Lucky Charms Nutrition Facts Label and Ingredients Information

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Every household is very well aware of Lucky Charms cereals. Everybody of you must have tasted this delicious cereal in your breakfast. Though it is a tasty breakfast, still you want to know about Lucky Charms Cereals nutrition facts and ingredients information.

Healthcoachjp constantly toils hard to gather nutritional information for their viewers. This is why we are back with details about Lucky Charms nutrition facts. The fitness community will surely want to look at Lucky charms ingredients information, which is why we will provide Lucky Charms nutrition facts and ingredients label in this post.

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What is Lucky Charms?

Lucky Charms is a famous breakfast cereal brand whose parent company is General Mills. This tasty breakfast cereal was introduced 57 years ago in 1964. The primary ingredient of Lucky Charms cereal is toasted oat pieces, and along with that, these have multicoloured marshmallow bits too.

John Holahan, a product manager, was the man behind the invention of Lucky Charms cereals. It was he who accepted the challenge of General Mills and invented a unique food product.

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Lucky Charms Cereal Nutrition Facts

Below you will see Lucky Charms nutrition facts and information. The serving size used here to display nutrition information for Lucky charms cereals is 1 cup (36 grams).

NutrientAmountDaily Value (%)
Calories from fat16
Total fat1.8g3%
Saturated Fat0.3g2%
Trans Fat0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.6g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.6g
Total Carbohydrates29g10%
Dietary Fiber1.8g7%
Vitamin A20%
Vitamin C16%
Lucky Charms Nutritional Information

Lucky Charms Cereal Calories

2 cups of Lucky Charms cereal breakfast has a total no. of 72 calories.

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Lucky Charms Cereal Ingredients

The ingredients used in Lucky Charms cereal are classified below.


  • Whole Grain Oats
  • Corn Starch
  • Corn Syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Sugar
  • Modified Corn Starch

Contains 2% or less of:-

  • Natural and Artificial Flavor
  • Trisodium Phosphate
  • Red 40
  • Yellow 5 & 6
  • Blue 1
  • Gelatin
  • Salt

Lucky Charms Ingredients Label

The original image of Lucky Charms ingredients label is provided below.

Lucky Charms Ingredients Label
Lucky Charms Ingredients Label

Lucky Charms Nutrition Label

The following image is for the Lucky Charms Nutrition label.

Lucky Charms Nutrition Label
Lucky Charms Nutrition Label


Q.1. Are Lucky Charms really bad for you?

Ans. Though cereals are good for health and a perfect breakfast to enjoy but are they really good? Are lucky charms cereals bad for you? Actually, lucky charms cereals have vital nutrients, but their major downside is the calories and sugar they deliver in only one serving.

Lucky charms cereals are high in calories and sugar, which definitely creates a doubt in the mind of the fitness community.

Q.2. Are Lucky Charms high in sugar?

Ans. Though Lucky Charms is suitable as a breakfast option, still some people say it’s good to have them in moderation, not on a daily basis, because it does have sugar. However, sugar is near to high in Lucky Charms; that’s why some people resist themselves to eat Lucky Charms cereals.

Q.3. Is Lucky Charms high in any nutrients?

Ans. Yes, Lucky Charms is high in many essential nutrients, which is a significant advantage of it. It has Vitamin A, B, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Thiamin, Zinc, etc.

Q.4. Is Lucky Charms high in carbs?

Ans. Lucky Charms one serving has around 22 to 29 grams of carbs which is moderate, not low, not high.

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