Otto Insurance Company Reviews | Legit or Scam

by Mouli Chakraborty
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Otto Insurance Reviews

Ever surfed the net and searched for insurance online that offers the best rates? Then, you may have indeed confronted the site of Otto Insurance, that offers to bring you cheap coverage within a few seconds.

On its own website, the otto car insurance company describes its service as the dream of an insurance shopper. But is it really so? Are the claims of this company trustworthy? 

To get the answers to these questions, you must dig deeper and read the otto insurance reviews. The customers’ feedback statements will make your confusion partly clear. However, for your ease, we have combined all the customer reviews of this company and formulated a detailed review of otto insurance Florida. 

After going through this review about otto insurance, you will no more linger in confusion. Every detail about this firm will be transparent before your eyes like water. So, let’s proceed:

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Insurance Plans That Otto Car Insurance Offer

While searching online for a cheap-rated insurance plan, many people meet this website and mistake it for an insurance company. However, they soon discover that otto insurance company is not an insurance company itself.

It doesn’t offer any own insurance policy options. This puts off many customers a bit who have visited the site, assuming it is an insurance company. 

But, if Otto auto insurance company is not an insurance company, then what does it do? Well! This company claims that it is a website for insurance rate comparison that presents people with varied quotes from their areas’ insurance companies.

But, does otto car insurance does the job that it claims sincerely? No! Many people even found that these company claims are also somewhat misleading. 

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Otto Auto Insurance Work

Otto insurance, on its website, claims that they are the one-stop-shop solution for finding the reasonable rates that various insurance companies offer.

After visiting their website, you will be asked to choose from any insurance types – auto, home, life, or pet. Once you select your preferred area in which you seek insurance, you must go through the stage of a short questionnaire. 

In this questionnaire, you must answer the questions about yourself and the entity you want to insure. Though you will not face any problems throughout the entire process, you will not be able to access the handy quotes without providing your contact number and some other information.

Many customers find this thing irritable as they don’t want to provide their contact information suddenly to any unknown site. The contact information includes name, your name, email id, address, and phone number. 

Besides, the privacy policy of this insurance demonstrates that they also retain the right to obtain extra information about their customer from other online/offline sources.

In addition, the Otto car insurance website stores cookies on their visitors’ computers to collect supplementary information from their IP addresses and ISP-linked area code of their servers. So, from all these, can you relate anything? 

Well! We can relate to the fact that though the company contends to provide help to their customers free of cost, the main focus of it is to generate leads for the insurance partners of Otto.

So, it’s straightforward to understand that by taking all the customers’ information, Otto sells them to thousands of their insurance provider partners, who in turn use this information to relentlessly contact the visitors and customers of Otto and make an effort to sell their products. 

Otto Car Insurance Reviews 

Otto Car Insurance Reviews 
Otto Car Insurance Reviews 

The Otto insurance reviews of the customers of Otto are there in plenty on their own company’s site. However, if you have a trust issue with those reviews, you can check out their customer reviews on other company review sites.

In fact, you can also check out Otto’s Facebook reviews page. You will see that they got only 1 out of 5 stars there. 

People mostly complain about Otto insurance because the company shares your personal information with others who constantly call you and disturb you. Sharing your contact information on the site of Otto will result in a cascade of unwanted spam emails and calls. 

Besides, many customers have also reviewed that this insurance provider company helped them in no way. Despite providing them cheap and reasonable quotes, the company provided them with the quotes of insurance providers and their rates which are even more expensive than what they are presently paying to their insurance companies.  

They said that the claim of this insurance provider company is essentially false. This is because Otto auto insurance company, though it promises to present a large number of cheapest quotes on insurance, actually presents only a few quotes, and that too the expensive ones.

They mostly direct their customers to the 3rd party websites of their areas’ insurers. Also, the contracts with those insurers are fixed, and the actual customized quotes are obtained after an actual conversation with those insurers.  

Is Otto Insurance Legit?

Is Otto Insurance Legit
Is Otto Insurance Legit

Yes, Otto Insurance is legit because it doesn’t scam its consumers out of money. However, it is better to avoid this company as it is not accredited (or approved) by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Besides, though it shows the customers that it is working on their behalf, its main target is to collect information (on lead generation) on behalf of the different insurance companies. 

Though it is directly not scamming people, the otto insurance scam rumour can’t be totally denied because by providing your contact information on this site, you will indirectly get scam calls and emails from other companies. So, the Otto insurance tool for quotes comparison is not convenient in any way, and it’s better to ignore it. 

Overall, people usually rate this insurance provider company on the spectrum’s lower end (maximum 1 star). However, it can’t also be refuted that the Otto car insurance company is fairly transparent.

It never hides the fact from the customers that it’s an insurance provider company and not an insurance company. Nevertheless, one can question their claim for upfront cheapest free quotes for insurance. 

Yes, it’s true that the company will provide you with one or two ambiguous quotes for comparison and informs you that an agent for your selected quote will call you back soon.

Nonetheless, the quotes provided by this company are less likely to help you in any way. It will spam your mailbox with junk mail and load your phone calling or messaging box with unwanted spam calls and messages. 

So, in case you are searching for an authentic insurance provider or an insurance quote comparison website online, look out for other better and genuine options, not Otto insurance Florida. 

Otto Insurance Reviews – Pros and Cons

Though there are plenty of inimical Otto insurance reviews available online on different sites, the company might perhaps suit you if you don’t feel disturbed to attend a lot of calls from a big array of insurance companies. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the otto insurance company:

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Pros Of The Otto Insurance company

Giving your contact information in the Otto will alert nearly all insurance companies in your region that you are searching for insurance coverage. 

Within no time, you will get to contact them as they will start calling you with their customized quotes. 

Cons Of The Otto Insurance company

Otto does not have any license as an insurance provider.

Otto, in reality (totally opposite from what it claims) presents before you very few quotes and the quotes may not reflect the original prices.

You have to enter much personal information on the site, which once you provide them, no more remains personal. They are transmitted to more than 1000 insurance partners. 

Instead of reliable and reasonable insurance quotes, you will get numerous spam calls and emails from numerous providers.   

Wrapping Up

From the Otto insurance reviews of various customers we summarised, you surely understand that this app will not keep your contact information private. So, if you likes privacy, this insurance quotes provider tool is not for you as it’s not reliable and safe for you. But, if you are someone who doesn’t bother much about privacy and wants to interact with many insurance companies simultaneously to get the best deal, then you can try this tool. 


Q.1. When was Otto insurance founded?

Answer: Otto insurance was founded in the year 2006 in New York City of, United States. Its function is to help various individuals or businesses with a broad spectrum of insurance coverage solutions and assistance for meeting economic needs. 

Q.2. Who is the Otto insurance guy?

Answer: The guy who acted in the otto insurance advertisement is none other than the actor Matt McCoy.  

Q.3. What is Otto Auto?

Answer: Otto auto is an insurance provider company that provides various insurance quotes to its customers. However, for providing quotes, the company asks for the customers’ contact information. This contact information, in turn, is transmitted to various partners (insurance companies).

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