Mama June Weight Loss Journey || Shocking Transformation

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Mama June Weight Loss

There’s something so inspirational about dramatic weight loss transformation. That’s

Why there are so many shows devoted to the topic, from The Biggest Loserto My 600-/b Life

No one can resist the allure of watching a celebrity shed their excess pounds. From reality TV stars to singers, everyone seems fascinated by seeing what people who are famous for being thin struggle with when it comes time for them to lose weight in order to be healthy again. One of the most dramatic weight loss transformations ever? Mama June, also known as Honey Boo Boo. Mom on the shows Toddlers & Tiaras and Here Come Honey Boo Boo.

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Who is Mama June?

Mama June, whose true name is June Shannon, has always been a divisive character. She became pregnant for the first time at the age of 14 and dropped out of high school. She’s dated several convicted child molesters throughout her life, including her daughter Alanna’s father, Mike Thompson.

No one could have predicted how much Mama June would change when she hit rock bottom. The reality television star had always been a little bit overweight, but at her heaviest weight of 460 pounds it’s easy to see that this was more than just an excess of calories or metabolism has gone wrong; something about the way she ate made all aspects (mindset included) throw out whatever they were doing because there wasn’t room left inside you anymore!

Mama June Spouse?

Eugene Edward  “Geno” Doak  (born October 8, 1975) is Mama June’s Current Partner.

Mama June Weight Gain Image

Mama June Weight Gain Image
Mama June Weight Gain Image

Whatever Happened to Mama June?

After an altercation with boyfriend Geno Doak, she was detained by officials in Macon County, Alabama. Mama June was arrested while estranged from her daughter, but she has since gotten her life back on track. With over a year of sobriety under her belt, she’s ready to return to reality television.

When did she start to shed pounds? June Shannon’s weight loss journey was not kept a secret. Mama June From Not to Hot, a we TV  documentary, chronicled the extraordinary transformation

Mama June Image Then And Now

Check out Mama June Image Then and Now below.

Mama June Image Then And Now
Mama June Image Then And Now

More Surgeries of Mama June

Mama June didn’t just lose weight; she also changed her appearance. Shannon, like many other gastric sleeve patients, decided to have skin removal surgery after her rapid weight loss. She then planned a breast augmentation and veneers to finish the transformation.

Honey Boo Boo Mom Loses Weight

Mama, you’re scorching! In May 2016, the previously 460-pound TV personality underwent gastric sleeve surgery and a stomach tuck. He also lost weight by working out with a trainer two to three times a week.

Mama June After And Before

Check out Mama June After and Before weight loss pictures in this section.

Mama June After And Before
Mama June After And Before

Mama June 2016 Weight Loss

She embarked on her fitness adventure. Mama June weighed 460 pounds in 2016 and determined that the best way to lose weight was to have gastric sleeve surgery.

This form of surgery usually only gets things started; extra assistance is usually required to stay on track. In addition to the operation, she hired a personal trainer to assist her with exercise as well as correct nutrition. Mama June shed more than 300 pounds after having the surgery and having part of her stomach removed as part of the sleeve gastrectomy in 2016. She was overjoyed to announce that she had downsized to a Size 4.

Mama June 2017 Weight Loss

Mama June 2017 Weight Loss
Mama June 2017 Weight Loss

Well, Mama June Defiantly experienced her fair share of setbacks as she struggled to change her unhealthy eating habits. On March 17 on camera. She shared that she struggled with binge eating unhealthy foods. In an effort to help her overcome this. She decided she needed some extra support. “Tm Joining a small weight-loss support group.

Although I got rid of all of My Junk food, it would be great to get some help to keep the weight off long term “she shared, “I mean, I’m really nervous about walking into a room of people don’t know and talking about my overeating. Lam sacred, but ve got to do something.

Mama June 2018 Weight Loss

Mama June 2018 Weight Loss
Mama June 2018 Weight Loss

So, Mama June tried different dieting methods, including the popular Keto diet Which Consists of low Carbohydrates, high fat and moderate protein intake, but all to no avail. A clip giving viewers a look into the 2 seasons of Mama June From Not to showed June fighting to maintain her weight after gaining 25 pounds of it backs.

Mama June 2019 Weight Loss

Mama June faced a slew of problems in 2019, including a new boyfriend who looked to be nothing but trouble, an arrest in March for drug possession, her daughter Alana Thompson, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, moving out of her home in May, and family intervention in June. With all of the drama surrounding her, her weight loss took a back seat, and the whole thing appeared to be for nought.

Mama June 2020 Weight Loss

Although new years bring the opportunity to start over, Mama June’s bad luck pattern appears to be continuing in 2020. TLC has officially revealed that the third season of Mama June From Not to Hot will premiere in March, although it will not feature Mama June for the most part. This implies that she will not be compensated for her efforts. Fans will have to tune into the episode to find out how 2020 will play out for her weight loss ambitions.

Mama June 2021 Weight Loss

Mama June Shannon acknowledged gaining a lot of weight, and in the just-concluded Road to Redemption, she physically stuffed her face. She continues to appear huge while blaming her excess pounds on COVID-19. She enjoys promoting weight-loss items that don’t seem to make a difference.

Mama June With Her Husband

Mama June With Her Husband
Mama June With Her Husband

Where is Mama June Now

Mama June is now alienated from her four daughters, Anna 26, Pumpkin 21, Jessica 24, and Alana 15, as she works on her health in Florida with Geno.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How did Jessica on Mama June Lose Weight?

Ans. Jessica had an $80,895 makeover in Beverly Hills her sister Anna Cardwell, 26, who had weight loss surgery, liposuction, a tummy tuck, new veneers, and new red hair colour. In April 2020, she told Hollywood Life, “The thing that troubled me the most about myself was my stomach.”

Q2. Did Honey Boo Boo lose a bunch of weight?

Ans. She had shed 300 pounds and modelled for the magazine in size 4 gowns, so yes, she had lost a lot of weight. She ascribed the new look to $75,000 in medical operations, including gastric sleeve surgery, breast augmentation, and skin removal surgery. June also attributes her reduced figure to better habits such as food control and exercise.

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