Orbital Piercings vs Conch Piercing: Healing Time, Earrings

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Enough of painful ear piercings that can only give you discomfort and healing after a long time! Isn’t there any low-key trend of ear piercing that will not give you much pain, as compared to any other piercings, and will suit your minimalist look? Well! Such kinds of piercing certainly exist. And it’s none other than an orbital ear piercings. This piercing, being done on your earlobes, takes much less time to heal. 

Another reason for its fast healing is the non-dangling and non-sticking nature of its jewelry. Because of these natures of the orbital piercing jewelry, they don’t get snagged on your hair and clothing. Sounds interesting, right?

After all, what more can one want from a piercing! But, with only this much information, you can’t run into any salon asking for this piercing. Read further and know more. We will confide in you all the details about orbital piercings. 

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What Exactly Is Orbital Piercings?

It’s a point of piercing in which two holes are pierced into your ear, and a hoop is employed to connect them. Though it is possible to position orbital piercing anywhere in your ear, the piercing is most frequently conducted on the earlobe.

However, some people also choose to place it in your outer ear’s middle part. It’s the same as that of an industrial piercing as it connects two holes using a bar in the ear’s upper cartilage. 

However, most of the people choose to spot orbital piercings on their lower lobe as the lower lobe’s tissues are softer and rehabilitate faster. You can even turn your single ear piercing into an orbital piercing whenever you want. You just have to add another hole nearby, and you are done. 

Also, this piercing goes very well with your prevailing constellation piercing. They are a perfect match. However, the trickiest side of this piercing is that the measurements for both the holes of this piercing should be exact. By measuring the holes exactly, you will understand the exact size of the jewelry that you have to get for wearing once it is healed. 

Orbital piercings are of two types. They are helix orbital piercing and anti-helix piercing. After orbital piercing, it’s better to sleep on a travel pillow that will give you greater comfort. 

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What’s The Cost Of Orbital Piercings?

The price of orbital piercings differs from salon to salon. It all depends on the place and the salon you choose for the piercing. Most salons start the price range of orbital piercing from around 30 dollars.

In addition to this amount, you also have to spend additional money on the jewelry you would choose to wear after the piercing. Many salons offer packages for both orbital piercing and jewelry.

You have to ask the salon for that. They will tell you about the package available in their shop if the store has adopted any such package. 

The material of the jewelry is a deciding factor for the price that will be taken from you in case you are looking for a package. For example, getting jewelry of 14-carat gold will be very much expensive if compared with the price of surgical steel jewelry.

In this situation, many people make fault. They look over their budget rather than reaching for a well-experienced piercer and a salon. But, you must never repeat this same mistake of others.

A well-experienced piercer will work with responsibility by utilizing his knowledge. A not-so-experienced piercer will not take such headaches as he is already providing you with his services at cheap rates. Also, make sure that the salon that does this piercing and the piercer are clean, professional, and reputable. 

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Conch Orbital Piercing

It’s a variant of the famous conch piercing. The orbital conch piercing remains perpendicular to the regular conch piercing. 

It requires two pierced holes instead of only one. With this piercing, the ring can orbit your ear’s cartilage. 

The recommended jewelry for it is normally a CBR. 

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Orbital Piercing Vs Conch Piercing

Orbital Piercing Vs Conch Piercing
Orbital Piercing Vs Conch Piercing

A conch piercing goes through your ear’s center shell. So, if the positioning of the piercing is in your ear’s flat center area, it would be counted as a conch.

Nevertheless, they are generally positioned closer to your ear’s outside edge for nestling elegantly in its fold. Conch piercings are introduced with a piece of stud, and their healing time is nearly eight to twelve weeks. 

Also, the conch piercing stud jewelry, after the complete healing of the piercing, can be exchanged with a piece of ring jewelry. And here’s where confusion originates in the mind of people, and they assume it to be an orbital conch.

But, the truth is that the piercing still remains a conch piercing, not an orbital conch piercing. Usually, people require larger-sized rings to fit around their ears’ perimeter. However, for the size of the ring, it’s appropriate to consult a piercer and take his advice.  

Now, in contrast to the conch piercing described above, orbital piercing is known to be an extraordinary and very cool type of piercing. This piercing comprises two holes side by side. The ring passes through both simultaneously. 

It will give you a unique look. You can position the orbital piercing anywhere on your ear’s edge and the healing time depends on which position over where your piercing is being done. This will approximately take 8 to 12 weeks to complete healing, just like conch piercing. 

Orbital Piercings Pain Level

If you are searching for an ear piercing that will give you minimal pain, then choose to do Orbital Piercing. The pain level of this piercing is very low as it is often done on one’s lower ear lobe.

And the lower ear lobe’s tissue is, without any doubt, very soft compared to the tissue of the cartilage and the nose. Thus, you will feel significantly less pain as the holes for orbital piercings are pierced on your ears.

Now, it is a different thing that two holes required in the orbital piercing may add up a little more pain if compared with a single-holed ear lobe piercing. 

Is Conch Piercing Healing Time Less Than Orbital Piercing Healing Time?

Orbital Piercing Healing Time
Orbital Piercing Healing Time

No, the conch piercing healing time is more than the healing time of orbital piercing. An orbital piercing takes nearly eight to 10 weeks to heal completely if done on the ear lobe.

However, if done on cartilage, the same piercing will take nearly four months of healing time. A conch piercing, on the other hand, doesn’t heal within this time period. It takes almost six to nine months for a conch piercing done with a needle to heal fully.

Moreover, if accomplished using a dermal punch, the same conch piercing takes approximately one year or more to heal fully.  

During the healing time of orbital piercings, you should ensure that anything is not sticking out in the piercing. Otherwise, it will lead to infection and take much more time to heal.

Since the jewelry usually doesn’t protrude with the orbital piercing look, there’s less chance it will snag on your clothing and hair. Still, you have to be very careful about other pointed and sharp objects that can injure your ear piercing.

Also, don’t rub the piercing with any object like AirPods and Apple buds. Usually, an over-the-ear headphone doesn’t rub your ear piercing. 

Aftercare Of Orbital Ear Piercing

Just as other piercings require good aftercare, orbital ear piercing too needs it. Like other piercings, clean this piercing at least once or twice daily. Before starting the process of cleaning, wash your hands with soap.

Then, you can clean your piercing using a saline solution. The saline solution may be made of sea salt and warm water. If you notice any crust on your piercing, clean it off with a fluffy cotton ball/Q-tip. 

If you notice that your piercing has swollen for two weeks or more and it has started seeping green, black, or red-colored fluid or is bleeding continuously or causing any hearing problems, call your piercer. However, if the situation worsens, go for a checkup by your doctor or admit yourself to a hospital. 

Orbital Earrings And Jewelry

Don’t change your jewelry all of a sudden. Wait until you notice that your piercing has fully healed. You will require at least 8-10 weeks of waiting to change your jewelry. Until then, the original piercing must beautify your piercing area. You can decide the jewelry material for your piercing areas, such as gold, silver, titanium, surgical steel, or others. 

However, choosing 14K Gold/surgical steel jewelry for orbital piercings is always better. This is because the jewelry of these metals is the most hypoallergenic in nature, and they can prohibit any kind of infection in that area. Always avoid nickel jewelry; otherwise, it might irritate your pierced area. 

Regarding styling, you can always wear hoop earrings for your orbital piercings. But, it is not necessary that the hoop earrings have to be ordinary and plain.

If the points of the earrings entering your ears are made smooth, it may also feature a chain/ball/diamond in the middle part. However, if you want your ear candy to stand out among others, it’s always best to choose dainty hoops or ball closure rings for your orbital piercings.  

Wrapping Up:

So, if you always like to look unique and extraordinary from others without much pain, orbital piercing is your ideal suit. Just go for it, select a unique gawking stylish hoop jewelry for your ears and make a unique style statement. 


Q.1. How painful are Orbital piercings?

Answer: Just like an industrial piercing placement, the placement of orbital piercings is such that they produce a significantly lower level of pain with a quick healing advantage. Depending on where you place the orbital piercing, your pain level will be 4.5/10 with 2 to 3 months of healing time. 

Q.2. Can you pierce with orbitals?

Answer: Yes, you can do orbital piercings anytime and anywhere you want. They can be placed in your ear’s outer ear rim (helix) or ear lobe. You can go for both piercings at the same time or separately. You can also turn a single-holed ear piercing into a double-holed orbital piercing only by creating another ear piercing nearby. 

Q.3. Are orbital and conch piercings the same?

Answer: No, they are not the same piercing. Only out of confusion, some people think they are the same. The conch piercing calls for a large hoop that surrounds your ears’ rim. By mistake, people often call this an orbital piercing. However, the piercing still remains a conch piercing with a hoop. 

Q.4. How long does an orbital piercing take to heal?

Answer: An orbital piercing expects nearly 8-10 weeks for rehabilitation completely if committed on the ear lobe. Nonetheless, if committed on cartilage, the exact piercing will assume nearly four months of healing time. A conch piercing, in contrast to it, doesn’t mend within this duration. It takes almost 6-9 months to recover fully for a single conch piercing (performed with the needle). Plus, the similar conch piercing, if attained using a dermal punch, heals roughly after a time of 1 year or more.

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