and loads of intermittent fasting and the right mindset helped in Phil Mickelson Weight Loss transformation.

Q.2. How much weight did Phil lose?

Ans. 15 pounds in almost 2 years.

Q.3. What kind of diet did Phil Mickelson go on?

Ans. He had six days of fasting and a super blend of coffee and water.

Q.4. What is Phil Mickelson’s weight?

Ans. He currently weighs 91 kilos or 200 pounds.


The conclusion as simple as it gets, you need to have a strong will to pursue any transformational journey.

And a weight loss journey, for example, needs the man to quit loads of bad habits and, most of all, to be honest with yourself.

You gotta talk with yourself, explain yourself what you want to achieve.

And thus, collect nutrition knowledge. Most importantly, collect information about your body, track the results.

And stay focused.

Who knows, I might be writing about your transformation journey later?

That’s all, for now, folks. As always, we aim to keep you educated about everything related to fitness with the ease of reading.

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