Lavell Crawford Weight Loss: Diet, Before and After Images

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Lavell Crawford Weight Loss: For the past 6 years, Lavell Crawford has been one of the most entertaining comedians on TV. The best part about his comedy is that he doesn’t shy away from tough topics in his act like weight loss.

Lavell Crawford is a famous comedian and actor who has made some hilarious movie and TV appearances. However, he was not always as thin as he is now: throughout 2008 and 2009 Lavell gained some weight. By the end of 2009, Lavell had gotten pretty big; at his heaviest, he weighed around 500 pounds!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Crawford said “I’m losing weight to be sexy for my wife.” He also touched on how he feels pressure when performing because he knows people are watching him and judging what they see.

After losing the weight and slimming down, Lavell Crawford is now reaping the benefits of his 100% natural weight loss regime: he is more confident and comfortable with himself and his career has improved dramatically because of it. Most importantly, however, he is fit and healthy and free from any excess weight that could affect him negatively in later life.

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Who is Lavell Crawford?

Lavell Crawford is a comedian and actor. He was born on the 11th of November 1968 in St. Louis, U.S.

In 1986 he graduated from Pattonville High School in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

He may be best known for his role in Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul, but he was also a sought after actor before that.

He starred as Gus Patch on Netflix’s original movie The Ridiculous 6 which gained him not only an amazing following of fans from around the world who loved seeing this man portraying such unique characters; it led many people to recognize him once again with different roles coming out recently.

Lavell Crawford 2021 Weight Loss Journey

Lavell’s story is one of hard work, dedication and triumph. Lavell has inspired millions to take up their weight loss journey because he had the courage that it takes from his success despite all odds against you!

His new show on Discovery Channel promises not only will we see what strategies he uses but also how technology can help us stay motivated while achieving our goals

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How did Lavell Crawford lose weight with his strategies

Lavell Crawford has adopted 4 strategies to lose weight. These are:-

1. Keep It Real

Losing weight can be a challenge, but don’t give up. If you’re looking for ways to motivate yourself and succeed in your goal of losing that unwanted pounds then read on!

The key thing is not just how much time it will take – each person has their own different diet needs. So, there isn’t an answer as far as duration goes- what matters more than anything else though…is making healthier choices today which means getting rid of processed food from big stores because those contain chemicals/preservatives we want nothing nor do our bodies need them.

2. Take fitness as a fun activity

Lavell has found a way to make working out fun and effective. He mixes up his workouts, going outside or taking part in group activities like yoga with friends for the extra incentive.

You can even compete against other people! And if running on the treadmill gets boring after months of doing it day-in/day-out…no need to be stuck there, when there are so many options available. Try walking around your neighbourhood as an alternative formicating exercise routine!

3. Don’t Stop Eating

When you want to lose weight, first think of the foods that are good for your health. Then cut out all bad habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking too much alcohol because these will make any diet fail from the start!

And remember: eat healthily and don’t be afraid if it tastes bland at first – as long as one sticks with their regimen they’ll see results within weeks not months so give those calories a chance before giving up on them forever.

Losing weight never means that you have to stop eating or remain empty stomach most of the time.

4. Keep in mind that I am doing this for myself

With the right motivation, it’s possible to lose weight for your health and well-being without feeling stressed. But first ask yourself these questions: “Why do I want to lose weight?” “Doing so will improve my quality of life? Am I setting realistic goals or am wanting this as an excuse not only to please others but also because society has set limits on what people should look like.”

We all want to be healthier and happier people, but if someone is doing it for anyone else other than themselves then there’s no way that they’re healthily going about this.

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Surgery

Lavell Crawford, a comedian who lost over 120 pounds in just one year after having gastric sleeve surgery.

In an interview with Sway In The Morning show Lavell revealed that his reasons for going through this life-changing event were:

  • My son is just 5 years old.
  • My wife is so beautiful so I have to be in shape.

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Images

Lavell Crawford has been sharing pictures of himself at various stages of weight loss to show that you can lose weight without spending a lot of money or going to a gym. Here are some photos from his journey!

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Images
Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Images

Pictures of Lavell Crawford

This blog section will cover some pictures of Lavell Crawford.

Pictures of Lavell Crawford
Pictures of Lavell Crawford
Photos of Lavell Crawford
Photos of Lavell Crawford

Lavell Crawford Before and After Images

Lavell Crawford is a comedian and actor who has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation in just eleven months. In this blog post, we will take a look at Lavell Crawford before and after images to see what he looks like now!

Lavell Crawford Before and After Images
Lavell Crawford Before and After Images


Q.1. How much weight did Lavell lose?

Ans. Lavell had lost around 120 pounds in a year for the sake of his 5-year-old son and beautiful wife.

Q.2. How tall is Lavell Crawford?

Ans. Lavell Crawford is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Q.3. How rich is Lavell Crawford?

Ans. Lavell Crawford is a well-known American comedian, writer and actor. His net worth equals to around $500 thousand dollars!

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