Lower Back Pain and Thigh Pain Treatment: Causes of Pain

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Lower back pain and thigh pain: Imagine you are walking in the park, a ball comes your way and you bend down to pick it up and throw it back to the boys playing cricket. *OUCH* Yeah that’s what you would feel like, if you are suffering from lower back pain, and speaking from personal experience here, it’s bad.

Mine lasted for a month, hell in one word. That is my experience with back pain.

And same goes for thigh pain, now the first step you want to take is to pay a visit to your good old doctor.

I mean, listen to the pros.

Your lower back pain can have a few major causes or more like points from where the pain started.

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Pain points

Front Thigh and Lower Back Pain
Front Thigh and Lower Back Pain

1.   Lower spine

As expected, the spine holds your head and the entire body together. But yeah, it’s fragile. Now it can be because of a sudden jerk that your body may have faced, like running and suddenly stopping on your heels. Or maybe from your bike, from a speed breaker.

2.   Hips:

Yeah, these bad boys connect the spine and lower body parts, very strong BUT, sometimes because of some infections in bone tissue, or muscle soreness or a nerve issue. IT can cause pain, which may get radiated up to the spine.

And same goes for the thigh pain, it can be life-stopping in a way. It interferes with your everyday life. There are the same reasons for it, jerk, etc.

Now, what next?

Let’s go deep into the reasons for your pain, and identify the right ways to get well.

Here are some more symptoms for your pains:

  • Burning or tingling
  • Being sore
  • Decreased mobility

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Causes for your pain

Pain in Front of Thigh and Lower Back
Pain in Front of Thigh and Lower Back

●     Sciatica:

This is usually caused by a herniated disc. It is a form of pain that travels through your sciatica nerve and it can travel from the spine to all other connected body parts. The symptoms are not complicated, they are pain radiating from your back to your legs, jolts of pain in joints, weakness in your movements, and the most important symptom is uncontrollable bladder and bowels.

Now what you can do is, take care of yourself, use heat packs, don’t massage it and much, keep moving, slowly but keep moving. And take assistance from a doctor.

●     Lumbar herniated disc:

This is quite dangerous, it’s the ruptured disc in your spine. It occurs when the jelly between your discs comes out because of a sudden jerk. And the busted disc puts pressure on the nerves and can cause unbearable pain to your spine, which can again, get radiated to your legs, etc.

The treatments vary from patient to patient, if the damage is too much the doctor might recommend physical therapy or surgery, if it can be fixed with meds, why not.

The symptoms through which you can identify this injury is back pain getting worsened by simple activities like coughing.

These two are the major causes, now to give you a conclusion.


Usually, whenever you feel lower back and thigh pain, it’s not because of soreness. The pain has radiated from somewhere, usually the lower back.

This is usually a serious issue like a herniated disc.

While others might not experience such things and it will vanish within a few weeks or days.

But, since neither you know nor I what’s going inside your body. Go to the doctor. And then, you will find what’s the issue and what you can do about it.


Q.1. Can sciatica hurt in the front portion of the thigh?

Ans. To answer that in one word, yes but not exactly. Since sciatica is a nerve in the spinal cord, its emerging point of pain would be back. And then it radiates up to your thighs.

Q.2. How do you relieve sciatica pain in the front thighs?

Ans. First and foremost, please visit your physician before taking ANY steps. And do what he/she says.
And if for some reason you can not do that, try a heat pack. It will increase the blood flow there, and the body will try to heal itself.

Q.3. Can lower back cause thigh pain?

Ans. Yes, if the pain radiates from the lower portion of the spinal cord because of some reasons. It can reach your hips and legs, which includes thighs. 

Q.4. Can sciatica pain radiate to the front sides?

Ans. This is possible to some extent. The pain can radiate to the lower body, and it will hurt your body parts, like the front portion of your legs and maybe the groin area too. Please consult your doctor before coming to any conclusion.

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That’s it readers, what I can advise you to stay away from these problems is, never ever do any workout before warming yourself up and stretching. It can be LETHAL.

And keep your joints healthy, for that you can also consult your physician for a diet that is a joint pro.

Keep yourself hydrated, and stay away from jerks.

Peace out.

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