Does Otezla Weight Loss Statement is True?

by Adarsh Patel
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Otezla Weight Loss and Other Side Effects

Otezla is a medicine that is taken at least twice a day. This tablet is used to cure Arthritis, Plaque Psoriasis, and Behcet’s diseases. Apart from this, Otezla benefits in reducing inflammation. Some people who took otezla came across weight loss, which we will discuss here.

Otezla inhibits enzymes in the immune system; it also affects cells. This reduces inflammation in the body and improves all skin symptoms, including nails.

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Otezla Side Effects

Otezla has two types of side effects, a severe side effect, and a common side effect. Some common side effects associated with Otexzla are mentioned below. 

Otezla Side Effects
Otezla Side Effects

Common side effects

  • Feeling like vomiting
  • To vomit
  • Feeling like indigestion
  • fatigue
  • Back pain.
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Cough, runny nose
  • Do not get sick
  • A rapid drop in weight

It is included in all the common side effects; most of them will go away in a week or less. If this will not happen and you are facing more problems, then you can consult your doctor immediately, and you should also take advice.

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This also includes common side effects from Otezla

1: Weight loss

With the help of a report, it is found that the people who consumed Otezla lacked sleep. Apart from this, people experience weight loss after taking this medicine.

The side effects of this medicine include vomiting and diarrhea, which may be the reason for losing weight.

2: Diarrhea

Problems like severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc. have also been observed in some people after consuming Otezla. It usually got treated by itself within a few days. Diarrhea is considered a very common side effect of Otezla.

If you are suffering from all these problems after taking Otezla, immediately consult a doctor.

  • Diarrhea for more than 2 days.
  • Blood in the stool during diarrhea.
  • Black stools.
  • Fever more than 101 degrees.
  • Severe pain in the stomach.
  • Pain in the rectum.

Serious side effects

These are Otezla’s severe side effects. These consequences of Otezla can be fatal.

  • To be allergic
  • Severe diarrhea and non-stop vomiting.
  • Going into depression
  • Frequent thoughts of suicide.

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Other Side Effects of Otezla

1: Allergic reaction

You may have an allergic reaction after taking certain medicines; similarly, Otezla can also cause some allergic reactions.

If you experiencing such allergies, consult a doctor immediately.

  • Skin rash
  • Itching
  • Flushing
  • Swelling on the skin due to allergies
  • Swelling in the mouth
  • Having trouble breathing

Experiencing such problems maybe life-threatening for you, so you should immediately contact your nearest hospital or doctor.

2: Weight loss

Weight loss is a common side effect after consuming Otezla, but if you experience rapid weight loss, then it is harmful. 10 to 14 percent weight loss is normal. If you feel like losing more than 14%, it is harmful and fatal. After this, you do not have to consume otezla.

3: Cancer

People who have psoriasis have a higher risk of getting cancer. As you know, this drug diagnoses psoriasis, and it can also increase the risk of cancer.

4: Depression

Depression has also been observed in some people taking Otezla. But it is very rare, and it only happens to less than 2% of the people. Only 1 percent of people suffer its severe effects.

If you experience sadness or mood swings while taking Otezla, consult your doctor immediately.

5: Headache

Headache is a very common side effect that occurs after taking Otezla. But this is a bit serious. This happens with the daily consumption of Otezla; it can also be cured if you consult your doctor.

Side Effects of Otezla in Children

Side Effects of Otezla in Children
Side Effects of Otezla in Children

Otezla is only for people over 18; it is strictly forbidden to take for children. If a child consumes it even after refusing, then they may have all these problems which are given in this article.

How long do the side effects of Otezla last?

Most of the side effects associated with Otezla get better in one to one and a half weeks. The rest have serious side effects; allergies, suicidal thoughts, etc.; you want to go to your nearest hospital and get yourself treated; otherwise, it can also cause death.

Otezla Contraindications and Warnings

Otezla cannot become a habit for anyone. If you stop its service, you may get back the problems that otezla diagnoses.

A person should take only 60 kilograms of otezla a day. Individuals who have kidney disease should not consume more than 30 mg of otezla. Overdose of Otezla may have general problems.

But if you consume it too much, you can get serious problems that can even lead to your death.


1: A person suffering from kidney disease.

You should not take otezla if you have severe kidney disease.

2: Pregnant woman.

In pregnant women, there is a fetus in the stomach and in such a situation, the death of the fetus can also occur due to the consumption of otezla.

3: The women who feed their children.

Moms who breastfeed babies should avoid consuming otezla as it is very dangerous for babies. Children below 18 years of age cannot take it.

In what quantity should you take Otezla?

The dosage of this dose may vary for each patient. Consult a doctor before consuming it once, or you can also consume it by reading the label. You have to do as your doctor tells you to do.

Apart from this, the amount of it you take in a day, the time between doses, and how much you can tolerate it. All these things also affect the amount of its dosage.

What if I miss a dose of Otezla?

If you miss a dose of otezla, and later you remember, you can take it. But if you miss the missed dose at the time of the new dosage, then do not take your missed dose. This medicine has worked for a long time. But if you want good results, then don’t miss your dose.


Question: On Otezla, how much weight can you lose?

Answer: Otezla frequently causes adverse effects like hunger reduction and weight loss. 10% to 12% of those who take it may experience weight loss. Most people lose between 5% and 10% of their body weight, while others have lost more than 10%.


Otezla is a medication drug that is used to diagnose many diseases. This medicine is the right medicine, but if you consume it excessively, it harms you. If you take more of any medicine, then it will be harmful. 

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