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Lavelier skincare products are amazing as they use perfect combinations of natural ingredients to make their products, making your skin look gorgeous and enhancing the skin. They have different collections of skincare products for different skin concerns and types. If you’re someone who loves to try something new you should try ‘LAVELIER SKINCARE’ as they provide awesome skincare according to your type. These skincare products are also Paraben-free and not tested on animals. 

lavelier skincare ingridients and collections
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What ingredients do Lavelier use?

The ingredients lavelier use they use for a specific reason and then they make products with that. If you want to use the products you should know what ingredients are there in the specific bottle and whether you should use them or not!

Some of the ingredients that are mostly used by this skincare are:

~ Seaweeds

This is the most important ingredient which is mostly used by lavelier skincare. Their products contain an amount of seaweed which give results in softer and increase the skin’s quality.

It also has Vitamin E which helps in skin hydration; there are amino acids also in seaweeds which is why lavelier use it in their skincare range. Amino acids help in smoothing the fine lines and correct wrinkles which give you a youthful appearance. 

~ Sunflower seed oil

This oil is also good for your skin health as it also contains Vitamin E, and has strong antioxidant properties in it. 

This ingredient helps in giving moisture to the skin which helps your skin to keep hydrated for a much longer period.

~ Sodium Hyaluronate

This ingredient helps the skin to maintain water so it keeps your skin hydrated for a long day. It is mostly found in lavelier skincare products and it is the best to keep your skin in hydration with no doubt. 

~ Ascorbic acid

This acid is found in Vitamin C and it can probably increase collagen production. This also helps in decreasing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other age factors. It has antioxidants that can keep your skin healthy. 


Lavelier skincare COLLECTIONS

There are eight collections that this skincare provides. Each has some unique factors and benefits, and if you want to use them you should know about them in detail. 

Blue Algae

blue algae lavelier skincare
blue algae lavelier skincare

The blue algae collections offer two products: blue algae regenerating powder and calming concentrate, which is called the Blue Algae Beauty skincare Duo. This product covers the concerns of the dry skin type which gives moisture to the skin and your skin will feel soft quickly after applying. Regenerating powder has some antioxidants which help to protect against environmental stress. The calming concentrate is infused with blue algae and water lily extract, leaving your skin supple and soft. 

Coralline Collection

coralline collection by lavelier skincare
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The coralline range includes serum, mask, and cream which can give you the youthful appearance you’ve always wished for. 

Collagen firming Complex Serum has a blend of Hyaluronate and soluble collagen, giving you a youthful appearance. It is the perfect moisturizer that will give you a smooth and rich feeling. This product can be used on the neck and face.

Coralline collagen-boosting masque will help in increasing the skin elasticity and help in preventing premature signs of aging. This is packing with anti-aging marine botanical extracts, Soluble Collagen, Vitamin E, and other powerful ingredients. This will give your skin plump, and firming to the skin. 

Coralline collagen firming neck cream is infusing with vitamins like A, C, and E and botanical extracts which will decrease the neckline appearance and anti-aging. It will help reduce the wrinkles and lines on the neck and give firm skin. 

Coralline collagen Wrinkle IV rescue reduces the appearance of nasolabial lines and crow’s feet with this easy-to-use non-surgical formula. This contains Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and avocado oil which reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and leaves your complexion firm, smooth skin. 

Rapid Eye collagen contour gives you rapid relief from tiredness in the eyes and leaves you a smooth appearance. It contains a blend of Sodium Hyaluronate and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which plump and firm your under-eye skin. 

Coral Luminous

coral luminuos by lavelier skincare
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This collection contains some amazing products which can give your skin a bright and beautiful look. 

Coral Luminous Masque is the best masque that is designed to give the skin a youthful appearance. This brightens and smoothes out the skin including around the eyes. This masque is infused with marine botanicals and Sea Algae Extract which soothes the skin and hydrates it. This product will give you moisture and a supple feel.

Divine Day Defense SPF 30 is a cream that is made to prevent sun damage and protect your skin from harsh UV rays. It has a blend of powerful antioxidants, marine extracts, and brightening botanicals which protect your skin from the sun and make it refreshing and radiant.

Skin Clair Repair is a formula that has powerful ingredients like Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid. It is a treatment for dark spots and hyperpigmentation on your face and neck. This product slows down the signs of skin discoloration and provides a balanced complexion.


lavelier hydrotherm collection
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This range also has some amazing products that will make your skin hydrated and give moisture. It enhances the dull complexion and good for dry skin. 

HydroTherm age-defying Syringe will help in decreasing the appearance of expression lines and delivers the ingredients to the areas of concern. It has Hyaluronic Acid and DMAE which make your skin youthful and smoothes.

Completion Crème has Hyaluronic Acid in it which keeps your skin hydrated all day long. This product is perfect for people with dry skin as it is a light cream with Vitamin A and Hyaluronic Acid in it. 

Intense Masque helps in detoxifying your skin and gives it a youthful appearance. This contains Kaolin Clay, marine botanicals, and soothing Aloe Vera to make energized skin and soothes it. 

Sauna Serum is a perfect serum if you want smooth skin. It has seaweed extracts and other vitamins to give your skin a rich feeling. It can be used regularly as it prevents the signs of age marks also.

Marine Collection

marine collection for perfect skin by lavelier
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This is a collection that has many amazing products infused with ingredients straight from the sea. They will make your skin smooth, hydrated and give you a youthful appearance.

It has products like advanced marine Bio-syringe which has hyaluronic acid and DMAE which fights wrinkles and helps smooth the fine lines also.

Biology Mousse cleanser is another product that brightens your skin. It gives you rich lather which cleanses your skin and removes the impurities from the skin. 

The Eye Firming Concentrate has marine botanicals in it and caffeine, making your skin energetic and refreshed for a long time. It offers you a youthful appearance and smoothes the skin. 

 Fine line Eye Serum is also an amazing eye serum formulated with moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid benefits, which is best for dry skin. It reduces wrinkles and plumps your skin and gives firm look.

Intensive facial peel gives radiance to the skin and leaves amazing skin texture with powerful ingredients like Coral Seaweed, and nutshell powder. It can give clear and smooth skin. 

Marine deep Moisturizer hydrates the skin rapidly and this product can be used by all skin types. It has green tea extract and retinyl palmitate, which fights with fine lines and aging skin signs.


Seascape Collection           

seascape body scrub by lavelier skincare
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The seascape is a range of products that can use to protect the overall body and includes body butter, body scrub and body lotion. This is a perfect kit for body pampering. 

The seascape body butter will give you velvety soft skin and smooths the skin. This contains Shea Butter, and Coral Seaweed extracts to protect the skin from damage. It also has strong antioxidants and minerals which give skin a soft and supple feel. 

Body scrub in this collection exfoliates and removes dead cells from the skin. It also removes dirt and impurities from the skin. It is infused with Coral Seaweed extract, which helps fix cracked skin and give your skin a fresh, smooth, clear texture.

The Seascape hand and body lotion is the best seller as it protects the skin’s natural moisture levels. It is infusing with Coral Seaweed extract, Shea Butter, which locks moisture in the skin and has other strong antioxidants that make your skin softer and smoother.

Seagrass Collection

seasgrass collection from lavelier
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Lavelier Seagrass collections contain powerful products which improve the overall quality of the skin. 

The Halophil Encapsulated Serum contains ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and other powerful antioxidants properties that keep your skin healthy. 

Seagram Cymosilk Masque is infusing with benefits of Vitamin A and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 which reduces the wrinkle effect from the skin. It is the best formula for anti-aging concerns and can be used on weekly basis. It is a leave-on masque that you can apply by massaging your skin, giving you softer and brighter skin. 

Phyto silk is another product that has some amazing ingredients like Coral seaweed extract, Vitamin E and collagen which fights wrinkles and anti-aging properties and make your skin come back to life and smooth.

Mineral Allure Collection

mineral allure premium products by lavelier skincare
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This is a premium range of lavelier skincare and these products are packed with healthy nutrients which your skin needs. 

Magnetic Microlift Masque contains healthy nutrients like sunflower seed oil, iron powder, and rosemary extract, giving you skin life and making it smoother. This product replenishes and stimulates your skin and gives you a youthful appearance. 

Moisture Allure cream can be used as a daily moisturizer, which will help fix your dry and dull skin. This has a perfect blend of coral seaweed and Green Tea Extract, making your skin look energetic and stimulating your complexion by giving you a youthful look. 

 Nano Gold serum is a lightweight product that makes your skin supple and softer. It has powerful antioxidants with anti-aging ingredients like Aloe Vera extract, Green Tea extract, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8.

Purifying pre-masque has Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, seaweed extract which transforms your skin moisturized, soft and smooth. It gently cleanses your skin and has some skin-brightening effects also. 

These are some products and information on the lavelier skincare products which you can try. These are expensive but have incredible ingredients which can make your skin healthy. 

Stay tuned for more articles about skincare brands. Until then Stay safe! Stay healthy! 


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