Know Everything On Rhino Nose Tip Piercing

by Mousumi Mukherjee
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Are you a finicky person who wishes to go for a different type of piercing that is pretty versatile too? Then, a rhino nose piercing is your exemplary suit. 

Marveling, if it has anything to do with the rhino, the imperiled beast? Well! We can ascertain you that there’s nothing like that. 

The piercing has only got its name after a rhino because of its similarity in appearance with a rhino horn, which has a spiked end. 

That’s what your nose will look like as you wear a piece of jewelry on your nose after this piercing. 

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Versatility of Rhino Nose Piercings

Rhino nose piercing is, in fact, somewhat distinct from any other standard nose piercing. So, this piercing will enhance your style statement and other nose piercings, such as bridge piercing.

Also, it will be equally effective when done singly on your nose rather than paired with other piercings. Hence, this piercing is really a pretty versatile kind of piercing.

However, most people don’t know about this piercing as it’s a new kind of piercing that has recently become fashionable.  

Rhino piercings are quite rare in the West. However, this piercing has recently gained much popularity in a few South American and African countries and cultures.

Nevertheless, this piercing will earn the spotlight in most countries as more and more people will get familiar with this piercing. That’s why we have brought here all the details about this piercing for you.

You yourself get acquainted with them and decide if you want to get this piercing the next time you pierce your nose. So, let’s proceed:

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What’s A Rhino Piercing?

It’s a variety of piercing that gets on through your nose’s tip and exits from the skin that is situated above your septum. A standard piercing type of needle is required for this process of piercing. 

The needle passes vertically through your nose’s tip, thus forming this piercing. The process of passing the needle is like that of the process of inverse septum piercing.

Rhino nose piercing, being a new and unique piercing, must only be done by a reputed and knowledgeable piercer. 

Rhino piercing being an uncommon piercing, takes much time for healing. It doesn’t heal quickly. Besides, it’s a sort of painful piercing too. Rhino piercings usually start from one’s nose tip’s central part and resemble much like a septril piercing.

It’s a kind of vertical piercing. The vertical Rhino piercing looks similar to a Third Eye. Though it looks relatively simple, it involves the cartilage at your nose’s tip and is much more complex.

Therefore, perfect positioning and technique are needed while doing this piercing to avoid unwarranted damage and trauma. 

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Rhino Piercing Nose Pain

Rhino Piercing Nose Pain
Rhino Piercing Nose Pain

One’s pain tolerance may remain distinct from another’s pain tolerance. So, it all pivots on how far you can withstand pain. Secondly, the discomfort resulting from this piercing can’t be evaded, and it’s nearly impossible to lower your level of discomfort suddenly. In other words, Rhino Piercing is indeed a painful piercing, though pain is an issue of perspective. 

The beginners will encounter more pain and discomfort than those who have gone through rhino piercing before. When interviewing people who have gone through this piercing, most people have confided that they felt much pain while doing it.

Only a few people, especially experienced ones, have said that they gave experienced rhino piercing as fairly painful. 

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Rhino Nose Tip Piercing Healing Time:

Rhino Nose Tip Piercings Healing Time
Rhino Nose Tip Piercings Healing Time

The Rhino piercing is accomplished with the help of a standard piercing type needle. The piercing is complex; thus, it’s done very seriously with perseverance. So, due to its intricate nature, rhino nose tip piercing healing takes much time.

One can hope to heal it exclusively after approximately 3 to 9 months, counting from the day of your piercing. The reason for this is that rhino nose piercing is a different kind of piercing, and it affects the cartilage that is situated at your nose’s tip.

So, it’s totally different from all the other kinds of nose piercings. You may consider it a complex sort of piercing where the inserting angle of the needle and maintaining the piercing processes have unique importance. 

Though its general healing time is within nine months, you must not get surprised if it stretches up to 1 year. After this period, you are allowed to put/replace the piercing jewelry.

However, you must also remember that the internal tissues of the spot may need an extra period of multiple weeks for perfect healing. It will always be wise to wait for some more time before proceeding to put/change the jewelry.

Also, before doing so, ensure whether the rhino nose piercing wound has fully healed up or not. 

Aftercare Of Rhino Vertical Nose Tip Piercing:

Keep Them Away From Harsh Chemical Products

After the rhino vertical nose tip piercing is performed, it is vital to keep the location of the piercing exempt from any sort of susceptibility to vicious cleansers, products for makeup, and hair commodities, especially when your wound is rehabilitating.

Cleaning Them Daily

Plainly clean the rhino-piercing region on an everyday basis. Employ a soothing cleanser as well as warm salt water for cleaning the rhino-piercing spot. 

Use Salted Warm Water

Wash it with warm and salted water twice daily to eliminate bacteria from the spot. Similarly, you can apply a delicate or gentle spray (any branded wound wash) at the place both day and night.

Use Saline Solution

Another alternative option (that is also a better option) is to completely dip the pierced area into a bowl containing saline solution. Also, keep your hand washed and clean and restrain yourself from touching the piercing area. It will save you from the risk of bacterial infection. 

Avoid Tightening of Jewelry

Again, don’t shove or nudge your recent rhino nose piercing. Furthermore, avoid tightening the jewelry. Or, you will see it turning into an infected rhino nose piercing.

The modern rhino piercing policy proclaims that the jewelry must be maintained in the exact niche as long as your nose’s healing process is advancing. It is decent to avoid wriggling with any jewelry.

The sole stuff that should be permitted to caress the wounded province is warm/cozy water and soothing saline spray. Then, ensure that the piercing area is not obtaining any trauma until it is entirely healed. 

Rhino Nose Piercing Cost:

Any type of piercing done in the USA, particularly at New York’s reliable salons, is charged roughly 40 dollars. Regardless, you will obtain your preferred piercing cheaply at virtually any non-famous salon.

Again, if the ear or nose piercing is packaged with titanium or other expensive jewelry, the rate runs to almost 50 dollars. However, for rhino piercing (because of its complexity and uncommonness), you will have to pay somewhere around 50 dollars to 100 dollars. It all will depend on how reputable the salon is and how experienced the hands of the piercer is. 

Opting for jewelry in the package will make you pay even more than that, according to the nature and quality of the jewelry. If the jewelry is of titanium, it is sterilized well and also disinfected in the piercing salon’s hospital-grade autoclave.

It is, of course, done before the jewelry is plopped in within the person’s rhino piercing. The sterilization cost of the jewelry is always involved in the piercing price list at any piercing salon.  

Rhino Nose Piercing Jewelry:

Your piercer is the person who determines which type of jewelry will suit you best for the rhino nose piercing that you have done on your nose. His selection of jewelry types will rely upon the abundance of the tissue in your piercing area.

Nevertheless, the reasonable, as well as the vastly popular piece of jewelry worn in this sort of piercing hole, is a curved barbell. It’s better to avoid purchasing a straight barbell because it will lead to too much tension in that area and also discomfort on the fistula edges of your nose. Besides, choosing a straight barbell will also increase your migration probability.

Key Point To Consider

Also, ensure that the material of your rhino-piercing jewelry is either of the two- titanium or gold. Titanium being a nickel-free metal is a big preference for individuals who have sustained rhino piercing.

Nonetheless, the solely troublesome aspect of this metal is that its expense is very high. Still, considering its hypoallergenic nature, you must go for it if anyhow you can arrange the money. It’s always worth buying.

Remember, titanium is an extensively promising metal if its quality is approximated with surgical steel. Surgical steel encompasses greatly reactive nickel and can damage your piercing area. Thus, mainly during the preliminary days of rhino piercing, try to wear high-quality jewelry, especially that of solid gold/titanium. The gold jewelry (having a hallmark) starts from 14,000 and above. 

Superior-quality gold jewelry is another durable option for rhino piercing that is broadly used by many folks. Gold jewelry will always prevail the same without rust, and it’s durable too.

They remain as almost life-long wear for you. Compromising the goods’ quality in this case (by purchasing cheap quality gold and gold-plated substances) may bother you with infection in the area of your piercing. It will impede the overall healing process. Hence, they are relatively hazardous for your piercing area’s healing.

Also, you can’t use jewelry made of cheap materials for long-term wear. They will either break and wear out or will cause rashes and infections on your skin. 

Side Effects Of Rhino Nose Piercing:

Rhino nose piercing may lead to any of the following side effects:

Bulging In The Area And Discomfort: 

Some individuals experience preliminary discomfort by condoning swelling and sensitivity of the area. However, these side effects vary from individual to individual and just last for a few months.

Also, giving proper vigilance to the piercing area will vanish away the pain and discomfort you are going through. 

Allergic Reaction:

Generally, using the wrong kind of metallic jewelry allows this side effect to occur in your skin/body. Suppose you are susceptible to some metals like gold, nickel, silver, etc..

In that case, it’s always wise to circumvent them by choosing pieces of hypoallergenic metallic jewelry, for instance, titanium, stainless steel, or others.

Process Of Changing The Jewelry Of Rhine Nose Piercing:

Some people yearn to change out their rhine piercing pieces of jewelry, and that’s why they visit the places of reputable piercers for help. They visit such piercers so that they can maneuver their pieces of body jewelry. But, you must dawdle for a long period before going to a piercer to change it. Rehabilitating the piercing area wholly is extremely vital, at least more than changing the piercing jewelry. 

Wrapping Up:

Rhino piercing is indeed an attractive and modern piercing, attractive enough for its standing out from the throng. However, for that, you must possess the ability to endure the pain that it will induce in you. Also, you must be patient about its healing time. Then only you be considered a perfect individual for this piercing. 


Q.1. Does the rhino piercing hurt?

Answer: Yes, rhino piercing hurts very much. Only a few people, particularly the experienced ones, consider its pain mild.  

Q.2. How long does it take for a rhino piercing to heal?

Answer: The healing time of a rhino piercing is as long as three to nine months, which may also extend to 1 year.

Q.3. How much is a rhino piercing?

Answer: For undergoing a rhino piercing from a dependable salon, you will need to pay anywhere between 50 dollars to 100 dollars, depending on the salon charge in which you prefer to do the piercing. However, the rate will fluctuate depending upon the reliability of the salon, knowledge of the piercer, and the substance of the rhino-piercing jewelry.

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