Lizzo Weight Loss Diet and Exercise 2021: Is She Vegan

by Tanmay Joshi
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Lizzo, whose real name is “Melissa Viviane Jefferson“, is a popular American singer, rapper, flutist, and songwriter. She was born on April 27, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan. She is better known for her singing as well as her plus-size figure. We will reveal Lizzo weight loss diet and exercise-related information in this post.

Many a time, Lizzo had to face body shaming because of her weight. However, later, the singer took up the initiative for the sake of her health and started to eat a weight loss diet and started doing exercise and weight training.

Lizzo Weight Loss Diet and Exercise
Lizzo Weight Loss Diet and Exercise

Though she managed to receive numerous awards because of her singing, still she had been criticized on the grounds of her weight. Later on, she lost 50 pounds which can be witnessed through her social media posts.

Now, it’s time to dive in deep down to this post to know Lizzo’s diet and exercise.


First, have a look at Lizzo’s biography then we will dive into her weight loss information.

Full NameMelissa Viviane Jefferson 
Date of BirthApril 27, 1988
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
Weight 140 kg
Height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionSinger | Rapper | Songwriter | Flutist | Actress
Active Years2010- Present
Official Website
Lizzo Biography

Lizzo’s Weight Loss Journey

Lizzo’s Weight Loss journey started in December 2020 with a 10-day smoothie-based detox. Moreover, her weight loss journey also includes veg protein bars and a plant diet. Lizzo also showed her pictures of her weight loss journey on Instagram.

Lizzo's Weight Loss Journey
Lizzo’s Weight Loss Journey

Furthermore, she slammed her haters, who consistently tried to let her down because of her weight. She said that “I am working regularly to get back in an ideal shape, and  I am beautiful, I am strong, I do my job, and I stay on my job”, she further added.

Lizzo Weight Loss 2021

Lizzo Weight Loss 2021 searches were at the peak after the singer initiated her 10-day smoothie-based detox back in December 2020. What Lizza takes in diet and what type of exercise she does to get back in ideal shape. All these revelations on the Lizzo diet and exercise are published in the below section. Also read, Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss Journey & Transformation

Lizzo Diet and Exercise

This section will let you know about the Lizzo diet and exercise information.


  • First, she started with a 10 day smoothie detox.
  • Her diet also includes 3 types of green smoothies along with detox supplements.
  • Additionally, she also drank a superfood shake and plenty of water.
  • She used to ate little amount snacks which includes vegan protein bar, nuts, apple along with peanut butter and cucumbers with apple cider vinegar.
  • Lizzo also eats fat free cheese along with eggs.
  • Moreover, she also restricts herself from eating junk food like pizza, burgers, or any edible items which contain sugar.


As per her workout clips posted on TikTok, she had been seeing performing the following exercises.

  • She does jumping rope workouts to remain healthy and in ideal shape.
  • Lizzo uses a kettlebell for doing squats.
  • As a part of weight training, she pushes a sled loaded with weights.

Lizzo Weight And Height

Talking about Lizzo’s Weight and Height, she weighs around 140 kgs and stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches.

Lizzo Weight And Height
Lizzo Weight And Height

Lizzo Weight Loss Surgery

As soon as Lizzo lost 50 pounds, there were speculations all over the internet whether Lizzo had undergone weight loss surgery.

However, the singer herself dismissed all such allegations and speculation over weight loss surgery. She clearly told Seventeen that neither she had gone through any weight loss surgery nor took the help of liposuction to lose weight.

Moreover, she also revealed that her excess fat from the back had been removed as well without using anybody’s shaper and implants. You also love to read, Ashley Graham Weight Loss Diet | Exercise | Surgery

Lizzo Weight Loss Vegan

As of now, Lizzo has gone Vegan and taking up essential nutrients from plants and plant-based protein. She also introduced her fans to her vegan lifestyle through her Tik Tok videos.

This vegan diet plays a vital role in her weight loss journey. She always comes up with a new dish in her videos. Moreover, she drinks a vegan diet soda.

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