Liz Torres Weight Loss: How Did Liz Torres Lose Weight

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Liz Torres weight loss journey is one of the favorite journeys in many celebrities’ weight loss journeys. 

Liz is a fitness model, and she adopted many methods to lose weight. She said that she also lost weight by doing a keto diet and weight loss exercise. After which she got success, and she was able to lose a few pounds, due to which her journey became famous.

To lose weight, you have to work hard and avoid your favorite unhealthy food and desserts with more sugar.

Liz hasn’t lost her weight, but her body seems to be making a big difference.

Who is Liz Torres

Liz Torres full name is Elizabeth Larrieu Torres. Liz is an American actress, comedian, and singer. She is best known as Mahalia Sanchez in The John Larroquette Show, a series of NBC comedies that ran from (1993 to 1996), for which Liz won a Golden Globe and a Golden Globe. Honored with Primetime Emmy Award

She played the following roles in many shows and series.

She played Miss Patty in Gilmore Girls, which ran from 2000 to 2007, playing Julie Erskine on Phyllis in the 1970s.

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How did Liz Torres Lose Her Weight

Liz Torres worked very hard to reduce her weight. She started eating healthy food, did exercise and yoga to keep her body energetic.

How did Liz Torres Lose Her Weight
How did Liz Torres Lose Her Weight

Liz Torres Surgery

Many articles on the internet say that Liz had surgery, but there is no definite proof that she did any surgery or not.

Appearance and Clothing Style

The height of Liz Torres is 5ft 7 inches, she weighs 63 KG (143) lbs. Liz’s eyes and hair are brown. Her fans very much like her dressing sense, and Liz likes to wear long gowns.

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Liz Torres Then and Now 

Liz Torres Before and After
Images of Liz Torres Before and After

Liz Torres Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is believed that Gastric bypass surgery reduces weight, but the body has to suffer a lot due to this.

And whoever has a lot of weight, doctors do not recommend surgery to him.

In some news articles and blogs, it has been said that Liz underwent bypass surgery, which made her look old on her face, which is natural because bypass surgery may help in reducing weight, but it is also harmful to the body.

Liz Torres Now

Torres currently lives in Los Angeles, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Write Act Repertory.

Liz Torres Weight Loss Journey

Liz Torres Weight Loss Journey
Liz Torres Weight Loss Journey

In the year 2000, she said that no one paid much attention to her when she was overweight. In some ways, she had become insecure, and then she decided to lose weight.

Liz started her weight loss journey in the year 2008. There is some difficulty in the initial days, but later on, it becomes a habit.

After working on the weight, she appeared for the first time in the opening ceremony of the show Hit Mast Bhi, which her fans would be surprised to see, and they wanted to know how Liz lost her weight.

Liz Torres Weight Loss Diet Plan

Initially, Liz weighed 250 pounds.

To reduce weight, you have to cut heavy high-calorie food items, the role of food in your life is important, you should take care of what you eat because if you eat anything without caring about health, then obesity comes for sure.

When it comes to reducing your obesity, everyone wants to lose weight as soon as possible, but we are talking about Liz.

Liz’s Weight Loss Diet Plan is a low-calorie diet that suggests you eat less. Liz also avoided foods that were loaded with fats and chemicals.

Daily workout of Liz Torres For Weight Loss

Liz states that her favorite exercise is skipping rope, which works out her entire body and riding a stationary bicycle with a stepper that exercises her knees and reduces leg fat. She went for a walk with a neighbor at 04:00 clock.


In the diet, she ate white toast during breakfast, sometimes she also included coffee in her breakfast, but she used to drink only small cups of coffee, not much. Along with this, she used to consume mainly curd and salad.

In the afternoon, Liz ate vegetables and fish.

After eating healthy food all day, Liz used to eat healthy frozen food at night.

Did Liz Torres have bariatric surgery for weight loss

There has been a lot of speculation on Liz’s surgery that she had surgery, but it is not sure whether she had surgery or not.

Liz Torres Career

Liz’s career began as a comedian and singer; in 1971, she appeared on Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show.

After that, she played many roles in many shows and series, for which she was greatly appreciated, and she also received awards.


Q.1. Liz Torres now ?

Ans Liz Torres currently lives in Los Angeles, where she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Right Act Repertory.

Q.2. Are Liz Torres and Sally Struthers friends now ??

Ans Yes, they were and will always be best of friends. Struthers says that she and Torres are best friends and share things.

Q.3. Liz Torres net worth ??

Ans Liz Torres is worth $1million to $5 million maximum.

Q.4. Is Liz Torres Married ??

Ans Yes, Liz Married She married Pete Locke, an American film producer and owner of the Locke Company, in 1975.


Liz Torres is an American actress and comedian who has won awards for her work, but later due to her increasing weight, people started paying less attention to her, after which she thought of working on weight, and she did it too.

Liz Torres is an example for people struggling with their obesity and want to lose weight. Such people learn by watching Liz and include their diet and exercise in their diet plan.

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