Lower back pain before period: Types and Remedies

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You are not an exception if you face severe lower back pain before your periods. Some people report the pain to be Sharp whereas others state it to be mild and tolerable. The condition Completely differs from one person to another and is commonly termed dysmenorrhea. There are a series of factors that contribute to back pain after a period. Some of the most common underlying causes of lower back pain menstruation Have been discussed below in this article.

Lower back pain before period: Types and Remedies
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Types of Lower Back Pain during the period

Primary dysmenorrhea

The onset of a menstrual cycle can result in severe cramping and pain in the lower back area of the body. It specifically happens because of the shrinking uterus and detachment of tissues in the uterus lining. The chemical messengers further worsen the condition. Sometimes, lower back pain can also cover up the lower part of the legs making the condition more difficult.

Secondary dysmenorrhea

Women in the Advanced age group often encounter secondary dysmenorrhea because of physical tissues getting affected during periods. Fibroids, infection, internal growths, and negative reproductive conditions result in severe lower back pain during periods. Your gynaecologist would identify the reason behind the symptoms and give a proper cure.

Other symptoms accompanied by lower back pain during periods might include fainting, vomiting, irregular bleeding and vomiting. 

Causes and remedies for Lower Back pain before period

Sexually transmitted infections and bacteria spreading in the reproductive organs can also be the major reason causing lower back pain missed periods. The problem can also occur because of improper use of tampons and exposure to unhygienic conditions.

Uterine fibroid – small tumours in the uterus can result in lower back pain condition

Adenomyosis– uterus lining growing bigger resulting in severe cramping and pain

Pregnancy – pregnancy complications including miscarriage can also result in improper periods companies with lower back pain.

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Lower back pain before period relief home remedies

Almost any problem that is not fatal can be managed with a couple of home remedies and natural therapies. If you have recently started experiencing lower back pain during periods, maybe taking a couple of precautions would give you instant relief from period back pain. Here are some proven effective home remedies that can mitigate the sharp pain-

Heat – no matter whether the pain is caused by periods or any other reason, heat therapy is always a great way to relax the contracted bodily muscles. You can alternatively take a hot shower bath and feel instant relief in 7 days late period lower back pain.

Yoga exercises– menstrual cramps can be easily dealt with with yoga postures like child pose, reclining twist pose, knee to chest pose and camel pose. The forward post that just tells you to get out of bed and bend forward and backwards to enhance blood circulation is the easiest thing you can do to relieve back pain.

Back massage – you can lie down straight on your stomach and ask someone to apply some hot oil to massage the affected area.

Acupuncture– Acupuncture is one of the most effective remedies for treating back pain and other issues. Neurological disorders can be naturally healed with acupuncture therapies that have its root in Japan.

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Changing Lifestyle – it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle to avoid any sort of mental and physical issues. Eat healthily and stay active to keep your body organs in well-working conditions. Stress and a sedentary lifestyle can be a major contributors to imbalanced hormones and lower back pain during periods. It’s necessary to avoid that as the first thing.

Why is there back pain during period?

Hormonal imbalance and contraction of uterine lining cause lower back pain during periods. The sharp pain typically occurs in the middle region of the lower back area of the body.

Severe lower back pain during this period can be tackled with the help of anti-inflammatory medicines and yoga exercises. One can even overcome headaches and back pain before period by making changes in the overall lifestyle and diet. Make sure that you always accompany Vitamin B and magnesium in your routine meals and avoid a lot of chocolates and caffeinated drinks. Women who regularly use birth control pills must also switch to some other alternatives.

How to feel naturally relieved during lower back pain before period?

Back pain during periods can affect any woman with different or the same intensity. Conditions like complicated pregnancy and fibroids can make the condition even worse. There are some good ways to feel healthy and ease the pain. A little bit of change in your routine lifestyle can make a great difference. Here is what you can do to Naturally relieve lower back pain during periods at home-

Keep moving

The more you walk, the easier it will be for the seated blood clots to come out of the body. Sometimes, the lower back pain can typically occur because of the uncleared periods. You must exercise and stay active to feel better overall. At least 30 minutes of walking or mild exercise can strengthen your lower back and reduce period pain naturally.

Heat bag

Don’t you know that there are rechargeable heat bags available in the market? You just have to plug them up for a good 10 minutes and they’ll retain heat for more than half an hour. Give your back pain a good heat massage using these types of bags and feel the instant relief.


Stress can induce a lot of diseases including lower back pain during periods. Make sure that you take a complete chill pill and have a very mindful meditation to improve your overall Wellness. Do yoga and do not focus too much on periods!

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is not the beverage to be tried when you are on your period. Let it all be clear and then booze-free.

Take a pain reliever

This should be the last resort to ease your lower back pain period. If you cannot tolerate the pain and find it difficult to carry your routine activities, painkillers like naproxen and ibuprofen can be your rescuers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What helps lower back pain during a period?

Ans. Both Medical and non-medical treatments can be initiated to reduce the problem of lower back pain during periods. You can try having a hot bath and oil massage in the affected area. Also, a prescription from an expert gynaecologist would help if the symptom persists.

Q. How many days before the period does back pain start?

Ans. Back pain can start almost one week before the due period date and can last for 4 -5 days.

Q. How can I stretch my lower back when I have my period?

Ans. Bend forward and backwards while still sitting on the bed to ease the blood flow in the body. You can also follow the same by standing on the floor. Start with a few easy stretches and gradually increase the level according to your comfort.

Q. Why do my legs hurt when I have my period?

Ans. Lower back pain tends to reach down the lower body organs that include the leg. Usually, the problem goes on its own without needing any medical treatment after the periods.

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