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When Mike Pompeo opened up about his weight loss, everyone was surprised by his weight loss. Along with this, he also states that he successfully lost 90 pounds. In fact, due to his busy life and work pressure, he could not pay attention to his body, resulting in his weight increasing day by day.

He also shared that there was no diet plan or hard work involved in his weight loss. He decided to lose weight after leaving Trump’s administration. Earlier, he weighed 300 pounds when he decided to lose weight. He used to exercise daily, for which he also bought machines.

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Who is Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo’s full name is Michael Richard Pompeo, and he was born on December 30, 1963, in America. He is an American businessman and diplomat. He served as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency for President Donald Trump of the United States from 2017 to 2018 and as the 70th United States Secretary of State.

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Mike Pompeo Weight Loss Journey

When Mike realises that his weight is over the limit, he begins his weight loss journey on June 14, deciding to lose weight. He changes his life and starts doing exercises, for which he also asks for machines.

The main reason behind his weight gain is that he was too busy and did not pay attention to the body. Therefore, he combined a small gym at home with his weight loss machines to reduce his heavyweight. He did not consult any gym coach or weight loss expert for this work, and he lowered his weight independently.

Someone’s support is most important due to weight loss. Mike was supported the most by his son and his wife, due to which he was able to lose weight.

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How did Mike Pompeo gain weight?

Mike used to work in a perfect position. He lived with the President, because of which he was taught to go on business trips, and he used to eat cheesecakes and other junk food during the trip. Due to eating high-calorie foods, and those junk food calories got deposited in the stomach in the form of fat, which takes the form of obesity.

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How did Mike Pompeo lose his weight?

How did Mike Pompeo lose his weight
How did Mike Pompeo lose so much weight

Losing weight was a struggle for Mike. However, he said that his excitement about losing weight started in 2021.

He also said that his weight had reached 300 pounds, which he used to be very worried about, and he decided to reduce it. He used to exercise daily to lose weight, and he had also ordered a weight loss machine and dumbbells at home.

Did Mike Pompeo follow a diet?

His weight loss success is mainly due to his abandoning high-carbohydrate, high-fat diets such as hamburgers and hotcakes. Mike Pompeo balances his diet to lose weight. Mike mentioned that he often came on business trips because of work, which caused him stress. To overcome his anxiety, he used to eat high-calorie foods like burgers, cheesecakes, hotcakes, pasta, etc., but now he has stopped eating all of these. Now he consumes healthy foods like salads and egg whites.

Mike Pompeo Before and After Weight Loss

Mike Pompeo then and now image is provided below.

Mike Pompeo Before and After
Mike Pompeo Before and After


Question 1 : Who is Mike Pompeo’s wife?

Answer: Susan Pompeo is Mike Pompeo’s wife.

Question 2: How old is Mike Pompeo?

Answer: He is 53 years old.

Question 3: Where is Mike Pompeo now?

Answer: Mike currently lives in Wichita, Kansas, the USA, with his wife.

Question 4: What does Mike eat to lose weight?

Answer: He says that he did not pay attention mostly to diet plans. He used to eat only healthy foods and tried to eat them in large quantities, such as salad, and he avoided foods with high-calorie content.

Question 5: What was the workout that helped Mike lose weight?

Answer: He did an elliptical treadmill, a stepper, and cycled for 30 minutes at least five days a week. If a heavy person runs only to lose weight, then doing so can cause problems due to cartilage deterioration in the knees. The elliptical places less strain on the knees than sprinting, and it also increases and builds basal metabolism.

Question 6: What are Mike Pompeo’s New Updates After Losing Weight loss?

Answer:  He is in pretty good health now. He still exercises and tries to lose even more weight. For them, losing weight is like losing a fight. Many people did not like his weight loss and expressed displeasure, but all of his friends liked it.

Question 6: Does Mike Pompeo have any kids

Answer: Mike Pompeo and Susan Pompeo have a son named Nicholas Pompeo, who was born in 1990.


Mike used to go on business trips where he used to eat high-calorie foods and ignored his body due to being too busy, as a result of which he gained weight and it became a problem. But just when he realises that the weight will be 300 pounds, he decides to lose weight. He asks for dumbbells and treadmills at home and makes his house a gym. He sheds a lot of pounds. Today, he is leading a healthy life. He still workout every day.

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