Monster Nutrition Facts & Some Interesting Monster Drinks

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Back in 2002, Hansen Natural Company inaugurated a US-based beverage company, popularly known as Monster Energy.2 years ago, this company possessed almost 34-35% of the stakes into the beverage market. This generally provides energy drinks sweet in flavor but contains caffeine in a considerable amount. You may fetch any of the drinks amongst the wide range of energy drinks. The business has gained popularity due to its involvement in sponsoring big sporting events like MMA fighting, F1 racing events, snowboarding, and many more. The league has also extended its hand to the music bands as well for promoting them. In this article, we’ll discuss monster nutrition facts and some other monster drink nutritional facts.

Monster Nutrition Facts & Some Interesting Monster Drinks

Monster energy nutrition facts

monster energy

If we talk about the nutrition or health aspect of this energy drink, we usually find it not so healthy. There is a considerate amount of sugar and a decent proportion of caffeine so its irrational intake may land you in trouble.

There are some well-known monster energy drinks along with their nutritional facts-

Monster Rehab Lemonade Nutrition Facts

monster rehab lemonade

The company claims that this beverage is a rejuvenating mixture prepared with elements like lemonade, tea, and electrolytes. Rehab lemonade satisfies your thirst and provides you with instant energy. But the company was in trouble when a hazardous element called epigallocatechin-3-gallate was found in this energy drink and no warning was issued by the company for its users.

In a single serving or a container of about 8 oz, it serves 10 cal. Total carbs of 3 grams along with some traces of potassium and sodium are also obtained after consuming this drink.

Monster Zero Nutrition Facts

This energy drink contains taurine, caffeine, preservatives, and carbonated water. The Monster zero drink is Cal-free and no fat drink. In a single serving Monster, zero provides only one gram of total carbohydrates. This also contains some artificial sweeteners in little amounts. Health experts don’t count it as a keto-friendly drink in contrast to some better beverages available in the market.

Monster Zero Ultra Nutrition Facts

zero ultra

The organization claims it to be sugar-free and a perfect blend of unusual but pleasant flavors inside your mouth. A can of Monster Ultra zero contains a little less caffeine compared to other drinks of the company. A single can provide you with 10 cal. This is a no-fat drink but contains 6 grams of carbs.

Monster Sugar-Free Nutrition Facts

Monster sugar-free energy drink offers only 1.5 calories in a serving of 30 grams. In the same serving, the drink offers a minimal amount of carbs that is 0.4 G. Also, this energy drink can be denoted as a no-fat or low-calories beverage as no traces of fat are found.

Monster Hydro Nutrition Facts

monster hydro

The company asserts Monster hydro energy drink as non-carbonated with less amount of sweetness in it. There is 125 mg of caffeine in one regular bottle. Although the drink may spike danger in some of the cardiovascular areas. There is a fruity aroma along with a tinge of grape -tang present in the drink. This also provides 12 grams of total carbs and 50 calories in a single serving.

Monster Muscle Protein Shake Nutrition Facts

monster muscle protein shake

This beverage consists of milk protein, cream, along with some artificial sweeteners and caffeine. In a serving of 15 grams, the drink offers 190 cal. So, the total fat of 4 grams is what your body gains after consuming it. You will also obtain 10 g of total carbs and 27 grams of protein.

Blue Monster Nutrition Facts

blue monster

Blue Monster drink consists of carbonated water, artificial flavors or preservatives, and some artificial sweeteners. A zero-calorie drink in the form of blue Monster serves you a total of 200 grams of Carbohydrates. The beverage is also fat-free and does not contain any amount of protein in its nutrition facts chart.

Monster Hydro Tropical Thunder Nutrition Facts

hydro tropical thunder

This non-carbonated and likely to be less sweet, Monster Hydra tropical thunder drink may rejuvenate you and can provide you with a kick of emotions. This quencher consists of pure water, sugars, preservatives, and natural flavors. A serving of 240 ml may provide you with 50 cal and total carbs of 12 grams are also obtained by your body after its intake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Q. How bad is a monster for you?

Ans. Consumption of any energy drink in excess amounts is not considered to be good for your health. Monster drinks contain caffeine and intake of excess caffeine may cause heart or psychic problems which may further worsen your health.

Q. Can Mtn Dew nutrition facts?

Ans. There are 170 calories in a can of 12 oz of Mountain Dew. It contains 46 grams of sugar (carbs) and is a no fat-free drink that does not provide protein in any form to the body.

Q. How much caffeine is in 8 oz of chocolate milk monster nutrition facts?

Ans. In 8 oz of chocolate milk Monster, there is approx 2-7 mg of caffeine as per the claims of a website which is named

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