Lawn Care Business Insurance Will Protect From Mental Stress

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Have you lately launched a lawn care/landscaping business? Are you sure you can regulate the business well without disaster, personal loss, or machine loss? Well! No one can warrant that, right? After all, who can tell what will ensue in the future?

There’s always a stake in the business, and the risk doubles if you are the single operator of your lawn care company. It’s because you must struggle with gigantic machinery and be obliged to your consumers’ properties. 

Any damage to your customers’ properties, stealing of machinery, customers’ injuries or other emergencies may lead to the downfall of your business.

The good news is you can definitely save yourself from any financial loss due to any of the incidents mentioned above. Want to know how? By covering your business under lawn care business insurance. It’s an accessible way to safeguard yourself from any kind of financial loss of your landscaping business.

But how to get insurance for lawn care business? And, what kind of business insurance do the landscaping or lawn care professionals need? Come, let’s discuss all these things.

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How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business?

How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business
How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business

The lawn mowing career is an extraordinarily competitive one as you have to stand your business over the others due to market competition.

But, if you have a desire to deliver great service along with a solid marketing plan and are also capable of making a little investment, you can start and make your lawn care business successful. 

First, what should be done is procuring a few pieces of equipment that are mandatory for lawn care businesses and budget friendly as well. You have to pay around $500 to obtain a trimmer, a leaf blower, and an original push mower.

Begin your job with these fundamental tools and acquire more tools for improving your business once you amass more capital. The second thing you should definitely do is obtain a mandatory business License and purchase insurance, if necessary. 

Register your lawn mowing company’s enterprise with the IRS. Consult with some experts, like business advisers, accountants, etc., to set up your tax structure and accounting processes.

It would help if you used your office software and printers for handling orders, correspondence, and additional business assignments. Setting up the accounting processes with the programs of basic office software will help you when filing your taxes. 

Other Aspects

After you are done with these things, it’s time to know your market. Before you set rates for your services, you must research the rate of similar services of other companies. Recognize the cost of running your business, its insurance, its advertisement, etc., and fix rates for your services accordingly so that each potential customer can pay the cost for your services and make a profit from your business. 

If your business clientele is not established, start with low rates for your services and increase them gradually as your clients grow.

Learn very well the skills of mowing lawns. Ensure the edges of the lawns have been appropriately trimmed using required equipment (e.g., weed eater). 

Also, ensure that the grasses surrounding the flower beds, trees, etc., are correctly cut. Be careful while mowing so that the bark fixed at the trees’ base doesn’t get damaged.

Also, the grass must not be cut too low, and your customers’ prized petunias must not get chopped. Mow in either rows or columns. 

Another important thing that is necessary for your business is marketing your business through proper advertisements so that your business becomes visible to prospective customers. You may also post some fliers on the public bulletin boards or other public places in your city. 

Last but not least, you should enroll your lawn mowing company or business under lawn care insurance. It gives financial protection to your business in case of any undue loss and gives your mind peacefulness.

By doing such insurance, you will be assured that you will not fall into any crisis all of a sudden, and if any such situation arises, lawn care business insurance is there to protect you. 

Do I Need Insurance To Mow Lawns?

Do I Need Insurance To Mow Lawns
Do I Need Insurance To Mow Lawns

Suppose you are a gardener/mower who routinely maintains your customers’ yards by mowing, weeding, scrubbing, and trimming or own a lawn care business. In that case, it will be wise for you to buy general liability insurance to protect your company from all types of financial damages and lawsuits.

It will give you full coverage if your clients undergo any injury or your clients’ properties get damaged. You must realize that lawn care businesses must go through a wide spectrum of industry-specific hazards such as working with heavy equipment, potentially harmful chemicals, and many more. 

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How To Get An Insurance For Lawn Care Business:

How To Get An Insurance For Lawn Care Business
How To Get An Insurance For Lawn Care Business

1. Evaluate Your Probable Business Risks:

To decide what type of insurance will suit your business best, you must assess the risks your business may face. Some of the examples of the risks that your landscaping business may face are: 

  • The lawn caring equipment may get broken or damaged. 
  • Employees may get ill because of their exposure to chemicals.
  • The land mowing and other tools might cause injuries.

So, consider the potential risks or dangers that may come to your business and select the insurance policy that can best protect you and your business if any crisis occurs. 

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2. Choose The Right Policy:

Many types of insurance coverage or policy protect lawn care businesses. They are general lawn care liability insurance, business property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, tools & equipment insurance, inland marine insurance, and business umbrella insurance. Choosing the right policy among them is very important as it will decide your future. 

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 3. Buy An Insurance Plan For Your Business:

To make your business come under an umbrella of insurance coverage, you can contact insurance providers directly. You can do this either online or offline. 

A. Keep Terms With A Broker: 

A broker will help you to understand the details of the particular insurance you choose. Besides, he will also help you get various quotes from insurance providers and choose the right insurance policy for your lawn mowing business.

The brokers, while working, give you a personalized experience in exchange for a rate. 

B. Choose An Online Marketplace As A Platform For Comparing Quotes:

 Compare the quotes from multiple lawn care insurance providers simultaneously at the online marketplace. From there, you can collect the phone numbers of the customer support of various insurance providers and communicate your insurance needs with them. They will answer to all your questions regarding their companies’ lawn care business insurance policies. 

4. Select Your Provider:

You know, what will be wise on your part? Getting quotes from over one insurance provider and choosing the right one among them who will financially protect your business!

Before deciding on the name and policy of the lawn care business insurance provider, please go through the coverage, liability limits, cost, customer reviews, and customer experience of each one of them. It will help you to make the right choice. 

5. Purchase Your Policies And Understand Everything Related To Them In Detail:

Purchase the policy that you have decided is ideal for your lawn care business. Also, after you purchase the policy, understand very well when your payments will be due. Furthermore, learn about filing a claim and managing your coverage.

To get insurance to ratify a business pact or start work on a proposal, you must know the process of getting a COI (Certificate of Insurance). It will act as proof of your policy.

Some clients want you to add the COI as your policy’s additional protection. So, you are also required to understand the process of handling it. 

6. Your Coverage Must Be Up To Date:

You should review the lawn care insurance coverage annually. Keep your project or contract policies up to date. When up for renewal, reassess the risks of your business and your existing coverage.

Also, reassess your current experience with the insurance policy and its provider and decide if you would like to change the existing policy or not. 

Lawn Care Business Insurance – Different Types:

1. General Liability Insurance:

This type of lawn care insurance covers any third party’s bodily injury, personal or advertising injuries, and property damage. If a client stints over your mower and injures their ankle, you may be sued by them for the incident.

A general liability policy covers all legal and settlement costs. It also covers the medical expenses of your injured client. 

2. Business Property Insurance:

This type of lawn care business insurance covers your business property’s damage. Such property includes your assets, inventory, and equipment. It results from weather events and specific hazards like accidents.

If an electrical fire spreads in your client’s lawn and the lawn mower gets injured, it gets covered under your business insurance for commercial property. 

3. Worker’s Compensation Insurance: 

This insurance covers your employees’ medical bills. But, their medical problem should arise from work-related ailments and injuries. Suppose your employee is working in your garden and suddenly throws out their back. The Worker’s Compensation Insurance comes to help then. 

4. Commercial Auto Insurance:

Driving your lawn care business truck and accidentally getting hit by another car. Then, what you need is commercial auto insurance.

This insurance for lawn care business covers the cost of all types of damages to your vehicle and the driver’s injuries. 

5. Tools & Equipment Lawn Care Insurance:

This lawn care business insurance gives you coverage for the repairing or replacing of the cost of business equipment (such as a leaf blower) that gets damaged or stolen. 

6. Inland Marine Insurance:

Want coverage for the cost of repairing and replacing business property that gets destroyed or stolen while they are in transit or being stocked by a company not related to your company (third party)? Then, Inland marine insurance is the only solution. 

7. Business Umbrella Insurance:

Want insurance for lawn care business that offers extra coverage for your liability claims presented on other insurance schemes (such as general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, employer’s liability insurance, etc.) immediately after reaching the policy limit? Then, Business umbrella insurance can come to your help. 

Suppose one of your clients undergoes a drastic lawn mower wound and they sue your business, then what will happen? Of course, your scheme of general liability will come to help by covering your client’s medical expenditures, your legal expenses, and various damages. 

But, if those costs exceed your general liability policy’s limit, can you imagine how much financial burden you have to bear? So, to save you from those financial burdens, an umbrella insurance policy or scheme has been made to cover all the extra expenses that fall outside the general liability lawn care business insurance limit.  

Wrapping Up: 

So, there are a variety of insurance policies that could give you coverage for your lawn care business. You have to go through every detail of those policies and decide which of them will suit your law care business best and go for it. As regards costs, lawn care business insurance costs depend upon several factors, such as your company’s size, employee numbers, years of company operation, etc. However, we can estimate that the median cost for a general liability lawn care business insurance would be around $45/month, which equals $530/year. Once you are secured with lawn care business insurance you are protected against mental stress which is a part of businesses.


Q.1. Do you need insurance for a lawn business in Florida?

Answer: For running a lawn care business in Florida, you will need proper licensing as well as certifications. You can get a business license in that country from the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. For hiring staff in your business, you must get an EIN (Employer Identification Number). 

Also, Florida law requires a business owner to pay for worker’s compensation insurance. If you own a non-construction business with 4 to 5 employees or a construction business with a minimum of one employee in Florida, this insurance is a must. 

Q.2. Is starting a lawn care business a good idea?

Answer: Yes, beginning a lawn care company is, of course, a good idea. With this type of business, there is an opportunity of yielding a high income. However, you have to be patient with that, give your time and effort, and show your managing ability for this business. The first income from a lawn care business is nearly $5000 to $50,000, which gradually keeps increasing as your company becomes popular. 

Q.3. How much is business insurance in Texas?

Answer: The business insurance rate in Texas varies greatly depending on the type of industry. However, as per the data of Next Insurance, those in Texas who are small business owners have to pay a median yearly premium of $49/month (approx) for their business insurance.  

Q.4. How do I properly organize my lawn care business?

Answer: You can organize your lawn care business by maintaining the following things:
Simplifying the quoting process
Establishing adaptable and productive team schedules
Keeping your clients informed Answering back your clients on time 
Making the processes of sending invoices and collecting payments easier
Organizing your client as well as job details in one place.

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